Anime Selector Infected WIXOSS Review. On this occasion, I will review an anime-themed Card game original story from studio J.C.Staff. namely, Selector Infected WIXOSS which aired in spring 2014.

Synopsis Selector Infected WIXOSS

selector infected WIXOSS at first told about Kominato Ruuko living without friends but not feeling lonely. also does not have a dream until one day, he gets involved in something he has never experienced before. i.e. being a selector for her LRIG, Ruuko names her Tama.

When with Tama, Ruuko is always involved by other selectors. which makes him have a bond he has never felt, namely friends. But as time goes by, the dark side of WIXOSS slowly begins to show, selectors always have special reasons why they have to compete with each other. though it slowly leads them into the abyss of hateful darkness.

Anime details

Title: Selector Infected WIXOSS
Release Date: April 4, 2014
Episodes: 12
Duration: 24 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Game, Psychological
Story Source: Card game
Studio: J.C.Staff

Selector Infected WIXOSS Review

Storyline Selector Infected WIXOSS Review

so here the card game is not the main focus of the story, but just a basic concept, it can also be said to be an intermediary for the story. because how to play the WIXOSS game is only explained very little, what I remember most is open, grow, call, spell, SIGNI and turn-end.

it is not explained in detail the value of the strength of the cards, strategies, and other tricks because the game theme in the story is only a foundation so that the psychological aspect is solid as the main story core. Then the interesting side story about several antagonists who compete to realize a dream that seems too naive. whatever they do to compete and have to win even if they use dirty tricks.

Character Selector Infected WIXOSS Review

The character designs were made moe – moe, however, they were in poor condition because the fate of the selectors was bitter. Besides that, the character deepening almost looks evenly distributed/at least it’s told even a little bit. The ones that were developed were of course Ruuko, Yuzuki, and Hitoe.

Visuals and Sound

The graphics for this anime are indeed suitable to be handled by the J.C.Staff studio apart from the story. The coloring looks a little color with very minimal lighting (some contain cloudy to rainy scenes to give a dark impression). But on the other hand, the graphics can turn into the thick darkness, especially when competing. most remember when there is a blurry effect during flashbacks and previews of the next episode that describes emotional nuances.

For the music itself, Kanon Wakeshima’s theme song is Killy Killy JOKER for the OP and Realize -Yume no Matsu Basho by Cyua for the ED. When it comes to BGM, the WIXOSS incited selector adds a touch of bass boom sound so that the audience can feel the shock + challenging effect that can increase adrenaline, besides that, jazz + electro sound effects are added to make the rivalry feel fierce.

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