Review: I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2. I’m Standing on a Million Lives is an Isekai Manga by Naoki Yamakawa and illustrations by Akinari Nao. In addition, this comic has been published through Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine since June 2016. Meanwhile, the first anime adaptation is done by Studio Maho Film and has been airing from October 2020 to December 2020.

According to the news that has been circulating, it is said that Anime Fantasy will premiere on July 2, 2021. In addition, Vtuber Kaede Higuchi will sing the opening song with the title Baddest. Meanwhile for the ending song by Kanako Takatsuki with the title Subversive.

Synopsis I’m Standing on a Million

Yotsuya Yuusuke along with his classmates Shindou Iu and Hakozaki Kusue move to a strange world, where there are many mythological creatures. Not long after, a creature appeared claiming to be a Game Master.

The Game Master provides a limited-time task. Now so that their tasks run smoothly, the Game Master also gave the magician and swordsman classes to Shindou and Hakozaki.

But Yotsuya got the Class as a farmer. So can the three students complete the given task and return to their homeworld safely?


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Jul 10, 2021, to Sep 25, 2021
Premiered: Summer 2021
Broadcast: Saturdays at 00:30 (JST)
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Game, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Duration: Unknown

I'm Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 anime


100-Man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru tells the story of, Yotsuya Yuusuke along with his classmates, Shindou Iu and Hakozaki Kusue were transported to a mythological world. The three of them meet with the Game Master and are ordered to complete a mission within a certain amount of time. To make it easier, Shindou and Hakozaki were given the roles of Wizard and Warrior, while Yotsuya became a Farmer. But even so, Yotsuya accepted his role and lived his life, now together with his two friends, he lived life in a new world while carrying out missions.

100-Man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru, a series that seems to take me back to the show when I was watching anime on television as a child, this in itself feels hard to call good even though it feels nostalgic when I watch it. Maybe 90s kids who enjoy watching anime will find this nostalgic, but younger ones don’t think that way because the development and uniqueness of an anime genre like this have grown very rapidly at this time, so if you just rely on nostalgia, it feels like hard to call good.

The thing that makes me think like this is that the first episode in this series really shows the uniqueness of the main character, and this is often found in the old shōnen series so this is what makes me think like that the most. In the new series, most of the selling points are on heroin or it could be the uniqueness of the main character but from the point of view of the heroine, but this series shows the uniqueness of the character from the point of view of the main character himself.

When watching this series, what I find interesting about the story in this series is the possibility of story development. The prologue of this anime seems to make me think that this story will develop cooler and maybe more interesting than I imagined, even the ending of the episode itself makes me think whether the next episode will be cooler and maybe interesting to watch. (I wish it would be cooler)

There is one other thing that might be interesting from this series, which is about the reward after completing the quest, in this series we are told that if they complete the quest, they can ask the GM one thing. That makes me think that it will be something interesting, especially if this series can provide questions and answers that can become a puzzle that makes us think about the mysteries that exist in this series. The series in the first episode is confusing and a puzzle that becomes a mystery will make this series should be more interesting, and we can wait for the continuation.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Yuuto Uemura as Yotsuya Yuusuke
-Risa Kubota as Shindou Iu
-Azumi Waki ​​as Hakozaki Kusue
-Makoto Koichi as Yuka Tokitake
-Chiwa Saito as Kahabell

As previously revealed, the staff involved in the making of this series are Kumiko Habara as director, Takao Yoshioka is writing the script, then Eri Kojima and Toshihide Masudate are designing the characters and Studio Maho Film.

Character I’m Standing on a Million

In the first episode, we were shown three characters, namely Yotsuya Yuusuke, Shindou Iu, Hakozaki Kuzue. These three characters in the first episode didn’t seem to create a relationship, they were connected because it was only a quest and it felt like there was nothing that made their relationship created, so this was felt to be lacking even though I think that maybe in the next few episodes their relationship might be created.

Yotsuya Yuusuke is a hero in this series and is the core in the first episode, we see a lot of uniqueness that this character has from his problems, attitudes, and responses when he is in the mythological world. I think that this character will be made interesting and good because from the first episode of this series it seems to want to show something special from this main character and it should be so because otherwise, it would be really weird.

Then for the heroine, we are shown two heroines in the first episode and I don’t see anything special about the heroine, this in itself is also the basis why I think that the hero in the series will be made interesting because heroin is made ordinary in the first episode. Actually, from the info I read, some characters might become heroines too, but because these characters haven’t appeared in the first episode, I can’t talk about them. (well I didn’t read the comic either so I don’t know anything)

Background and Weirdness

When watching this series, some things are quite striking when I watch and for some reason, it bothers my mind when watching this series, namely about the setting and the oddities that exist in this series.

The setting of the story in this series is confusing, if I only watched from the first episode I can conclude that the setting taken is a game setting, but there are drawbacks if the game setting is about supporting things that make us think that this is a game setting. But this series does not show supporting things that the setting is a game setting, the things in this series are more towards the isekai world because it can be seen from entering that world, then the GM figure and the concept that makes him die makes the setting feel world isekai.

Then the strange thing about this series is that the story is really strange because it’s difficult to understand, this oddity also arises because the setting is confusing and the concept of GM feels like Sci-Fi, so that’s weird. I usually call this unique and good, but for this series, I cannot call it unique because it is still unclear and still confusing to watch, maybe if the next episodes can explain the strangeness and confusion of the audience then this can be called unique.


100-Man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru, a series that feels like the anime I watched as a child, for some reason, there have been two anime in this season that feels very nostalgic for the story concept, and this is not a problem because for me it feels nostalgic, but it seems that in the next episodes there will be something new and developed because otherwise it will feel really weird and lose competitiveness with similar anime that has a newer and unique concept.

Before watching this series, I saw quite a lot of info and comments about this anime, but there is one interesting comment about this anime, which is about the character development, which is said to be good and will be cooler, in my opinion, it might be because the series seems to want gives the most interesting thing about the character itself, we can also see that in itself where during this one episode we are presented with a focus on the main character.

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