Recommended Anime Action School, Super Powerful MC!. The school genre anime that tells stories about life at school does have a lot of fans. Especially when combined with the action genre, which features a lot of action scenes.

Although many anime with the action school genre has sprung up, there are only a few that you should watch.

Here are the recommendations for the best school action anime:

1. Akuma no Riddle

This first action school anime recommendation was adapted from the Japanese manga series by Yun Koga, illustrated by Sunao Minakata.

This anime tells the story of Azuma Tokaku, a cold-blooded girl who has been trained to be an assassin since childhood.

Because he was already skilled at killing, he was given the task of becoming a black class student at Myoujou Academy. In this mission, he must kill one of his classmates named Ichinose Haru.

But after Azuma saw it, he felt that Haru was not someone who should be killed. This is where the story begins because there is another killer in the class who is after the soul of emotion.

2. Absolute Duo

Is an anime adaptation of a Japanese light novel by Takumi Hiiragiboshi illustrated by Yu Asaba.

The anime, which first aired on TV in 2015, tells the story of Kokonoe Tooru who enrolls in a special fighting school.

The students of the school will be injected with Luciful so that they can take out weapons that are shaped according to their souls. When Tooru was injected with Luciful himself, he took out a different weapon from the other students, namely a shield.

Because the school has a duo system. Finally, Tooru also had to form a team of 2 people to become the “duo”.

Luckily, one of the foreign students from Norway, named Julie, wanted to be the duo. This is where the story begins.

Anime Action School

3. Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou

This action school anime recommendation, which was released in 2007, is also known as Tokyo Majin.

Tells the story of a strange incident that occurs repeatedly in Tokyo. The incident is that people who are lost at night will return as undead during the day.

This resulted in the victims being autopsied at the morgue, but they disappeared again.

Knowing this strange incident, a transfer student tries to uncover the reason why the incident happened. This was done so that no more victims fell.

4. Angel Beats!

The anime series which was released in 2010 was produced by P.A.Works and Aniplex directed by Siji Kishi.

This anime, which is set in the afterlife, tells the story of a man named Otonashi Yuzuru who loses all of his memories after he dies.

He meets a girl named Yuri who invites him to join the Shinda Sekai Sensei (SSS) organization. This organization is led by Yuri to fight God who destined a bad life for them.

5. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

This fifth recommended action school anime is produced by Sunrise, Mainichi Broadcasting System, and Project Geass, and was first released in 2006.

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch tells the story of Japan which is under the control of Britannia. This control makes Japan known as Area 11 while the indigenous population is called Eleven.

Lelouch and his sister Nunnally who are from Britannia were exiled to Japan for political reasons. As a result of this, he has the intention to take revenge on his father who had killed his mother and expelled him.

Once upon a time, he was caught in a fight between Britannia soldiers and Eleven fighters who wanted to be free. Luckily Lelouch was saved by a girl who made a contract with him.

The contract gave Lelouch the power of Geas and obeyed whatever he said.

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

Adapted from a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, while the anime version was released in 2020.

Although relatively new, this anime has an exciting story about a high school student named Yuuji Itadori who has a strong physique.

He is perfect for joining the sports club at his school, but Yuuji decides to join the occult research club. That’s because he wants to have fun in his spare time.

In addition, he also had to go home early so he could take care of his sick grandmother.

One day, Yuuji’s senior opened an amulet he found. As a result of this, the club members and those closest to them are haunted by a terrible supernatural figure, this is where Yuuji’s life story changes.

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