Best Isekai Overpower Manga To Read 2022.

1. Reincarnated-As-An-Aristocrat-With-an-Appraisal-Skill

Just like before, the story of reincarnated focuses on the development of the territory and where he uses his power through his skills, namely appraisal or seeing someone’s talent from his eyes.

So where’s the special? The special location of this comic is that the main character can recruit people who have extraordinary abilities called OPs to become his subordinates.

2. Tate No Yuusha (Isekai Manga Overpower MC Betrayed)

If the title of this one is sure many already know the popularity of the anime tate no yuusha, but if there are still people who don’t know, let’s discuss.

Tate Yuusha is a manga where MC becomes overpowered after being betrayed, so it’s perfect for revenge manga lovers.

3. Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai

Although the storyline of this manga comic is so cliché, that is, where mc becomes the OP and then has a harem that goes too far. But still, if you have the taste above.

Death March is a manga that you will definitely like and for a better experience, you should watch the anime live.

4. Re: Monsters

In one of the overpowered manga where the MC is a goblin who can transform to a higher goblin race due to his intelligence as a human in his past life.

Although the storyline of this manga is easy to read and there are a few puzzles to make readers curious, it is still worthy of being included in your reading list.

4. Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Isekai Overpower Zero To Hero Manga)

Just like the death march, the story arifureta focuses on doing haram but with loli heroines.

Unfortunately, before becoming a harem, Hajime, the main character of Arifuta, had a tragic story, where he was betrayed by one of his friends so he fell into the abyss while fighting monsters, and there the MC proceeded to become overpowered.

5. Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou No Alderamin

Ikta Solork is a general’s son who is known as a traitor by the country he lives in. Even though Ikta is a general’s son, he is lazy and has a very weak physique

But the advantage of Ikta’s ability is that he has very high analysis and intelligence, where Ikta can build strategies during war.

6. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha : Kono-Watashi-no-Mono-Tonare, Yuusha-yo-Kotowaru!

A cliché story where a hero has a mission to fight the demon king who would have thought he thought the demon king was a beautiful woman, instead of fighting the demon king

The hero is invited by the demon king to make peace and remake the world for the better.

7. The New Gate (Isekai Overpower Adventure Manga)

Shina is someone who is considered a hero by NPCs but is suddenly summoned into a game world that becomes real.

That’s where china’s journey to be able to log out and return to the real world, even though the game world itself has become a part of her.

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