Film Review: King of Prism. It is undeniable that idol-themed franchises are on the rise. From female idols aimed at men like Love Live! Or [email protected], to male idols aimed at women like Ensemble Stars and Uta no Prince-Sama.

King of Prism itself is one of the idol franchises with male characters aimed at women, which is also a spin-off of the 2000s idol series that combines the concepts of idol and ice skating, namely Pretty Rhythm. Although this film is not widely heard internationally, in Japan this 1-hour film by studio Tatsunoko Production is selling well and even has a 4D version.

Synopsis of King of Prism

Once upon a time, although Pretty Rhythm had changed its concept to PriPara, the Pretty Rhythm staff wanted to make a continuation of the Pretty Rhythm story. Therefore the King of Prism was born. Set in the same world as the Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live series, it’s highly recommended to watch the series first, although you can still enjoy it without having to watch Rainbow Live if you’re strong.

king of prism

Storyline King of Prism

The story of King of Prism itself begins with our protagonist, Shin Ichijou, watching the Prism Show, which is a combination of figure skating and idol dance. Shin is fascinated by the show put on by the famous male idol group—Over the Rainbow, and he is determined to enter the Prism Show school where Over the Rainbow is located, Edel Rose.

He wasn’t the only one who was moved by their performance, there were also Kakeru, Yukinojou, Leo, Taiga, Yuu, and Minato who were the Prism Star candidates in Edel Rose. There is also Luis, a mysterious young man who is the reason why Shin watched the Prism Show that night.

But, after Shin entered Edel Rose and even met and was praised by his three senior idols from Over the Rainbow—Kouji, Hiro, and Kazuki—Edel Rose was still in trouble.

It would be a spoiler to describe the whole thing, but it can be said that the situation in Edel Rose has not been very stable since the fall of the previous leader. In addition, a rival school appears named Schwarz Rose, and due to internal problems, Over the Rainbow is in danger of slowly disbanding.

strengths and weaknesses

Although King of Prism is based on a children’s series, King of Prism also has a fanservice scene that is aimed at teenage girls, with frequent scenes of topless characters. With all that fanservice, I think King of Prism is aimed at girls who grew up with Pretty Rhythm.

Some of the pluses of this film are in the sound and visuals. The music in King of Prism is very good, the songs are also very easy to enjoy. In terms of voice acting, all characters are well and distinctively filled, although many of the seiyuu are still new seiyuu.

Anime Visuals

Then visually, this series can be enjoyed enough with bright bishounen elements to wash the eyes, even though the story is very difficult to think about seriously. It’s better if you don’t think about it seriously and just make it fun and have fun.

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