Megalo Box 2: Nomad: The Boxer’s Story Returns to the Underground. Joe’s story in Megalo Box is continuing in the second season. In fact, since last season, there seems to be nothing to be said. However, with Megalo Box 2: Nomad, of course, many expect what this anime will offer. Immediately, we see the review below.

Megalo Box 2: Nomad is a sports anime created by Studio TMS Entertainment. Since shocking the megalo boxing world by defeating the reigning champion, Yuri, Joe and the members of Team Nowhere seem to be at the peak of fame. Five years later, Joe is fighting in the underground and struggling to recover from drug addiction.

It should be noted that the first season of Megalo Box was more about the story of the underdog that touched the heart and had quite a bit of surprise in it. No characters were sacrificed, so the story of Megalo Box is loved by fans.

Synopsis Megalo Box

Synopsis Nomad: Megalo Box 2, Megalo Box Fight which is an advanced Boxing fight using Metal chains in each hand or other body part. The metal is called Gear. In the First Tournament of Megalonia, Joe became the champion and was famous for all his achievements. After that, Joe was known as the Legendary Fighter. But some time later, he was defeated by the “Second Place” and disappeared from the public.

Seven years later, Joe came up with a new name as Nomad. He fights in the underworld for money. He is haunted by “Hallucinations” and make him have to rely on drugs to relieve the pain and hallucinations. Maybe that was the reason Joe kept fighting.

In one battle, Joe managed to defeat many opponents including Chief. After further investigation, it turned out that Chief was one of the members of an immigrant organization called Casa. The Chief struggles gradually to earn money to buy some illegal land or territory to occupy. For some reason, Joe helps Casa in this goal.

Will Joe fight again?? Was the decision right???


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2021, to Jun 27, 2021
Premiered: Spring 2021
Broadcast: Sundays at 23:00 (JST)
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Sports
Duration: 24 min. per ep.

Megalo Box anime


As mentioned earlier that five years since the events in Megalo Box, Joe is now moving on his own. The Nowhere team has disbanded except for Pops who often haunts. How Joe got to this place is slowly revealed in the series.

In this part, fans will feel heartache. The disbandment of Team Nowhere and Joe’s journey into exile makes him even more “broken”. Choices, failures, and eventual success are hard-earned. It is the severity of the struggle that makes the final moments of the story even more valuable.

Character Megalo Box

The story in Megalo Box: Nomad relies more on three characters. Joe is still the core of this anime. Then, the other two are two new fighters so it’s very important to the storyline. Chief is a newcomer and Mac brings a plot and narrative that is lovingly crafted just like Joe.

In addition, two other fighters come to influence Joe’s journey. Both figures are a form of struggle and their own goal. Even when they didn’t get along with Joe, they still had the support of the fans.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Yoshimasa Hosoya as Joe
-Shiro Saito as Gansaku Nanbu
-Hiroki Yasumoto as Yuri
-Michiyo Murase as Sachio

Meanwhile, the previous staff returned to this anime project, such as You Moriyama as the director, Katsuhiko Manabe, and Kensaku Kojima as the main story writer, then Ayumi Kurashima who designed the characters, then Naomi Kaneda who designed the sub-characters and Studio TMS Entertainment.

According to information circulating, the second season or Megalo Box 2: Nomad will tell 7 years after Joe became the champion of Megalonia. But in this film, Joe returns to being an underground fighter with the name Nomad.

Review Megalo Box

With the delivery of a true story, this is a visual presentation that is so beautiful. Various moments during boxing matches and outside of that can be conveyed very well. That way, the audience can feel the emotions that the show has needed. The journey of the phenomenal story of three characters in Megalo Box 2: Nomad provides an extraordinary journey. That’s not even coupled with Joe’s struggle to make amends for himself.


Although the story of Megalo Box was very good in the first season, in the second season, Joe’s character was further strengthened. For those of you who like boxing and anime fans who focus on stories, Megalo Box: Nomad is not to be missed.

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