Recommendations for the Best Sad Anime Movies That Must Be Watched. Anime is known for its realistic appearances and expressions, intense characters, and background stories. Anime is one of the elements that keeps Japanese culture and history alive today in a rapidly changing world.

With very high competition, anime is still a favorite thing from children to adults. Anime has captivated millions of eyes, fascinated them through the story and intricacies of anime.

Anime comes in various genres, from drama, comedy, fantasy, romance, to slice of life. If you’re a novice anime viewer, the first genres you’ll encounter are usually action and romance. But tragic and sad anime is a tricky part of anime.

This sad anime can provide a deeper insight into their culture and in general human behavior or Japanese society itself. The following is a list of the saddest anime ever made which is very tearful. You can watch some of these anime on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Recommendations Sad Anime Movies

1. Colorful

colorful is an anime film that is 2 hours and 7 minutes long. This film is a supernatural type of film that will make you emotional and move your heart. This is a film about self-realization and second chances.

The colorful film tells the story of a boy who is desperate and tries to end his life by taking lots of pills. However, when he arrived in the afterlife, this man named Makoto was given a challenge by children named Pura Pura.

Makoto is challenged to correct his mistakes as long as he lives, and Pura Pura will be his guide while on earth. Makoto initially lived an ordinary life, neither happy nor sad. However, over time, he began to enjoy the little things that could make his life more colorful.

This film seems to aim to tell the audience that ending one’s life is not the way out. However, we should try to enjoy life and appreciate the little things so that we can make more sense of life.

2. Kimi no Nawa

Kimi no Nawa or better known as Your Name is one of the most popular anime films. This film presents the audience with a visual enjoyment of outstanding character art and design.

The total duration of this film is about 1 hour 46 minutes. This film combines elements of romance, fantasy, and the backdrop of the modern world. The protagonist is quite interesting and relatable enough to keep the audience curious about the storyline of this film.

Mitsuha Miyamizu is the female protagonist of this anime, she lives in rural Japan and studies at a high school there. Mitsuha has always wanted to experience something she doesn’t have which is life in a big city like Tokyo.

He dreams of living as a boy in a busy city which is the complete opposite of his life in this village. Taki Tachibana is the male protagonist of this anime film, Taki is a person who has life turned around with Mitsuha. He is a high school kid who is busy with his part-time job.

One day Mitsuha wakes up and finds that she is in the body of a boy in the city of Tokyo. It seemed that Mitsuha’s dream came true then. Meanwhile, Taki wakes up and realizes that he is living in the body of a rural woman.

Both are confused and they want to find out more about this mysterious phenomenon.

Talking about dreams, this book entitled Anime Club can be an interesting read. The reason is, this book does not only tell the story of anime club members who only dwell in the world of anime and play around. Anime Club tells about how they made their dreams come true.

3. Mirai no Mirai

Mirai no Mirai is a beautiful anime film that deals with fantasy, adventure, and drama. Maybe at the beginning of the film, many people thought that this was an ordinary anime film that tells a family story.

Like other fantasy anime, Mirai no Mirai is a visual treat for all ages. The character design is also quite slick plus the main protagonist’s visuals are very cute. If you have a younger brother or sister then you can invite them to watch this film together.

Although the film is quite fun to watch and has a cheerful element, it can unexpectedly make you sad. Kun Oota is a 4-year-old protagonist, this is what makes Mirai no Mirai unique because this film tells the story of a family from the perspective of children. Everyone liked him very much and he received a lot of love from his family.

But all this changed when his younger sister was born. The family named the baby Mirai which means future. At first, Kun liked the fact that he now had a younger sister.

But lately, Kun feels that his world has been shattered with the birth of his younger brother because now it is his sister who is the center of attention and not him. Everyone now seems to be showering their love on Mirai and Kun like feeling forgotten.

Kun slowly becomes jealous of his sister Mirai as his mother returns to work and his father starts working from home to take care of the household. One day Kun went to the park when he met a teenage girl who confessed that she was Mirai in the future.

Kun doesn’t believe it at first, but the two of them together travel across time and space to learn more about their family. But the question that remains is why did Mirai come from the future?.

4. Omoide no Marnie

Omoide no Marnie is a film that tells a beautiful story about friendship and self-discovery. The art and music are pretty good in this anime. The plot is not very original or new but still entertaining for anime connoisseurs.

It’s fun to watch the main characters interact and try to live their lives to the fullest. This film is made by anime film giant Studio Ghibli who has long produced films with visuals and plots that are pleasing to the eye and soul.

Omoide no Marnie tells the story of Anna Sasaki, a young girl who has an asthma attack. She lives with her adoptive parents and doesn’t socialize and tries to shut down.

Worried about her health, her parents consulted a doctor who advised them to send Anna to the countryside because of a simple lifestyle that could change her mood.

In addition, the clean air there will be better for the health of the lungs. There Anna spent most of her time drawing. In the village, he finds an empty house called Marsh House.

Turns out he just found out that a girl named Marnie lives there. He and Marnie eventually become friends and Marnie’s cheerful demeanor helps dispel Anna’s quiet personality.

But who is Marnie? Will Anna like the truth that hides behind this mysterious girl and the Marsh House? One thing is for sure, he will never forget the summer he spent with Marnie.

5. Perfect Blue

perfect blue’ is a critically acclaimed film. The film has won many awards, nominations, and acclaim. Perfect Blue showcases terror in the showbiz industry. This 1-hour 20-minute film is an anime adaptation of the novel ‘Perfect Blue: Kanzen Hentai’ written by Japanese writer Yoshikazu Takeuchi.

Before starting to watch this film, please remember that this anime film is not for children because it has a lot of adult content and themes. Perfect Blue features scenes such as rape, nudity, and violence.

This film tells about Mira Kirigoe is a famous pop singer and a member of the successful J-pop idol group CHAM!. But she decided she wanted to be an actress and left the band.

But it is difficult for him to get rid of the J-pop idol image and his acting has not been well received by the public. He started taking on more demanding roles but was still not quite successful. After leaving the band, Mira is haunted by obsessive fans who don’t take Mira’s career change lightly and start stalking her.

Then an anonymous website appeared which began to detail every moment of his life. This begins to have an impact on Mira as she slowly realizes that she is losing her sanity. At the end of the film, you will unknowingly shed tears.

Japan is indeed famous for its mystery stories, the film Perfect Blue for example. In addition, many other mystery stories can be explored in the Japanese book World Ghost Stories. – Recommendations Sad Anime Movies

Newest Harem Anime: Perfect for Accompanying Before Sleeping. Almost everyone thinks that harem anime is an adult anime genre that will present romance and is not recommended for children which contains scenes that are quite interesting for adults.

Even though the harem genre anime is an anime that has a plot with one protagonist with many characters of the opposite sex around the protagonist.

For the harem genre, the protagonist is a boy and he is surrounded by several female characters, and usually all the female characters like the protagonist.

However, there is also a reverse harem genre where this is the opposite which has a plot of one female protagonist surrounded by several male characters and of course, usually, the protagonist becomes a bone of contention for all the existing male characters.

Harems and reverse harems themselves don’t always show ‘open-open’ scenes and sometimes even show romantic scenes that make your heart race.

Here are the Best Harem Anime Recommendations that we have collected from various sources and are guaranteed after watching, make you want to be a guy in the anime because in that genre the main character will be surrounded by several female characters, and usually all the female characters like the guy.

1. Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi

Tells about Keyaru who gains his power as a Hero who specializes in Healing.

It seems that he will be walking on the path to a bright future. But what awaited him was a great agony.

He endured years of seemingly endless hellish torments and abuse.

Keyaru’s healing skills allow him to secretly gather the memories and abilities of those he cares for, gradually making him stronger than anyone.

But by the time he reached his full potential, it was too late, he had already lost everything.

Determined to get his life back on track, Keyaru decides to cast a powerful healing spell that replays the entire world back in time before he began to suffer a terrible fate.

Equipped with the agony of his past, he vows to redo everything to fulfill a new goal of taking revenge on those who have wronged him.

2. Omamori Himari

It tells the story of Yuuto that after the death of his parents, Yuuto Amakawa lives a fairly normal life in the city.

The only problem he was worried about while attending school with Rinko, his next-door neighbor bringing his cat, was because Yuuto was allergic to cats.

Everything changed on his sixteenth birthday. On the same birthday, Yuuto meets Himari, a mysterious woman with a sword, then strangely explains that Yuuto is descended from a family of demon slayers.

Omamori Himari takes Yuuto into a world full of supernatural powers, and more and more women appear at his doorstep, each with their dark desires.

3. Rail Wars!

Describes a condition that occurs in an alternate universe where the Japanese government remains in control of the national railway system.

Due to the stability provided by the government leadership, the railway system was allowed to develop.

Tells the story of Naoto Takayama who dreams of becoming an employee of the Japanese National Railway.

Because a comfortable life allows him to live his workday.

To achieve this he enters a training program, where students must demonstrate their knowledge of railways as well as their ability to be prepared.

During this period Naoto meets other students such as the athletically gifted Aoi Sakura, the ever-hungry Sho Iwaizumi, and Haruka Komi who is gifted at summarizing.

Together they will work to survive their training period.

4. Kanokon

Tells the story of Kouta, an innocent boy who has problems with supernatural girls.

Having spent most of his life in the countryside, Kouta is very nervous when he lives with his grandmother to attend a high school in a big city.

He hoped to make a good impression, but Chizuru, a beautiful fox spirit, got along with him. But not only Chizuru who has special feelings for Kouta.

Nozomu, the wolf spirit, and the other youkai set their sights on the poor, innocent country boy.

5. Yosuga no Sora

Tells the story of Haruka Kasugano and Sora Kasugano who are going home, to a place full of memories.

Losing their parents in a tragic car accident, the twins decide to return to the countryside and start a new life at their grandfather’s house, haunting reminders of his past moments.

They are childhood friends Haruka and Sora, Nao Yorihime and Akira Amatsume, and newcomer Kazuha Migiwa. It is a warm welcome, a symbol of the days to come.

Their peace is only temporary. However, as repressed emotions, born of newfound and forgotten vows, begin to exert their influence on the twins’ new lives. And deep down, a dark secret, which only they know, begins to be uncovered.

Note: This anime is very overecchi and can be considered as an adult anime. If you are only interested in the plot and ecchi that is not too much, you can watch it on any website. but if you are curious about ecchi that is too overpowered, recommends watching the uncen version.

Comedy Anime Recommendations to Make You Laugh 2022. Besides action anime and fantasy anime, one of the most popular and popular anime genres is comedy anime.

It is undeniable, watching comedy anime is indeed one of the most fun ways to relieve stress. Especially with Japanese anime shows, which are famous for their character characters who are rich in-jokes and funny behavior.

Not infrequently anime has a story that makes no sense and cannot be explained with common sense, but that is the reason why anime is quite popular. However, several things make an anime worthy of being included in the category of the funniest and best comedy anime. One of them is that the humor must be of good quality and not just rely on cliché scenes.

Comedy Anime Recommendations 2022

Many comedy anime have been released and are loved by anime fans all over the world. What are the best comedy anime titles of all time?

1. Ouran Koukou Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka is a candidate for a scholarship at an elite school called Ouran High School. As a smart student, of course, he likes to find a quiet room so he can concentrate on studying.

One day, he accidentally walked into Musk Room #3 and met the members of the Host Club who were known for their good looks and often entertained the girls in the academy.

While trying to get out of the room, Haruhi accidentally breaks a vase worth eight million yen, forcing her to become the group’s errand boy.

Haruhi is stuck with the boy group at this school, and there are many strange things she must go through. This hilarious anime is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud when you watch it.

2. Asobi Asobase

This anime has the power of pain in its jokes. You wouldn’t think that almost all the characters in the Asobi Asobase anime have unusual thoughts. Don’t expect you to watch anime about school students, it’s just love, okay?

You will meet Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi who study at the same place. Even though it seems that the characters displayed are beautiful students, you will still laugh at their everyday behavior which sometimes doesn’t make sense.

3. Aho Girl

What if there was a female character who was god-level stupid and innocent? The main character Yoshiko Hanabatake is the embodiment of a person who likes to be alone and does not think about the circumstances around him. You will find a lot of silly scenes that can make your stomach churn while watching it.

This film also does not show a clear plot of the story. However, that is not the essence of the Aho Girl anime. You just focus on the actions and behavior of Yoshiko and you are guaranteed to be instantly crazy about this anime.

4. Back Street Girls

Three members of the Yakuza must receive punishment from their boss for failing to carry out orders. If the synopsis was like that, maybe you would think this is a dark anime. Unfortunately, the Back Street Girls anime is a comedy genre anime that can make you laugh out loud throughout the episode.

The punishment received by the Yakuza member was to become an idol group in Japan. Previously, they also had to change their gender first to become adorable young women.

5. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Initially, there was a dragon that entered Kobayashi’s residence which later changed into human form. Kobayashi did not think that he had to live under the same roof as the dragon. This imitation dragon was willing to become his servant without any reward.

After that incident, you will be presented with ridiculous incidents between the master and the servant. Kobayashi often found his servant brought a mess that inevitably had to be resolved together. However, everything is still with simple jokes that make you smile.

6. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

This funny anime takes the isekai theme, where the main character is taken to travel in another world that he has never visited before.

After a miserable and ridiculous death, an anti-social student named Kazuma Satou finds himself sitting in another world. In front of him, sat a beautiful but annoying goddess named Aqua.

Satou is given two choices: go to heaven or be reincarnated into a fantasy world. He chose to start a new life and was immediately assigned to defeat the Demon King who was terrorizing the village.

Satou can get any one type of item to help him complete the mission, and he chooses the goddess! Funnily enough, Aqua turned out to be completely useless!

7. Toradora!

Just because he has a cruel look in his eyes, Ryuuji Takasu is feared and shunned by his friends. He is just a gentle high schooler and likes housework.

On the other hand, Taiga Aisaka is a girl with a petite body like a doll. Even so, he was so feared by the other students to be dubbed the Palmtop Tiger.

Due to the carelessness of Taiga, the two of them meet and discover a surprising fact: Taiga likes Ryuuji’s best friend, and Ryuuji likes Taiga’s best friend.

This led the two of them to ally. This best comedy anime is wrapped in a high school-style romantic story that can make you laugh and be happy at the same time. – Comedy Anime Recommendations 2022

Josei Manga Recommendations That Raise Women’s Issues. Well, this time I want to explore one of the manga that is rarely exposed, namely manga josei. This genre intersects a lot with shoujo, but the conflict in this manga is more complex and mature.

Simply put, the josei manga is comics aimed at adult female readers. The issues discussed were broader and more complex, and some of them even spoke openly about women’s sexuality. Interestingly, in this genre, the main female characters are very diverse, there are stories about single women, housewives, and so on.

Josei Manga Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for my chosen josei manga, which are not only fun but also dare to talk about taboo things.

1. Paradise Kiss (2011)

This josei manga tells the story of high school teenager Yukari who initially only thought of making her parents happy, by going to a famous university. His life is monotonous, until one day he is “kidnapped” by some fashionable-looking people who call themselves Paradise Kiss. From that day on, Yukari was introduced to the glittering world of modeling, and it was all thanks to the guidance of George, the male designer who changed Yukari’s view of the world.

A more mature love story, as well as toxic relationship spices here and there, are wrapped interestingly without any glorifying impression. This manga by Ai Yazawa describes how the journey of a young woman who finds what she wants after a dozen years is only dictated by those around her.

2. The Full Time Wife Escapist (2012)

What happens if household assistants (ART) are paid like other professions in the non-domestic sector? This is what is experienced by Mikuri Moriyama, a woman who has just graduated from college, but it is very difficult to get a permanent job in her field. In his dismay, his father offered Mikuri to become a domestic worker.

Mikuri also works for a male office worker named Tsuzaki. Day by day, Mikuri finds this ART work interesting and suitable for her. However, a new problem arises, her parents have to move to the village, and Mikuri doesn’t have enough money to rent an apartment. When telling Tsuzaki, Mikuri half-jokingly said, it would be better if she worked as a “professional wife” for Tsuzaki, so that she could still work without worrying about where she lived. To his surprise, Tsuzaki thought it was a good idea.

This manga by Tsumino Minami may seem ordinary, but for me, Tsumino managed to capture how worried people aged 25 years and over are worried about a secure life such as getting a steady job and having a family.

For some people, getting married is no longer a matter of love but business, because with married status there are several “privileges” that they get. Women are seen as “successful” and “normal” especially if they have a husband who is and has children, whereas when women are women choose to be single and focus on careers, they are considered too ambitious.

3. Josei Manga with Unique Plot: Suppli (2007)

For you women who are 27 years old and are confused between wanting to continue your career or getting married, Suppli is the right choice for you to read.

Minami Fuji, a 27-year-old career woman who works for the advertising company of her dreams. He is a hard worker and devotes all his energy to developing a career. As a result, he sometimes neglects romantic relationships and ends up breaking up with his girlfriend who has been together for seven years. This made Minami very depressed and decided to immerse herself deeper into her work.

This manga by Mari Okazaki depicts realistically how society treats women who are focused on their careers and are hostile to women who choose to be single and happy.

4. Princess Jellyfish (2008)

As a fujoshi or a girl who likes boys’ love-themed manga and anime, I like this comic. The manga by Akiko Higashimura tells the story of Tsukimi Kurashita, a woman who is obsessed with jellyfish and dreams of becoming an illustrator. However, Tsukimi has many obstacles, one of which she is very afraid of interacting with other people, especially men and attractive people.

Tsukimi lives in an old apartment complex called Amamizukan, where all the tenants are otaku and fujoshi women, just like Tsukimi. One of the regulations in the apartment, men are prohibited from entering the apartment. Not because it’s haram or not a but these women hate the presence of men in their apartments.

Tsukimi’s life, which was taking it easy, suddenly had to change drastically when she was saved by a stylish named Kuranosuke Koibuchi, a man who likes to crossdress. Who would have thought, that man would be a part of Tsukimi’s daily life in Amamizukan, and also one who helped the women to defend the apartment complex from eviction.

Relaxed, full of humor, and sharp on women’s issues, this comic should be on your reading list, especially for those of you aged 25 and over.

5. My Broken Mariko (2019)

This manga, which consists of 5 chapters, clearly describes the conditions when someone you care about dies due to suicide. This is what happened to Shii-chan when he found out that his best friend Mariko, who always smiled at him and seemed fine, had committed suicide.

In each chapter, we are invited to see Shii-chan go through 5 stages of grieving along with a box containing Mariko’s cremated ashes. Short, but very touching, this comic is an illustration of how people who always smile and think that everything is fine do not mean that they can’t experience mental health.

6. Kakuku Shikajika

When I read this manga I couldn’t help but laugh because the protagonist reminded me of when I was a teenager who was so naive and optimistic about the future. This manga tells the story of Akiko Hayashi, a young girl who dreams of becoming a successful shojo mangaka. Akiko has even written down her life goals in detail, which if you read it, you’d be amused because she’s so naive.

One day, a friend introduces Akiko to an art teacher named Kenzou Hidaka who is often called sensei by his students. Akiko decided to take the sensei’s class, and she was in shock when sensei taught her harshly and harshly. However, despite the rigors of the sensei’s upbringing, Akiko realized, the teacher cared about the students in her way.

In my opinion, this manga comes as a slap to us that success is not just a matter of hard work that will bear sweet fruit. There are times when you feel, you are constantly at the bottom and it is very difficult to reach the top and think why people’s paths are easier to walk than ours.

5 Recommended Dark Fantasy Manga You Must Read. Dark fantasy is a genre that combines a world of magic and wonders with psychologically disturbing scenes and activities. Here are 5 recommendations for dark fantasy-themed Manga that you must read!

Recommended Dark Fantasy Manga

1. Pandora Hearts

Oz Vessalius is a teenager who is growing up and is recognized as the heir to his family, which is one of the four big families.

Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan, as Oz is attacked by the mysterious Baskervilles and sent to the Abyss. There he meets an amnesiac creature named Alice/B-Rabbit—a monster called the “Chain” who cannot leave the Abyss without making a contract with a human.

Together, Oz and Alice make it out of the Abyss but are later found in the real world by three Pandora agents who tell Oz that he has been missing for ten years, not just one day.

2. Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

The story begins in the Clow Kingdom, a medieval desert world. Syaoran is the adopted son of the deceased Adventurer Archaeologist Fujitaka and childhood friend of Sakura, the daughter of the Clow Country.

Right after Sakura decides to confess her love to Syaoran, she is drawn into the ancient ruins on the outskirts of the city. After stepping on the symbol on the floor, he seemed to grow ghost wings, which then disintegrated into feathers and disappeared when Syaoran tried to save him. This causes Sakura to fall into a sleep that cannot be awakened. The Clow priest, Yukito, realized that these feathers were part of his soul.

They have scattered all over the world, leaving Sakura an empty shell. To save him, he sends Sakura and Syaoran to the only person who can help him—Yuuko, the Dimensional Witch. Yuuko agrees to help them, at a great price.

3. The promised Neverland

A peaceful life for Emma, Norman and Ray, the three children at Grace Field House, a special orphanage run by Isabella, a lovely babysitter they all call “mom.” Surrounded by a huge garden and forest, children are educated with love and care, hindered only by constant tests of knowledge, graded, inaccessible to the main gate or more to the forest. .. Every child sooner or later enters the foster family, but always no later than on the twelfth birthday.

Eleven years old and top-ranked orphanage kids, our protagonist knows that they will be the next to leave after little Conny. But while they intended to see him off, they witnessed something they shouldn’t have seen.

4. D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-man is a manga (later adapted into an anime) about Allen Walker, a 15-year-old Exorcist with a deformed left arm who can transform into a weapon called Innocence. Allen battles the Millennium Earl and his Akuma: a living weapon created by trapping a human soul in a mechanical body using Dark Matter and making it wear human skin.

The Count of the Millennium wants to use Akuma to destroy humanity, and Allen, whom Akuma cursed as a child, falls into a loophole. The Black Order is an Exorcist organization that is trying to stop the Earl and destroy Akuma using Innocence. As the story progresses, a conspiracy is revealed involving the Noah Family – a group led by the Earl – and the mysterious “14” Noah.

5. Chainsaw Man

Denji has a simple dream—a happy and peaceful life, spending time with the girl he likes. However, this dream is far from reality, as Denji is forced by the yakuza to kill demons to pay off his huge debt. Using his pet demon Pochita as a weapon, he is ready to do anything for little money.

Unfortunately, after he was unnecessary, he was killed by a demon who was employed in the whirlpool. However, in the event of an unexpected change in events, Pochita merges with Dendy’s corpse and gives him the power of a chainsaw demon. Now able to become part of his body chainsaws, the revived Dengi uses his newly discovered abilities to defeat his enemies quickly and brutally.

Watching the official demon hunters who arrived at the scene, one of them was offered a job at the Public Safety Agency. Now, armed with weapons to face even the toughest enemies, Denji will stop at nothing to fulfill his modest teenage dreams.

Recommended Manga Action with Interesting Storyline. In this article, we will share recommendations for action manga with interesting storylines and maybe rarely known even though they are very good.

This recommendation is based on our assessment and we have read it ourselves so maybe the assessment with friends will be different later.

The epic battle itself is the hallmark of the action manga storyline which is in great demand by young people.

Not a few of the action genre manga are successful quickly.

Recommended Manga Action

For those of you who are curious, just take a look at the list of recommendations below

1. Chainsaw Man

The first is a Chainsaw Man or a chainsaw man.

This Japanese manga is the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto and has been published through Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since December 2018 and has been completed.

Published: December 2018
Status: Finish (97 chapters)
Genre: Action, Demons, Shounen, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural
Score: 8.81

Tells the story of a teenager who was abandoned by his parents in a state of many debts.

Then he met a chainsaw demon who looked like a dog and he named it Phoca.Long story short they live together as demon hunters to survive and repay debts.

But one-day Denji was framed and died. Then Phocita sacrificed herself to save Denji.

2. A Breakthrough Brought by Forbidden Master and Disciple

This Japanese manga is the work of Nikki Burazza.

Published: 2020
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Martial Art, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
Score: 9.00

Tells the story of a child hero and a demon king spirit who becomes a student and teacher.

The story begins with Earth’s complaint that the public is always compared to her parents.

Earth feels that whatever she does is because of her parents’ background and not Earth herself.

3. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken / Tensura

Next, there is Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken or commonly called Tensura.

The manga is created by comic artist Fuse and published by Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine in March 2015.

Published: March 2015
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Supernatural
Score: 9.30

Tells the story of an employee named Satoru Mikami who is reincarnated into a slime monster after being killed by an unknown person.

Different from normal slimes, Satoru was reincarnated into a very strong slime.

While complaining and enjoying life in a cave as a slimy figure, he meets the name of a storm named Veldora and befriends him.

Then they share names and finally, Satoru has a new name, Rimuru.

4. Kumo Desu Ka? Nani Ka

Japanese manga created by Asahiro Kakashi is published by Young Ace Up magazine.

The beginning of the story is indeed complicated to understand because the plot goes back and forth and takes from various characters’ points of view.

Published: December 2015
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Supernatural
Score: 9.00

Tells about high school teenagers who are in school and suddenly enter the world of Isekai. All students, including Kumo or Wakaba, are reincarnated in that Isekai world.

Unfortunately, Kumo had bad luck because he was incarnated as a spider alone and had to survive in Goa where all creatures were scary.

5. Kimetsu no Yaiba

This Japanese manga by Koyoharu Gotouge managed to attract the interest of many readers even though it was only released in 2016.

This manga is published by Shonen Jump.

Published: 2016
Status: Finish (205 chapters)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Supernatural
Score: 9.00

Tells about a teenager named Kamado Tanjiro who is the backbone of the family.

Once upon a time, there was a tragedy where his entire family was massacred by the devil and left only Nezuko who was still alive and began to become a demon.

Then what will happen to Tanjiro next?

Akatsuki no Yona Anime Review – Yona of the Dawn. On this occasion, I want to write a review about one of the anime in the Best Isekai Anime Recommendation that I previously published, namely the Akatsuki no Yona ~ Yona of the Dawn Anime Review.

Well, this time I want to talk about one anime that I highly recommend because it has a very interesting and cool storyline to follow.

As well as to add to the cool Anime content on this Cool Japanese blog.

Hopefully, my writing can be material for your consideration to watch this betrayal-themed anime.

Synopsis of Yona of the Dawn

Princess Yona lives a life like any other royal princess, living a luxurious and quiet life, completely shielded from the troubles of the seemingly peaceful Kouka Kingdom.

However, the sudden murder of the king and the betrayal of his beloved cousin, Su-won, puts Yona’s life on a 180-degree turn.

Forced to flee with only 1 soldier, Son Hak, who is his childhood friend and bodyguard.

The naive princess soon realized that Kouka was not as beautiful a place as she imagined.

Poverty, strife, and corruption were rampant, making him feel that reclaiming the throne was nothing more than a fantasy given the current state of the kingdom.

Based on the popular manga of the same name by Kusanagi Mizuho, ​​Akatsuki no Yona focuses on Princess Yona on her upcoming adventure as she faces the harsh realities of her kingdom.

Using a mysterious legend to guide her, Yona must find a way to return Kouka to her former glory while being pursued relentlessly by the powers of the new King Kouka.

Akatsuki no Yona Anime Review – Yona of the Dawn

I wrote this article intending to share my experience watching the anime Akatsuki no Yona or also called Yona of the dawn.

Because before watching anime, sometimes I also read people’s reviews about the anime I will watch. To ensure the quality of the anime that I will watch.

Here I will try as much as possible so that there are no spoilers for those of you who read this article.

Full review, easy to understand but no spoilers, because I’m sure you don’t want to get spoilers before watching the anime. Very annoying?

Eliminates the fun of watching.

Okay, I’ll start the discussion right away.

The storyline in this anime is very interesting, peppered with the drama of betrayal, disappointment, friendship, devotion, and even unrequited love.

However, it is unfortunate that this anime has not yet received a second season for the continuation of the story.

Apart from that, all aspects of the story in the Akatsuki no Yona anime are perfect in my opinion.

As shown in the thumbnail image of this article, the characters in the Akatsuki no Yona anime include Princess Yona as the leader of the troops.

There is one man who is always beside princess yona from the beginning of the story and throughout their journey, he is Son Hak, a royal commander and also a childhood friend of princess Yona.

Then there is Yun, a very kind young man who looks even more like a girl, he is assigned by the priestess to accompany Princess Yona and Hak to help them on their journey in search of the 4 Dragons.

And the remaining 4 people are the 4 dragons I mentioned above.

The 4 dragons are Ki-Ja the White dragon, Shinya the Blue dragon, Je-Ha the Green dragon, and Zeno the Yellow dragon.

The following is a general appearance of the characters I mentioned above.

In my opinion, all the characters in this anime are very balanced, starting from Je-Ha who is obedient to Yona, Shinya who is very quiet, Je-Ha has a strong stance, and Zeno who is a bit clumsy.

All complement each other so that it becomes a very interesting part.

Hello World Anime Review in Indonesian. This time I want to write a review about the anime movie that recently aired, namely the Hello World Anime Review.

A romance movie that has a time traveler theme that I just added to the list of the Best Anime Movies of All Time. Because I think this anime is very interesting and deserves to be included in the list.

This anime is a continuation of its prequel, Another World. There are told some important things that make us curious about the continuation of the story.

Well, in the Hello World movie, all the mysteries that we want to know will be revealed and all of them open.

Yesterday I reviewed the anime Tenki no Ko (Weathering with You) which is an anime about the struggle of a child to save the girl he likes, this time Hello World also has a similar plot, namely saving the girl he likes.

The difference is that this anime is of the Sci-fi genre, so it has a relationship with technology. Meanwhile, tenki no ko is mostly about fantasy and the supernatural.

Review Hello World Anime

At first, I saw an update on an anime site, entitled Another World and used an interesting thumbnail for me, so that’s where I started to know about the prequel and finally learned about the Hello World movie.

I didn’t even watch it right away, because there are still many considerations to watch it for the reason, I still have a lot of anime lists that I want to watch first.

Suddenly on my Facebook timeline, there was someone who was discussing the Hello World movie and I read his writing from beginning to end.

Finally, I have a strong enough interest to watch it. Because this anime has its charm for romance anime lovers.

A few days ago I watched the prequel Another World and also the movie Hello World.

Then what do I think after watching this anime? Let’s discuss it together.

This story is not included in the prequel Another World, so I suggest you watch the prequel first so that the story is more connected.

And in this anime, there will be a paradox where at first we thought that Sensei would come from the future there is a multi-dimensional system.

So whatever is done in Naomi’s world will not affect Sensei’s world, and there is also a discussion about destiny that is recorded as different from reality.

Anyway, there are a lot of them, take a serious look if you watch it hehe.

The Hello World anime is set in the city of Kyoto and the year 2027. Katagaki Naomi is an ordinary high school boy, even though he seems sleepy and hard to get along with.

Because of his love for books, so that his days are only spent reading books and school, nothing is interesting in his life.

At that time, Naomi was assigned to be on the library committee, where she met many new people who also had the same passion, namely books.

Including Ichigyou Ruri, a beautiful and cute girl but has a stiff face and is very difficult to socialize with, when Naomi asks to exchange social media IDs, she is confused. Even Ruri didn’t know the email and phone number, finally Ruri gave her home address to Naomi.

Naomi’s days went on as usual until finally, she saw a large aurora in the sky, suddenly a crow came towards her and dropped her book.

The crow carried the book very far and Naomi chased it until it reached a tourist spot in Kyoto, namely Fushimi Inari Taisha (A Shinto shrine), where the book was dropped by the crow.

But when Naomi wanted to take it, the figure of a grown man suddenly appeared.

Naomi had wanted to run away because she didn’t want to be involved in this strange event, it turned out that the person had already realized Naomi’s existence.

Who is that person? It turns out to be Katagaki Naomi who has grown up, he came from the future precisely in 2037 to tell Naomi who is still in school to do things that Naomi couldn’t do before.

From now on, we will call Naomi a sensei so we don’t get confused and confused.

Sensei wants Naomi to do some things so that she can date Ichigyou Ruri, and Naomi does it too, with the classic excuse of men (Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful girl) work.

And also sensei wants to see Ruri’s smile again that he couldn’t see before, because in the future Ruri has a serious accident so Sensei can’t see her smile anymore.

Long story short, Naomi did what sensei had ordered, and until the climax, there was a plan that Naomi did not know.

What is that plan? You can watch the movie right away, so it’s even more exciting

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Second Season Ready to Release in 2022. Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! as previously reported, the anime has finally been confirmed to continue in its second season. It has now been announced that the second season will be released in Japan in 2022. Although there is no further information regarding the release date.


The seiyuu who were present in the first season of the anime was.

-Naomi Oozora as Hana Uzaki
-Kenji Akabane as Shinichi Sakurai
-Ayana Taketatsu as Ami Asai
-Tomoya Takagi as Itsuhito Sakaki

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! or Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, is a comic series written and illustrated by Taking. This comic has been serialized online via the Niconico website as part of the Dra Dra Sharp brand since December 2017.

Synopsis Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai

Sakurai Shinichi’s only wish was a little quiet. But passionate Uzaki Hana has other plans, she just wants to socialize and please Shinichi.

Then with the help and charm of Uzaki and his friends. Maybe this will be a beautiful relationship. Will Hana be close friends with Shinichi?

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai


The story of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai centers on Shinichi Sakurai, a third-year student who is extremely introverted.
He always wanted a quiet and peaceful life without any disturbance from anyone. However, everything changed when her younger classmate, Hana Uzaki, dressed in a large and prominent long-sleeved T-shirt with “Sugoi Dekai” in the middle, came to constantly invite her to hang out with her and tease her.

Shinichi is often annoyed by his behavior but Hana, whose charm is full of energy and is always cheerful, insists on continuing to invite her seniors to hang out with her. With the help of their friends, Ami Asai who is curious about their relationship, and Itsuhito Sakaki who likes to tease Shinichi about Hana, they hope for a deeper relationship between Shinichi and Hana while they are always together.

Release Date

So it’s officially announced Season 2 of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! will be released in 2022, but what release date has not been announced.

Unfortunately, the specific date was not revealed, but according to HITC, it is estimated that season 2 will air in January or April 2022.

It seems that the production in the second season had slowed down a bit so that the manga series could release more chapters.

On September 25, 2020, it was also announced that Season 2 will be directed by Kazuya Miura with the same voice as the first season.

That’s the information regarding season 2 of the anime Uzaki chan wa Asobitai. Now, after seeing the information, what are your hopes and opinions about this anime comedy?

5 Anime Released in 2022 with the Newest Season. Some anime will be released in 2022 with the latest season. After a year of being hit by a pandemic and several anime had to be postponed their release. Of course, 2022 will be the year that most anime lovers will be waiting for.

Anime Released in 2022

Here are some anime that are releasing this year with new seasons:

1. Attack on the Titan

The Attack on the Titan anime series will release on January 10 in the morning. Attack on the Titan season 4, the final part will contain 12 episodes of Arc War for Paradise. As the last part, this season is in a tense conflict phase to completion.

This anime centers on the main character Eren Yeager who lost his mother because he was eaten by a Titan. The incident sparked him to take revenge. Fans of this anime will detect the sharp changes that Eren went through when he was innocent until he started to become scary.

2. My Hero Academia

The My Hero Academia anime series will release season 6 this year. This series tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, a teenager who is recruited by the legendary hero named All Might. The main character, Izuku Midoriya has friends who each have different strengths during their time in high U.A.


3. Komi Can’t Communicate

Tomohito Oda’s manga version first launched in 2016 in the weekly Shogakukan Sunday magazine. However, for the anime series season one, it was first released in October last year. Meanwhile, the second season will be released in April.

The story centers on Shouko Komi, a high school student who has difficulty communicating with others. In her class, she has a friend named Tadano who always motivates Komi to expand her network of friends.

4. Rent-A-Girlfriend

5 Anime Released in 2022 with the Newest Season
Kazuya and Chizaru Mizuhara (source:
The manga version of Rent-A-Girlfriend is written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. The manga is published in the weekly Shonen Magazine. As for the anime version, it was first released in July 2020 and in mid-2022 for the second season.

The main character of this anime is Kazuya who starts using an online dating application after he gets dumped by his girlfriend. Through an online application, he then hires a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara. At first, Kazuya is dissatisfied with Chizuru until his girlfriend makes a good impression on his family.

5. Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out!

The manga version was first published in 2017, and the anime version began to be adopted in July 2020. The second season of this anime will be released in 2022. Unfortunately, there is no specific date yet.

The main character in this series is a high school student named Hana Uzaki. He has a school friend named Shinichi Sakurai, but his friend has an introverted and easy-going personality. Uzaki then tries to teach his friend to have fun and be an extrovert.

Recommended Best Live Action Anime Movies!. Live-Action Anime adapted from Japanese anime is one of the Japanese production houses’ dissatisfactions with the manga and anime they produce.

Like the series Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) which turned out to be a huge success when it was made into a live-action film.

As we know, anime and manga from Japan have become an industry and Japanese culture that is very well known throughout the world.

Their manga and anime have several interesting genres such as action, horror, fantasy, Ecchi, Shounen, and many more.

Here are seven recommendations for Live-Action Anime based on adaptations of the best anime and manga series according to the version.

1. Crows Zero

Live-Action anime Crows Zero is adapted from Hiroshi Takahashi’s manga, Crows. The film was produced by Mataichiro Yamamoto and directed by Takashi Miike.

This film has a total of three titles, namely Crows Zero (2007), Crows Zero (2009), and Crows Explode (2014). Even though this Live-Action Anime film has been around for a long time, the Crows film has made an impression on the hearts of its fans until now.

Since it was first released, this film tells the story of a high school student named Genji Takiya (Shun Oguri) who has just transferred to his new school, Suzuran. The school is known for its naughty and rebellious students.

Genji’s figure is shown to be very ambitious and full of enthusiasm. He moved to Suzuran after an agreement with his father on a mission to conquer and become king of the school.

This Live-Action Anime film was very popular at that time. Especially in Indonesia, many fans make parodies of the film Crows Zero, even some young people are willing to cut their hair like the main character Genji Takiya.

2. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is a Live-Action Anime film based on the most popular manga and anime Samurai X by Nobuhiro Watsuki. This film first aired in 2012 starring actor Takeru Sato.

The story of this film tells the story of the Bakumatsu war era in 1868 focusing on the main character Kenshin Himura (Takeru Sato). Kenshin was originally a cold-blooded killer known as Hitokiri Battosai.

After the era of war ended, then he repented and decided to live in peace by using a new identity. Kenshin continues his life with the Inverted Sword to help people.

Overall, this film has released five live-action films, such as Rurouni Kenshin: Origins (2012), Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014), Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend End (2014), and the newest Rurouni Kenshin: The Final (23 April 2021). ), Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning (4 June 2021).

3. Beck

Beck 1

This live-action anime is also very popular when adapted from the manga and anime entitled Beck.

This film tells the story of a high school student who is often bullied by his friends and is played by actor Takeru Sato (Koyuki).

The main character Koyuki, at that time his life changed 180 degrees after meeting Ryusuke Minami (Mizushima Hiro). After the meeting, Koyuki was taught guitar by Ryusuke because he was instrumental in saving his beloved dog.

Long story short, Ryusuke finally formed a band consisting of Chiba as vocals (Kiritani Kenta), Taira as bass (Mukai Osamu), Koyuki as vocals and guitarist (Takeru Sato), and Saku as drummer (Nakamura Aoi).

Beck’s film carries the theme of friendship between five band members in the process of realizing their dreams.

The bitter and sweet struggles they did to put out an album and participate in the biggest music festival called Grateful Sound.

4. Bleach

The live-action anime Bleach stars a handsome Japanese actor named Sota Fukushi (Ichigo Kurosaki) and a beautiful actress Hana Sugisaki (Rukia Kuchiki). The film is adapted from the manga and anime series by Tite Kubo.

Initially, the Live-Action Anime Bleach film was about a high school student who can see, hear and talk to ghosts.

One time, he met an angel of death named Rukia Kuchiki with the task of eradicating evil spirits. Then they work together to defeat the evil spirit Hollow who likes to eat human souls.

The live-action film Bleach was released on July 20, 2018, and stars Sota Fukushi (Ichigo Kurosaki), Hana Sugisaki (Rukia Kuchiki), Ryo Yoshizawa (Uryu Ishida), Taichi Saotome (Renji Abarai), and Miyavi (Byakuya Kuchiki).

5. Gintama

Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama anime and manga were very successful at that time. However, in 2017 the anime was later made into a live-action Gintama film with the Action-Comedy genre.

Gintama live-action anime is still the same as the adaptation of the manga and anime series yes. The film will tell about Amanto (alien) who attacked the earth and human resistance against them for the last ten years.

The film also tells the story of the main character Gintoki Sakata (Shun Oguri) who has an entertaining and funny character.

Set at the end of the Edo era in the city of Fukuyama, you will see the hilarious adventures of the trio Gintoki, Shinpachi (Masaki Suda), and Kagura (Kanna Hashimoto).

6. Death Note

The live-action anime Death Note is directed by Shusuke Kaneko and released in 2006. Based on the most popular anime and manga.

The film Death Note has an interesting story about mystery and detectives.

Starting from a smart teenager named Light Yagami who found a mysterious notebook called the Death Note. The book turns out to belong to the angel of death (Shinigami) named Ryuk.

The Death Notebook has special powers for its users, such as being able to kill anyone by simply writing their name and the end of the story.

The figure of Light who is smart then circumvents the book with a natural death with a set time.

Even though this film has been around for a long time, we recommend this film because it has a very good storyline and is very worth watching for you Japanese film lovers.

[Movie Review] Tokyo Revengers: Gangsters Through Time. Before ordering tickets to watch the Tokyo Revengers movie at the cinema, there’s nothing wrong with checking the reviews here.

This live-action film stars Takumi Kitamura, Ken Ryuguji, Yosuke Sugino, Mio Imada, Ryo Yoshizawa, Gordon Maeda, and other actors. That said, Tokyo Revengers is one of the highest-grossing Japanese films for 2021, being in position 3 behind Belle and Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet.

How much fun is this film? Let’s find out.

Takemichi’s mission to change the gang of Tokyo Manji
Tokyo Revengers. Movie Review
Dunia Games
The story of this film is quite similar to the anime and manga versions. Takemichi (Takumi Kitamura) who received news that his ex-girlfriend Hinata (Mio Imada) had died along with his younger brother Naoto (Yosuke Sugino) due to the Tokyo Manji gang’s feud with the yakuza group, and was pushed down onto the train tracks.

Takemichi finds himself back in 2010 while still in school. When he meets Naoto, Takemichi tells him the date of his and Hinata’s death. After shaking Naoto’s hand, Takemichi returns to the next 10 years and finds Naoto safe.

To save Hinata who is still dead, Naoto asks Takemichi to go back in time and infiltrate Toman’s gang. His mission is to prevent a meeting between gang leader Toman Mikey (Ryo Yoshizawa) and Kisaki (Shotaro Mamiya), and even if necessary, kill Mikey.

After gaining the trust of Mikey and his accomplice Draken (Yuki Yamada), Takemichi realizes that Mikey and Toman’s gang are not what Naoto had feared. He then realized that the key to saving Hinata was not in the figure of Mikey or Tetta.

Tokyo Revengers Live Action 1

Tokyo Revengers. live-action film review

Tokyo Revengers is a saga at its core. The fight scenes in this film appear quite convincing and sometimes feel quite brutal. Apart from that, the choreography is no less interesting, starting from Mikey’s acrobatics to the character movements that are battered after being beaten.

But apart from that, the time leap aspect is quite interesting to watch at Tokyo Revengers. The concept of time travel in it is described quite simply, from the mechanism to the cause and effect.

Even so, the changes that Takemichi caused in the past not only created a time paradox that changed the future but also caused several plot holes. The funny thing is that this is also observed directly by the characters in this film.

The Tokyo Revengers film predominantly adopts the Moebius arc, with elements from later arcs added to give it more context.

But don’t get your hopes up that this film will be a faithful adaptation. Without giving away spoilers, towards the end of the film the story will feature original elements that also invite several plot holes of their own.

Apart from that, Tokyo Revengers is still a fun Japanese film to watch, especially if you like Crows-style gangster films. You can still see it in local theaters this week.

Reportedly, this film gained great success by being ranked number one on the list of box office movies in Japan beating Godzilla vs Kong and Black Widow.

The film adaptation of Ken Wakui’s manga was originally scheduled to premiere in Japan last October, but this schedule was postponed due to the soaring Covid-19 case in Japan.

This film has managed to earn revenue of 6.31 million US dollars in just three days after its premiere.

In its premiere weekend, the film has sold more than 500,000 tickets.

This nominal makes the film Godzilla vs Kong from Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment down from position one to position two.

The 1-hour 30-minute film received a rating of 3.8 out of 10 according to IMDb.

Most Popular Manga on Google 2021, Top Tokyo Revengers. Since ancient times, manga has become one of the reading materials for comic book fans. It is undeniable, now, the popularity of manga is also increasing and can bring in new fans.

That’s what makes many people search for manga titles on the internet to get a variety of information. From data obtained on Google Trends, below are the most searched manga titles worldwide for 2021. Do you have your favorite manga, right? For that, let’s just look at the reviews.

1. Not surprisingly, the popularity of Tokyo Revengers has made it the most searched manga title this year
2. The Alice in Borderland manga is back in high demand due to the success of its live-action adaptation on Netflix
3. Jujutsu Kaisen anime fans start looking for a lot of information about the manga throughout 2021
4. After being adapted into an anime, HoriMiya is back in popularity and managed to become a trending topic on Google 2021
5. In the manga rom-com Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro successfully stole the hearts of fans and became a trending topic
6. Will soon be adapted into an anime, Chainsaw Man manga fans are increasing in 2021, you know
7. Was controversial, Record of Ragnarok was also widely searched on Google search engines during 2021
8. Throughout 2021, animanga fans have been looking for information about the Attack on Titan manga, here
9. Trending throughout this year, Fly Me to the Moon seems to have a lot of fans, huh. You’re one of them?
10. Despite falling manga sales, One Piece is still the most searched title on Google 2021

The title of the manga above does have an impressive story for fans. So, don’t be surprised if all ten can be in the top ranks on Google Trends throughout 2021. Surely you’ve also been looking for one of the manga titles above, right?

Read Also

Jujutsu Kaisen Inspires a Studio to Create a Live-Action Adaptation for Adults

The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film was released in Japan on December 24, however, there was a live-action Jujutsu Kaisen film which was later released on December 25. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming film.

According to the circulating preview of the film, Nobara Kugisaki, Maki Zenin, and Kasumi Miwa will appear as the main characters of the film. Panda will be making a special appearance in the adults-only live action.

According to information, the film will be produced by the popular Japanese adult company “TMA”. The film will be titled Chijutsu Kaisen.

Since this film has an R18 rating, it will not be released in theaters. However, you can buy it online for US$25.

As we know, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is currently showing in theaters across Japan since December 24.

The anime film became the second highest-grossing film under Demon Slayer Mugen Train. Jujutsu kaizen 0 also successfully broke the Box Office record in Japan.

After the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 aired, their manga sales also rose 10 times more than before the film was released. Previously, the Jujutsu Kaisen manga was also one of the best-selling during 2021.

Kyoto Animation To Release Tsurune Film In 2022. Kyoto Animation began streaming a promotional video for the planned anime film of the Tsurune (Tsurune: Kazemai Kōkō Kyūdō-bu) anime franchise. The video reveals that the film will premiere in Japan in 2022, and also lists Takuya Yamamura as director returning to Kyoto Animation. Kyoto Animation said it would announce more details about the film at a later date.

This anime is based on Kotoko Ayano’s novel of the same name. The anime first premiered in Japan on the NHK-General channel in October 2018. Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime and streamed the series on Crunchyroll and HIDIVE (with English dubs) as it aired in Japan. Sentai Filmworks released the anime on home video in January 2020. This release includes the original video anime, the unaired 14th episode.

Synopsis of Anime Tsurune

The story begins when Minato Narumiya starts a new student at a local Kazami high school. Kipalas. Japanese shooting club advisor Tommy, like his childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Rohi Yamanouchi, wants to hire Minato. Ryohei persuades Minato not to visit the club as he also meets Keito Onoji and Nanao Kisaragi. After the election of Minato p. Tommy presents him as a rare Japanese archery talent and asks to show it to everyone. However, Minato’s arrow did not hit the target because he was seriously ill … Minato, Seiya, Ryohei, Nanao and Kaito. Japanese archery unites them. What will they achieve by fighting through their beautiful but “bitter” youth?

Anime Tsurune

Production Staff

Here are also some of the staff introduced in the Tsurune Movie project:

Takuya Yamamura , is directing the anime for the series’ directorial debut, while Michiko Yokote, is in charge of series scripts. . Miku Kadowaki  is designing the characters. Harumi Fuuki  will take care of the music. Lantis is involved in handling music production. Luck Life will perform the opening theme song Naru, and ChouCho will perform the ending theme song Orange-iro .


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: 2022
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Light novel
Genres: Drama, Sports
Theme: School
Duration: Unknown

About Tsurune

Tsurune or Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu is a light novel series written by Kotoko Ayano and illustrated by Chinatsu Morimoto. The series with the theme of archery has been published by Kyoto Animation through KA Esuma Bunko since December 2016 until now.

Tsurune tells the story of Minato Narumiya, a young man who in middle school became a member of the kyuudou (traditional Japanese archery) club until he was injured in a tournament. The incident made him decide to stop pursuing the art of archery for his good.

When he entered high school, Minato’s childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Ryohei Yamanouchi forced him to join the school’s Kyudo club. At first, Minato refuses, but his meeting with a mysterious man at archery inspired Minato to take a bow and arrow and return to Kyudo.

[Review] Anime Sakugan: An Impressive Series. Sakugan is an anime series produced by Satelight that premiered on October 7, 2021 (Fall) and airs every Thursday at 23:30, directed and written by Jun’ichi Wada, character designs by Yuuji Iwahara, and music by Tatsuya Kato.

This series is based on a novel entitled “Sakugan Labyrinth Marker” by Nekotarou Inui, which was submitted to “Project Anima” which is a collaborative project in 2018 between DeNA, Sotsu, and Bunka Housou, where it is a project to receive story submissions from the public online. general, and Sakugan Labyrinth Marker was runner-up in the “Science-fiction/robot” category. Sakugan has genres; Adventure, Mecha, Science Fiction.


The labyrinth is a vast space deep underground, where humans live in groups known as “colonies”. Over the years, the surface had become a long-forgotten memory, it had even become a fantasy world for those who lived in the labyrinth.
To ensure humanity survives, they divide the work into two things, namely Workers or someone in charge of managing and retrieving the mines in the labyrinth, and Marker or someone in charge of adventures and opening new paths in the labyrinth.

Tells the story of a nine-year-old intelligent boy named Menmenpu who always dreams of being in a place full of endless ceilings, and makes him want to become a Marker so he can explore and find the places he dreams of. However, his father named Gagumber always forbade him, because outside the colony there were always monsters that could kill him in an instant.

One time, Menpu found a stone that was a map to where he wanted to be, but on the other hand, the stone also led to a sad incident. Despite his disagreements with his father, the incident marks the beginning of their dangerous adventure towards something that will change the course of mankind forever.

Anime Sakugan

Review Anime Sakugan

Started something really impressive, and developed into something that continues to be great. Maybe that’s the right comment for this series because it presents the beginning of the story that can surprise me, then in the next few episodes an interesting story topic is presented, and can be discussed very well, resulting in a good storyline, I can even say perfect.

One thing that is lacking, or perhaps forced to be done by this series, is the matter of changing the topic of the story in each episode, including the fast ones, so it makes me who watch it feel quite strange. However, this may be because the episode portion is too small, while the series wants to provide a lot of things, so a quick topic shift is necessary.

Seeing this, I think maybe this series wants to get into the main topic as early as possible, because maybe the main topic will be discussed in a more complex and serious way, so it requires many episodes and trivial episodes that only want to show characters and things. lightly accelerated.


This series provides a father character with a son as the main character. Honestly, this is something that I find hard, because the formation of a relationship between them is difficult to provide, even though that is one of the interesting things in this section, but it turns out that other things are more special than these two characters, resulting in the provision of a unique character.

In addition, this series also provides some surprises from the characters which can sometimes make the story very light to watch but can also be the other way around. For me, this section is very cleverly provided, because basically, this series provides something that already exists and is common for us to know, but its provision is so unexpected that it can produce a shock effect that makes us think that it is unique.