Wonder Egg Priority: Fight Death With Love. In the winter of 2021 yesterday, there was one psychological genre anime that was quite interesting. The anime is called Wonder Egg Priority. This anime is considered one of the dark horses of the season.

It can be said, Wonder Egg Priority is one of the mysterious anime for winter 2020. When it first appeared as an ordinary slice of life, but towards the end of the first episode, terrible things began to appear. The writer and his production team direct the story in a complex way that covers a wide range of social issues.

The story of Wonder Egg Priority itself follows a character named Ai Ooto. He was following a beetle that could talk in a pretty garden. The beetle asked Ai to break a magic egg. It turns out that in the egg there is a girl and Ai is told to save her from a group of monsters called The Seenoevils.

Synopsis Wonder Egg

Wonder Egg Priority tells about the teenage years. A story about a great curiosity that grows into an adult. Every character wants to try to save someone who committed suicide. Throughout the story, we see the characters struggle to save the Egg Girls.

They are described as having trauma similar to the main character. To be able to save her only by accepting herself as well as her main weakness. Some of the traumas received by these Egg girls include bullying, sexual harassment, to physical contact from the hands of adults. The traumatic experience takes the form of Wonder Killers. It can kill the girl’s curiosity and survive.

Character Wonder Egg

In this series, we are introduced to the four main characters, namely Ooto Ai, Aonuma Neiru, Kawai Rika, and Sawaki Momoe. The four girls have diverse backgrounds, with different traits, but have the same serious problems, so they can understand each other’s feelings, and this is also what makes them very good friends.

When it comes to characters, actually the interesting thing about this provision is the reason why the main character is a woman, and this is explained briefly in the fourth episode as well as introducing the last main character so that it makes things clearer for me to watch. In the provision of this character, there are also many scientific elements, so that it makes sense for me to watch, and with this, I can’t comment on anything else, hehe.

In episode 11, we have a new character named Frill. She is an AI girl trapped in a teenager’s body forever. He is also described as neither growing nor coming out of his teenage years. Therefore, Frill is often jealous and irritated very easily.

For me, everything about the character has been provided very interesting and has been very good, the development itself is made by providing topics that are felt to be following the main problem of the character, so this makes everything feel very well thought out, and in my opinion, this can be considered perfect for now.

Unfortunately, the introduction of Frill’s character is quite late. Moreover, the main theme of the Wonder Egg Priority anime is the traumatic feeling of the Egg Girls. However, this Frill suddenly became the Last boss for an anime that only had 12 episodes.

Wonder Egg


Wonder Egg Priority at first glance is almost similar to Puella Magica Madoka. However, Madoka has supernatural elements, while this anime prioritizes normal human elements in general. For example, the scene of girls hanging out, then public life, as usual, is a good thing. The characters Ai and Rika are also the most developed in this anime.

However, there are still some unanswered questions such as why only women become Warriors of Eros to matters of femininity. The storyline also has contradictory information between the backstory and the inner conflict in each episode. Moreover, there is a character named Momoe who can steal the hearts of women and men. It was quite a debate for fans.

Review Wonder Egg

This series provides a topic that comes from a magic egg, which is symbolized as a dispute, obsession, or trauma from the girl who came out of the egg. However, this is also related to the problem that is being questioned by the main character, so that it makes the character feel the inner pressure of the topic provided, but after the topic is finished it will have an impact on the development of the character which feels more interesting. Also, the topics in the series emerge from the personal lives of the characters, and this makes the issues introduced in the series more complex than we previously knew.

In my opinion, the provision of topics like this is interesting because it feels in line with what I think about the problems of today’s youth which are indeed increasingly more complex, and it feels increasingly difficult for today’s youth to face, so with this series, I hope there will be a message. simple that can be accepted by the audience, especially for viewers who are still in school and feel that the problem may be following one of the topics raised.

What I’ve always liked about an original series is that it provides topics that can fit the current problem, so they’re always interesting and can give me lots of good messages to watch. I hope this series can maintain its quality until the end of the episode and can give a lasting impression on the audience.


It should be emphasized that Wonder Egg Priority is an original anime. With these conditions coupled with the development of an interesting story, this anime is indeed worth watching and taking into account. For those of you who are looking for original anime with good story quality, Wonder Egg Priority can be an option.

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