Fruits Basket (2019): Interesting Zodiac Anime. Anime Fruits Basket, previously released in 2001, is now re-released with visuals that are more interesting to see, here are the details :

Detail Fruits Basket (2019)

Tititle: Fruits Basket (2019) – フ ル ー ツ バ ス ケ ッ ト
Director: Yoshihide Ibata
Author: Taku Kishimoto
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
Episode: 25 episodes
Release Date: April 6, 2019

Fruits Basket Synopsis

After an accident that took his mother’s life, 16-year-old Tohru Honda (Manaka Iwami) now lives with his grandfather. However, because his grandfather’s house had to be renovated, Tohru could no longer live there. She stated that she would find someone to temporarily stay at her house so as not to burden her family. Even so, he also didn’t want to burden his friends, so he secretly lived in a tent in the forest.

One night as he was walking home from work, he found that his tent had been buried in a landslide. Yuki Sohma (Nobunaga Shimazaki), the ‘prince’ at his school, as well as Yuki’s cousin, Shigure Sohma (Yuichi Nakamura), a famous novelist, gets involved in Tohru’s situation and invites him to stay in his house for a while until his grandfather’s house is completely renovated.

Upon arriving at Sohma’s house, Tohru discovers the secret of Sohma’s family. If a Sohma is hugged by someone who is of the opposite gender, he will change into an animal form according to his shion! This is a strange thing and a bad curse for the Sohma family. As Tohru continues his life journey with the Sohma family, he also meets other members of the Sohma family. Will Tohru’s kindness and toughness be enough to prepare him for the things behind the Sohma family?Fruits basket anime

Fruits Basket Season 1 Review

Technological developments cannot be fooled. The first time Fruit Basket aired was in 2001. Then it was re-aired in 2019 with great graphics. Geez, that’s good!

See! See! The graph is different, right ??? 2019 is more cute and glowing. Even watching it, the eyes are satisfied with the graphics. Of course, Sohma’s family is handsome. As 2D creatures, the faces of the Sohma family are handsome. HA HA HA. Forgive my harassment. 😅

As a beginner learning Japanese, watching this is enough to help my listening. The problem is Tohru uses formal Japanese, many of which end in desu. Keep saying it over and over again. Example:

う れ し い で す (I’m happy) or 楽 し い で す (it is fun).

Such short words. Not bad for adding vocabulary for me. Hehe.

The side of the story is a bit boring. Stories about school life and Sohma’s family problems, as well as stories of Tohru’s friends’ lives, and Tohru’s own life. It’s quite exciting. But sometimes it makes me bored too.

Until the end of Season 1, I was still curious about the conflict between Akito Sohma (Maaya Sakamoto) and Yuki and the other Sohma families. Then what is Shigure’s trick that used Tohru by involving him with the Sohma family conflict? Hmm, a mystery to the end. I think it will be finished in the final episode. It raises more questions. Get ready to be curious guys!

In my opinion

he Ost from Fruit Basket Season 1 has a good second ending, entitled One Step Closer, sung by Intersection. The melody is cool.

The romance that comes in this anime is not bad either. I was sad about her love story Hatori Sohma (Kazuyuki Okitsu). I don’t want to tell you why it’s sad here. Next spoilers. Hehehe. The sweet story between Tohru and Yuki, as well as Kyo (Yuma Uchida) also sometimes makes it hard. Although not really in love. It’s just enough to make me ship between Tohru – Yuki or Tohru – Kyo. Ah, both of them are fine! #loh

Overall, the story is light, relaxed, and good enough to fill your spare time. Continue to also get insights about the person aka about the Chinese zodiac. Hehe. Haven’t met the zodiac Rooster character in Fruit Basket Season 1. Oia, for the zodiac dragon, somehow it is described as a sea horse. Yes, it looks like a dragon in its shape. But I thought that it would become a real dragon so big. The sea horse knows. HA HA HA.

Score Anime Season 1

The rating for Fruit Basket on the IMDb is 8.4. Wooow. the rating is quite high. Beyond my expectations! For myself, I will give 7 stars for Fruit Basket Season 1. The graphics are okay, it’s good in my opinion. But the storyline is not too good for me. Yes, this is my opinion. May the opinion be different from the person who gives a good rating. Hehehe.

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