Ao no Exorcist Anime Review. The theme of the story of AO no Exorcist is already a common theme for other anime. The story of an exorcist. Many studios also make anime that tells about exorcists. So, why not? Although the theme is almost the same this anime is one of the best anime in the summer.
Good artwork, cool effects, and sound quality such as voice actors, sound effects, and soundtracks that are no less good. That’s what makes me recommend this anime!

Synopsis Ao no Exorcist

What happens if you find out that you are a demon child who should have come to destroy the world? Yep, in Ao No Exorcist; Rin, a 15-year-old boy, didn’t realize he was a demon at first. Rin and Yukio are twin brothers born to a human mother and a demon king father. Rin has the demonic power of his father, while Yukio does not have it because Yukio’s body is too weak to accommodate the demonic power. Rin’s power is sealed using a holy sword by an Exorcist, then Rin and Yukio are adopted by a priest so that Rin does not fall into the hands of Satan, the Demon King, and can cause the destruction of the world.

Details Anime

English: Blue Exorcist
Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 17, 2011, to Oct 2, 2011
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Demons, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.


But finally, Satan managed to find him, he immediately came down to earth to take his son back. There was a battle between the Exorcist and the Devils. Rin who saw the exorcist pressed, immediately pulled out the seal on his sword and immediately transformed into a demon even though if he did he would be a demon forever. After the death of his adoptive father, he is determined to become an exorcist and attends an exorcist school with his twin brother, to defeat Satan.

Ao no Exorcist anime

Character Ao no Exorcist

Rin Okumura
Rin was born to a human mother and father, Satan, the demon lord. At birth, his body is enveloped in blue flames, which is the power of the Devil. His demonic powers were then sealed with a sword called Kurikara so that Rin could blend in and become a normal human. But the sword is only able to seal Rin’s power until Rin is 15 years old. Previously Rin did not know that he was descended from Satan, until one day he found out and decided to become an Exorcist.

Yukio Okumura
Yukio is also a descendant of the Demon King, but he doesn’t have any demonic powers at all, because when he was born, his body was still not strong enough to contain the devil’s power. So that Yukio is just an ordinary human, while half of the power that should belong to Yukio, finally belongs to Rin entirely. Yukio’s nature is kind, calm, and smart. Yukio even becomes a teacher at the Exorcist school, the place where Rin will study to become an Exorcist.

Mephisto Pheles
The headmaster, where Rin and Yukio study who is also an Exorcist and Satan’s Descendant. And you could say Mephisto is the older brother of Rin and Yukio. Then there are still Rin’s friends at the Exorcist School, including Ryuji Suguro, or who is more often called Bon, a thug who has a high memory, because of his delinquent appearance, Rin is surprised and can’t believe that Bon is really smart.

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