Anime Review: World Trigger Season 2. Anime World Trigger Season 2 will be released soon, which is on January 10, 2021. Where season 1 after premiering on October 5, 2014, to April 3, 2016.

World Trigger itself is adapted from a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara, which was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine until transferred to Jump Square magazine.

Known as an adaptation of a fairly popular manga, this second season of World Trigger comes with the main story that begins with the appearance of a mysterious gate. The gate connects the earth with other worlds, even he also presents monsters who later became known as Neighbors.

Synopsis World Trigger

A gate immediately opened and a mysterious creature named Neighbors appeared, making several troops move to deal with it.

With special weapons, these alien creatures can be annihilated, so if with ordinary weapons it is not able to rebuke them.

Therefore, a special organization was established to deal with these Neighbors, namely the Border Defense Agency with their special weapons called Triggers.

The invasion of Neighbors is getting more and more intense, where sometimes the number of appearances is at a different level than before. Some of them are also Neighbors that have never appeared even once.

In this second season, one of the Border training members named Osamu Mikumo already has a solid and reliable team. They fight together to eradicate the Neighbors.

However, without realizing it, there is a danger that threatens them. What kind of danger will come to them? How will Mikumo deal with it? Watch it in World Trigger Season 2.

World Trigge

Review World Trigger

For this anime review, World Trigger 2nd Season comes with a main story aimed at the Neighbors monsters. These monsters had captured the residents in Mikado city, so many people were killed by him. However, by utilizing Neighbors technology, the existence of these monsters can be repelled more easily.

Those who did this then formed an organization known as Borders. While their existence is in charge of guarding the city of Milano and guarding so that other connecting gates do not reappear.

Character World Trigger

After several years have passed, the main character or character appears. This character is known as Mikumo Osamu. The character is a rank C border agent.

As a character who plays the main character. Osamu Mikumo is described as a border agent with weak powers. However, he still has a character as a hero who is certainly very strong.

Although present as a very weak figure. But his presence always helps others around him. In addition, he is aware that he has weaknesses, that’s why he is looking for ways to cover up every weakness he has.

If you look at other anime, generally the main characters who are present are physically weak. Often shows extraordinary abilities or latent abilities at the end.

As for the main character in this anime. He is not a weak person with hidden abilities. In this case, he is seen as an ordinary human who comes with many weaknesses.

However, because it is known for its many weaknesses. IA began to try to cover it with hard work. Thus he can help other characters or characters easily

As in the course of his life, Mikumo then meets Kuga Yuma, a human Neighbor. That’s why he began to be friends with him and also Amatori Chika.

After that, they also registered to become border agents of rank A. This was done to help Yuma and find out the whereabouts of Chika’s sister. The reason is that his brother is thought to have been captured by the Neighbors and brought to their world.

Anime Visuals

When viewed from the graphical display it has. This type of anime clearly shows poor graphic quality. Especially when compared to other popular anime that existed at that time.

In addition to the unsatisfactory graphic display. This World Trigger 2nd Season anime review also comes with several other shortcomings. As can be seen through the appearance of several other supporting characters.

In this case, each character that appears has something in common with one another. Even though the characters are shown to look the same, they come with different looks. In this case, the difference is only seen in the way of speaking, physical form, or even the unique behavior that each shows.


Title: World Trigger 2nd Season (English), World Trigger Season 2
Number of episodes: unknown
Premiere: Winter 2021
Status: will air from January 10, 2021
Source: Manga
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, School, Shounen
Duration: 23 minutes per episode
MAL Score: unknown

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