Akumadama Drive Prepares Important Announcement, Season 2 Anime?. The original 2020 anime, which was named Anime of the Year at that time in several media such as Trending Anime, Akudama Drive, was recently rumored to be continuing into season 2. Where did this news come from and how is it true? Here’s the explanation.

This news was originally sparked by a tweet from the anime’s official Twitter account explaining that they would have an “important announcement” shortly. It was this little spark that caused various wild expectations from fans, one of which mentioned that the original Akudama Drive anime will have a season 2 and it will be announced on the D day.

For the size of an original anime, the story of this series should have ended well in episode 12, where the Ordinary Person’s struggle to save the brothers was accomplished, followed by the deaths of the Akudamas.

However, it is undeniable that the ending is still classified as “hanging”, what exactly is behind the light from the hallway or the place the brothers managed to reach, what about the fate of the courier, and the condition of the city after the big riot that occurred? The citizens of Kansai don’t trust the Executioners and other higher-ups anymore, so the assignment to Akudama status probably won’t be the same anymore.

Coupled with the few question marks he left, I think that’s more than enough to be the reason why Akudama Drive Season 2 should be produced. Although the atmosphere may not be the same after the Akudamas leave.

However, many also think that it will be an announcement for a spin-off/OVA that will feature the past of the Akudamas, the history of Shikoku, or something else.

It is also possible if the important announcement in question is a game. Because according to some information, Akudama Drive is a collaboration between animation studio Pierrot and “Too Kyoo Games”, a game studio founded by Kazutaka Kodaka (creator and screenwriter of Danganronpa) and Kotaro Uchikoshi. The story itself has great potential to be adapted into a video game.

Akumadama Drive 1

Character Akumadama Drive

Akudama Drive Characters in Upcoming Seasons

“Akudama Drive” consists of seven protagonists, one of whom is not part of the skilled criminal Akudama. Here are some of the 7 heroes:

K-1. Hackers who can hack something or bypass the security system do it for fun. Moreover, the harder and more dangerous the job, the more interested he is in dealing with the problem. Therefore, hackers are always challenging themselves and are frankly impressed with the wonderful work they are doing.

The man wasn’t ready to come to the rescue right away, if he was interested he would respond, otherwise he would pass by, and from the outside he was rude, arrogant and calm, Everything seemed indifferent. Computer hackers are approaching quorum. Quorum can be the same.

K-2. Hoodlum was involved in robbery and blackmail, but accidentally escaped from prison. Its appearance speaks for itself. Hoodlum tries to be brave, but he behaves like a real coward.

He lied easily and he always had something to say. Because of greed and the desire to make simple money, everything, money, the people who cause dissatisfaction are ready.

K-3. Brawlers are one of Akudama’s most wanted criminals. He has amazing strength and stamina. Brawler is known for his love for endless battles and was sentenced to 348 years in prison for this. The angry Strongman wasn’t afraid to fight stronger enemies, even though he had quite a few enemies.

K-4. There were no questions about courier companies engaged in the transportation of goods for money. Your order may contain prohibited items such as bombs and narcotics.

Men are rude and prefer to keep working and make money. He is always alone and courier doesn’t seem to need friends.

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