Anime about Inspirational Teacher Struggle. Anime or Japanese cartoons about the struggles of a teacher can be a relief for some people who miss school days. Not only that, anime about teachers with extraordinary dedication can be used as motivation for teachers out there who are experiencing a period of teaching saturation.

These various anime about teachers have a series of fresh stories flavored with the teacher’s emotional story, amidst the laughter and cheerfulness of the students. No doubt, watching this type of anime can make people re-inspired to study hard, laugh for a moment, or even feel blue a few moments later. The following is a list of anime about the Struggle of an inspiring teacher

1. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is an anime series produced by the collaboration of two directors Noriyuki Abe and Hiroyuki Ishido which have the most memorable main character, Eikichi Onizuka. A young man who belongs to a motorcycle gang and intends to become a teacher at a fairly prestigious school, the Holy Forest Academy.

Onizuka’s intentions were not good at first, he wanted to be a teacher so that he could be surrounded by beautiful girls every day. However, his application was rejected because the resume he had was not good enough plus the bad incident he had with one of the people on the bus, who was later discovered to be the vice-principal.

While relaxing in the school cafeteria, Onizuka chose to confide in the head of the canteen, who turned out to be the school director. Hearing Onizuka’s resolution and good thoughts towards the world of education, he was accepted as a teacher.

Onizuka’s funny and inspiring adventures make him the best teacher in the eyes of his students. The teaching technique used by Onizuka is very suitable to be applied to children who are smart but have a naughty temperament.

2. Ultimate Otaku Teacher

This anime about the struggles of a teacher, directed by Masato Sato, tells of an otaku, a person who has a fanatical hobby of manga or anime so he often spends time alone in his room, aka an introvert.

Kagami Junichiro is an otaku with the title of a Physics education graduate who is classified as smart. This prompts Suzune, Junichiro’s sister, to enroll her sister as a high school teacher.

Junichiro, who is also a physics fanatic because he wants to create doors to anywhere like his favorite manga he reads, finally manages to become an eccentric teacher.

This anime series with a total of 25 episodes tells the story of Junichiro’s struggle to teach uniquely but managed to make students who used to hate physics lessons become more interested.

Anime about Inspirational Teacher Struggle

3. Gokusen

A slick story of a successor to the 4th Yakuza generation who is bored with his life and decides to teach at a school, Yamaguchi. Yakuza is the largest mafia clan in Japan that has bad values ​​in society. Yamaguchi-sensei was finally accepted to be a Mathematics teacher at Shirokin Academy.

Unfortunately, he teaches a class where students are lazy and delinquent. He also received a rejection from students who had the mindset of a teacher who only cared about the quality of the school, instead of being serious in providing education to students.

Not giving up there, Yamaguchi-sensei is very persistent in his goal to make changes to the learning patterns of his students. Seeing Yamaguchi-sensei’s persistence in educating, Sawada Shin, who is a 3D student who was made a leader by his friends, began to open his heart to the presence of his homeroom teacher.

4. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

This anime series about the struggles of a teacher, directed by Minao Kazuto, tells of a lazy teacher, Gleen Radars who is lined up to become a substitute teacher who had a good temper before.

A student at the Imperial Alzano Royal School of Magic, Sistina Fibell is annoyed with her new teacher who doesn’t have a good impact on her education. He challenges Glenn and is accepted, but Glenn can be defeated easily. But when the school is under tremendous pressure and terrible threats, Glenn appears and defends all the students and the school to death.

5. Hanamaru Kindergarten

This anime series which aired from January 11 to March 29, 2010, has an interesting plot that tells the struggle of teachers teaching kindergarten children. This anime tells of Tsuchida Naozumi, a new male teacher at Hanamaru Kindergarten.

Naozumi’s experience is beautifully narrated–a man who is overwhelmed with small children. Moreover, one of his students named Anzu was different from the usual small children.

He seems to have thoughts that are too mature for children, so he often teases and makes fun of Naozumi, who often does PDKT with teacher Yamamoto from the next class. Nazoumi’s journey along with the innocence and cuteness of his students makes this story even more alive and well adorable.

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