Flavors of Youth Film: Three Meaningful Stories. Shikioriori or Flavors Of Youth is a Chinese-Japanese film directed by Li Hauling, Jiaoshou Yi Xiaoxing, and Yoshitaka Takeuchi. This film was produced by Noritaka Kawaguchi. Released August 4, 2018, also globally on the same date by StudioCanal and Netflix

You could say this is indeed an original one-hour animation divided into three stories where each story has a different story but can give the audience a meaning to life.

Flavors Of Youth Stories

As I said, the story itself has three parts, from ordinary life stories to romance. However, each of them was well packaged and produced films that gave meaning to life and even succeeded in making me reminisce.

A bit of a spoiler, the first part tells of a young man who, during his lifetime, loved vermicelli food. From a young age, the young man was already familiar with the food even until he was an adult. What makes it interesting is that this young man has an interesting story from his life because of the rice vermicelli food. The story of small change but can remember the audience if what he did had its meaning and meaning.

The second itself tells of siblings who live together after their parents die. The brother is a famous model who works to support her sister and herself. But life always goes smoothly, there are obstacles. So here we will be presented with a story about the struggle of an older brother whose life has never looked around. He was too focused on work so that his relationship with his brother became tenuous.

The last one is a love story from a childhood friend. Where the woman and man always hide their feelings. And finally, when the time has passed so far they regret it. This third part of the story is touching and gives the message that we should do what we want, not hide it.

The three stories are set on the outskirts of Shanghai, China, with a retrograde plot where the three are completely unrelated to one another. But they lived in the same era, in the city, and the same year.

Flavors of youth

Visual Films

This film was produced by CoMix Wave Films and the Haoliners Animation League which previously handled Kimi no Nawa, Dareka no Manazahi, Kotonoha no Niwa, Byousoku 5 Centimeter. So there is no doubt about it. Its excellent depiction has succeeded in making the audience reminisce.

Flavors Of Youth Characters

Not at length. Each character of all stories has its own story which gives us a brief overview of the lifetime. From the little things to the unforgettable.

Unfortunately, there is a small amount of time so you can’t explore all of the character traits. So you have to watch it in full to conclude a character himself.

Soundtrack Films

The sound effects that are given are always different for each story but can tell a place that will be unforgettable from time to time. The background voice that fits the story is an added value because it succeeded in making me touched by the story that was given.

Enjoyment of Watching Flavors of Youth!

The beginning of the story is confusing because we will be given a tale of nickels that does not have an important core but can be inspiring. The beginning of the second story began to be interesting, especially continued with the last story.

If asked to vote, the latter will be the winner. The love story of a friend who tells us that what we want to do should be done immediately, so that later we don’t regret it.

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