[Review] Project Card: Praeter no Kizu. On Wednesday, December 16, 2020, the FUNimation Entertainment company announced several screenings related to anime this winter, and one of them is the Project Scard: Praeter no Kizu anime.

This anime will air on January 9, 2021. The number of episodes is still not known with certainty, Studio GoHands, which previously made the anime K: Return of Kings with graphics that amazed us of course, and is now a strong backer for the visual anime Project Scard: Praeter no Kizu.

Supervision is carried out by Frontier Works and Glovision, which previously supervised the anime Tate No Yusha and Steins; Gate, this is very good with big names as supporters of the success of this anime.

But of all the characters that have been published, I don’t see any female characters. even though the genre is focused on Action and Super Power, what if it doesn’t exist? For a male audience, this will not be so interesting. not that female characters are mandatory, but it would be really weird if they were all male. It’s as if this anime is dedicated to a certain audience!


Project Scard depicts the encounters and battles of those with tattoos and the sealed powers of gods and beasts. The story is set in the Akatsuki Special Zone, a lawless zone in Tokyo.

“Helios” are those who use tattoo abilities to protect the city, “Artemis” are committed to maintaining security and control, with a strong commercial motive, and “Public Security Special Services” are Scard Staff of the department’s police department. They live turbulent days to keep going.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Arthur Lounsbery as Yamato Kai
-Atsushi Kousaka as Eiji Arashiba
-Shouya Chiba as Kazuma Arashiba
-Junya Enoki as Kagami Sakishima
-Takeaki Masuyama as Ran Washimine
-Sho Nogami as Jin Karasue
-Taku Yashiro as Kouga Tatsuma
-Tasuku Hatanaka as Itsuki Torataka
-Katsumi Fukuhara as Hokuto Kurama
-Kenjiro Tsuda as Hræsvelgr Sakiyo
-Youji Ueda as Morrigan Sakiyo

Praeter no Kizu


Director/Character design: Shingo Suzuki (K, K: Return of Kings, W’z)
Series script: Tamazo Yanagi (Hand Shakers, W’z)
Music: Conisch (Hetalia The Beautiful World, Linebarrels of Iron) and GOON TRAX (Hand Shakers, W’z)
Animation Director: Makoto Furuta, Keiji Tani
Mecha Design: Hiroshi Okubo
Main Animators: Takayuki Uchida, Hiroshi Okubo
Art Director: Ken Naito
Photography: Shinnosuke Takesada
Voice Director: Hisashi Muramatsu
Sound Production: Glovision
Studio: GoHands, Frontier Works

Character Praeter no Kizu

Atsushi Kousaka as Eiji Arashiba

Eiji is a problem solver in the Akatsuki Special District and the leader of “Helios”.
Eiji started protecting this area four years ago when everything fell apart, has since been known as the “Hero of Akatsuki”.

Usually, he seems very relaxed but his true devotion and strength come once he has to protect his friends.

He is the manager of the book cafe “Titan”, but it is his younger brother, Kazuma, who takes care of everything.
This made Kazuma angry more often, but Eiji seemed to be enjoying it too…

Shouya Chiba as Kazuma Arashiba

Kazuma is Eiji’s younger brother and he greatly admires his older brother.
He usually can’t hide his anger and often shows it.

However, he is a very kind and diligent person.
Kazuma runs his own “Titan” book cafe and at work is always pleasant and gentle with children, even though he isn’t always that comfortable with them.

He is the card in the unit “Helios”.
His tattoo, inherited from Banri, is the “Sth Cat”.

Junya Enoki as Kagami Sakishima

Kagami is a member of “Helios” and Eiji’s best friend.
His tattoo is Ouroboros.

He is very knowledgeable about tattoos, medicine, and magic; he was often in a support position because he wasn’t very good at fighting.
He seems very gentle and kind, except for the things he can’t handle.

He is the son of the former owner of the Akatsuki Special District, Sakishima Holdings.

Takeaki Masuyama as Ran Washimine

Ran is a member of “Artemis” and has a Hræsvelgr tattoo.

He works as the executive director of “Artemis Finance” in the Akatsuki Special District.
He had sworn allegiance to Azusa, the leader of Artemis.

Ran is very confident and hardworking.

Sometimes he is strict with his subordinates, but he also knows when to be nice to them.
He is very loyal to work compared to his partner Jin.
Surprisingly, he gets angry easily.

Shou Nogami as Jin Karasue

Jin is a member of “Artemis” and has a Mórrígan tattoo.
Like Ran, he has also sworn allegiance to Azusa, and he also works as an executive director at “Artemis Finance”.

When talking to the person above him, he is always gentle, but careless and lazy towards many other things.
He’s the type of person who can cover up his true nature, but Ran is the only person who knows about it.

Jin lives for anime and his goal in life is to leave work on time so he can return home and watch more anime.
Most of what he said was sentences in various anime.

Taku Yashiro as Kouga Tatsuma

Kouga is a police officer in the “Public Security Special Service” and his job is to oversee things.
He has a Fafnir tattoo.

He is very friendly and tends to give nicknames to others and often speaks in a soft tone.
This makes him seem very approachable to others, but in reality, he is the type who is ready to do anything to achieve his goals.

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