5 Scariest Moments in One Piece Anime. Despite the incredibly colorful world-building, One Piece is a pretty dark series. Many moments make this anime too dark to be called a shounen series. However, it is not surprising that pirates are shown as heroes in this series, while the World Government is shown as villains.

Scariest Moments in One Piece

Well, of the many darkest moments ever shown, here are five of the scariest moments in the One Piece anime. Curious what moments? Check out the following reviews.

1. When Lily swallowed the Straw Hat crew

This moment occurs in the sixth film of One Piece, namely One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. At first, Luffy and his crew’s trip to Secret Island were fun. However, the film immediately turned into horror when Lily showed her true form.

Lily who at first looked like a beautiful and adorable flower turned into a terrible monster. Lily tried to swallow all of the Straw Hats crew members, while Luffy was just taken aback with a frightened expression.

2. When Big Mom accidentally eats her friend and babysitter

Long before Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom became a pirate, Big Mom grew up in Carmel’s Sheep’s House orphanage. On her 6th birthday, Big Mom was very happy because she got a very big birthday cake.

So happy, Big Mom burst into tears so that her vision became unclear. When Big Mom couldn’t see anything, Big Mom accidentally ate all her friends at the orphanage as well as Carmel. Until now, Big Mom’s background is still the darkest in this series.

3. Disclosure of Dr. Hogback and Cindy

At a glance, Dr. Hogback has a very close relationship with his assistant, Cindy. Even so, the background of the two of them was much darker than it seemed. It was revealed that previously Cindy was an actress who passed away.

Because he is obsessed with Cindy, Dr. Hogback resurrects Cindy as a zombie with the help of Gecko Moria. Cindy also has a different personality. His personality has changed since he was turned into a zombie.

4. The tragedy of the Doflamingo family

At first, the Donquixote family lived a comfortable life as one of the World Nobles. Until one day, Saint Donquixote Homing decided to give up his status and live a life as an ordinary person.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong decision. The public hates the World Government so much that they are angry when they learn that the Donquixote family are former World Nobles. They flocked to torture the Donquixote family, something that eventually built Doflamingo into a ruthless criminal.

5. Annihilation of Ohara Island

While the Void Century remains the biggest mystery in the series, the World Government finds out what happened in the Void Century. To keep the matter a secret, the World Government has banned all research related to the Void Century.

After learning that the people of Ohara Island studied the Void Age, the World Government mobilized its troops to destroy the island and its inhabitants. Nico Robin is the only person who survived the massacre.

Even though One Piece is not a horror anime, the five moments above are enough to make goosebumps, right? In your opinion, what other One Piece moments are no less terrifying than the five moments above?

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