Anime Review: Darwin`s Game. This time we will discuss shounen and action anime, Darwin’s Game. Darwin’s Game is an adaptation of a manga by FLIPFLOPs which has been published since December 2012. This anime has been running for 11 episodes from January 4, 2020, to March 21.

Synopsis Darwin`s Game

To survive, Sudou Kaname is forced to use the sigil, a mysterious power that allows the user to do things that are out of the ordinary. Kaname is forced to complete various quests or events in the game that can threaten the lives of the players. Plus several players who aim to kill for points worth millions of yen, this game of life and death begins.


English: Darwin’s Game
Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 4, 2020, to Mar 21, 2020
Premiered: Winter 2020
Broadcast: Saturdays at 00:00 (JST)
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Super Power, Shounen
Duration: 26 min. per ep

Darwin's Game anime

Character Darwin`s Game

The audience was spoiled by the intention of the Nexus studio who worked on this series with the first episode which was twice as long as anime in general. At first glance, I remember Re: Zero when I first introduced the intro in the anime which also took about an hour, but this anime is more similar to series like BTOOOM or other life-risking games. The episodes so far have made me speculate the most likely is to introduce the main character not only to Kaname’s first D-Game experience (another name for Darwin’s Game) but also his first meeting with Shuka. Episode 1 also includes Rein and Wang as part of their introduction. Indeed, this looks intentional, especially the animation that is presented so neatly.

Yes, that sin is the omission of an important character. The character that was omitted existed was the police. Not just one, but two people. These two characters have a role that is quite vital for some parts, especially at the end of the second event (because they are also D-Game players). If it’s just omitting the character, maybe I won’t be overly angry because it can be resisted on the grounds of not having enough time, but it turns out that the sin is not limited to that. Kaname’s friends who should only be two people: Shinozuka and Kyouda, even added a character from nowhere (which is not from the manga) named Hamada. Let this Hamada only appear briefly but also quite draining the duration by appearing in flashbacks in the future.

Sound Darwin’s Game

In terms of music also looks not so bad. For some people, they make the opening and ending one of the best in the season. But for me, it doesn’t feel anything special. In fact, as a person who usually likes songs from ASCA, I feel bad for the song that was sung for the opening in this anime.

Disadvantages of Anime

The weaknesses that are still exposed include character. Here we have Kaname who is originally just a high school kid, his hobby is automotive, especially motorcycles. Looks normal from anywhere, but Kaname’s character development is so fast that he becomes an edgy character. Imagine a high school kid who can make calculated decisions like a professional adult, lead the biggest clan in his city, revolutionize the game, and can match the strength of a martial artist in just a few months since he started the game.

Not only Kaname but some characters who are minors are also forced to meet the minimum criteria to fit the game’s theme of killing each other, Rein and Shuka for example. Rein who is only 13 years old has extraordinary hacking skills, brilliant analysis, and knowledge, to OP for his age. Shuka wasn’t much different either. Possesses skilled sigil control skills, kills mercilessly, and pursues love like an adult. Whereas Shuka used to be a papi-mama’s son and everything changed just once seeing his parents killed in front of his eyes. Wow, truly godspeed development.

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