6 Character Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2020), Anyone?. Released on July 22, 2021, on Netflix, a comedy-drama genre anime titled Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2020) is based on a manga adaptation by noimo.

With a duration of about 90 minutes, this anime tells the story of friendship and typical teenage love that exists between a famous influencer and a shy young man who always wears headphones even when he’s not listening to any music.

They are Smile and Cherry. The two met by chance at a mall. From that meeting, they became close regardless of each other’s shortcomings.

A cheerful smile supports Cherry who loves Haiku so much. He did not hesitate to dive deeper into the young man’s life, including helping one of the customers at the day service where Cherry worked.

Besides Smile and Cherry, this anime also has several other characters that support the overall storyline. In the hands of Yukiko Aiki as a character designer, every player in Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021) has unique graphics and is equipped with fun and adorable personalities.

So who are the characters in the Signal anime? This MD and Sublimation? Get acquainted with them!

1. Smile

The first Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021) player is Smile. She is a cheerful teenage girl. His joy is often shared through vlogs with the username OrangeSunhine. The vlog he makes every day for his followers on social media. The real name Yuki, always asks his followers to smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, Smile still had to cover her teeth with a mask. The mask seems to be his trademark because he never takes it off, especially when making vlogs. His two sisters had repeatedly reminded him that teeth were a trait he had had since childhood but Smile remained unconvinced.

Smile is easy to panic when it comes to her teeth, especially if someone else is looking at her, including Cherry. However, Smile is a good girl. He gets along easily with other people. Even the quiet Cherry could talk a lot when she was with him. Smile appreciates his friendship with Cherry.

The girl didn’t hesitate to praise Cherry’s love for Haiku, even though she didn’t understand that either. Smile is not a girl who is arrogant and prestigious, although a little careless she is willing to help others. With his warmth Smile helped Mr. Fujiyama finds an object full of memories that has been missing for a long time.

2. Cherry

The next main character in the anime Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2020) is Cherry. From her name, she is more suited to be attached to a sweet, cheerful girl. Cherry is a teenage boy. He’s a shy young man who likes Haiku. Cherry’s life is quieter than her peer’s because she doesn’t like loud noises.

The young man could not be separated from the Haiku dictionary and the headphones he always wore. The headphones he was wearing didn’t make any sound. Cherry only wears it because she doesn’t like noisy things and doesn’t want to be talked to by other people.

With such a personality, Cherry is difficult to socialize with new people. He is extremely nervous when it comes to public speaking. Before getting to know Smile, he only had two friends, Japan and Beaver.

Cherry is an only child who is devoted and loves his two parents. During the summer vacation, he even agreed to take over from his mother who worked at day service, a kind of daycare for parents. There, Cherry does a clumsy job and is good at interacting with parents, especially Mr. Fujiyama.

His closeness to Mr. Fujiyama makes Cherry willing to help to find the lost memorabilia. Together with Smile and several other friends, the young man continued his search without giving up hope to make Mr. Fujiyama is happy.

Oh yes! Cherry’s name is taken from her real name, namely Sakura which in English is called Cherry’s Blossom.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop charachter

3. Mr. Fujiyama

Mr. Fujiyama is a customer and friend of Cherry, who often runs away from day services because he is senile. Every time Fujiyama escapes, his goal is to find the records that belonged to his late wife. Mr. Fujiyama has decreased hearing, so he never speaks quietly.

In this case, Cherry often finds it difficult because it means she also has to scream while talking. Mr. Fujiyama always hugged the covers of vinyl records everywhere, hoping one day to find the contents. It was later discovered that the object he had been looking for was a vinyl record belonging to his late wife.

The late wife of Mr. Fujiyama was a singer in his day. Mr. Fujiyama himself is a former photographer. He has one daughter and one grandson who often pick him up at day service. Mr. Fujiyama also has a record shop that collects old songs.

4. Beaver

Another Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2020) player is Beaver. He is known as a wimpy teenager who often makes a noise at the mall. Beaver is the eternal enemy of the mall manager who is troubled by his troubles every day. Looks distinctive with yellow hair Beaver does not want to be silent.

Besides often shoplifting property stores, Beaver also dares to skateboard in the mall and write off the car belonging to Mr. Grandson’s grandson. Fujiyama. The teenager was Cherry’s troublesome friend.

Even so, Beaver was no less enthusiastic when asked for help in finding Mr. Fujiyama. In addition, he also really likes Cherry’s Haiku and uses it to learn Japanese.

5. Japan

Cherry’s other friend who makes this anime more colorful is Japan. Japan works as a record storekeeper at the mall where Cherry’s day service works. With a chubby body, Japan looks adorable. He was the first to recognize and recognize Smile as one of the most famous influencers.

Typical Japan with round glasses; as if adjusting to the shape of the plump cheeks. Together with Cherry and Beaver, Japan likes to spend time together at the rooftop mall. They are solid friends, including when helping Mr. Fujiyama.

6. Julie and Marie

They are players in Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2020) who are Smile’s sisters. The three of them were almost the same age but never heard of fighting. Julie and Marie helped Smile in any circumstances. They were also the ones who always encouraged Smile who was never confident with her teeth.

Julie as the eldest child is busy with her exams, while the younger Marie can be counted on for help when Smile’s cell phone is lost and is swapped with Cherry’s. They are sweet children and help each other.

Those are the players of the anime Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2020) with various physical characteristics and personalities. They are all created with graphics and bright colors that make this anime more colorful.

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