‘Ayakashi Triangle’ Manga Announces Anime Adaptation. Shueisha through the Jump Festa 2022 event announced that one of Kentaro Yabuki’s manga with the full title Ayakashi Triangle is confirmed to get an anime adaptation. A Twitter account and website regarding this adaptation have also been created to clarify the announcement.

On the other hand, Kentaro Yabuki first published the Ayakashi Triangle manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine last June 2020 and the 4th volume was published last October. In addition, Kentaro Yabuki is also the same person who created the manga titled To Love Ru, Darling In The Franxx which has also received an anime adaptation.

Synopsis Ayakashi Triangle

Japan may be full of mysterious monsters called ayakashi, but they have the power of a special exorcist ninja to fight the threat! The young exorcist ninja Matsuri spends his days fighting ayakashi to protect his childhood friend Suzu. But when an ayakashi cat named Shirogane appears, things turn upside down! Legendary mangaka Kentaro Yabuki returns to Shonen Jump with a new fantasy series full of ayakashi and romance!

'Ayakashi Triangle 1

Manga review

Ayakashi Triangle has a story about, Matsuri Kazamaki is a teenage boy who has been trained to become a destructive ninja hunter Ayakashi, befriends since childhood with a girl named Suzu Kanade who has a talent for seeing and attracting the Ayakashi around her. With the talent that Suzu has, making a legendary Ayakashi named Shirogane after her, Shirogane who has long targeted and was about to devour Suzu but was thwarted by Matsuri because he had sealed the power that Shirogane had, with the remaining strength Shirogane had and the determination not to make a relationship between Suzu and Matsuri becomes romantic, he casts a forbidden spell on Matsuri to thwart their love story.

Ayakashi Triangle, a manga that I just read and I find interesting because it combines various things that I like in terms of Action, Comedy, and Romance that are combined so well that it makes me want to continue to know the story. Initially, I thought that there would be a lot of fan service where we would be shown various kinds of ecchi scenes which made me unable to discuss this series, but these scenes turned out to be few and were good enough to be made into a comedy play, which made me, who is usually lazy with these scenes, become interested because the presentation is interesting.

The beginning of this manga, especially the first chapter, is also interesting because it shows various things that this series wants to bring, such as brief introductions to the characters, relationships between characters, and the main conflicts that are presented, thus making me as a reader understand the focus of this manga even though I only read chapters. first. Then for the next few chapters, it can be considered that there are still prefixes that further clarify the three things in the first chapter.

Then speaking of what I like about this manga, maybe the story presented is packaged more modern and new enough so it’s unique for me to read, I’ve read several series that takes the theme of Ayakashi or Yokai and usually, the stories that are told are more classic or may be based on history so that only those who like reading classic stories are interested in following it, but this manga brings it in the Shounen style and the story is packaged into a cute teenage love story that is interesting and light for teenagers to read.

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