Josei Manga Recommendations That Raise Women’s Issues. Well, this time I want to explore one of the manga that is rarely exposed, namely manga josei. This genre intersects a lot with shoujo, but the conflict in this manga is more complex and mature.

Simply put, the josei manga is comics aimed at adult female readers. The issues discussed were broader and more complex, and some of them even spoke openly about women’s sexuality. Interestingly, in this genre, the main female characters are very diverse, there are stories about single women, housewives, and so on.

Josei Manga Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for my chosen josei manga, which are not only fun but also dare to talk about taboo things.

1. Paradise Kiss (2011)

This josei manga tells the story of high school teenager Yukari who initially only thought of making her parents happy, by going to a famous university. His life is monotonous, until one day he is “kidnapped” by some fashionable-looking people who call themselves Paradise Kiss. From that day on, Yukari was introduced to the glittering world of modeling, and it was all thanks to the guidance of George, the male designer who changed Yukari’s view of the world.

A more mature love story, as well as toxic relationship spices here and there, are wrapped interestingly without any glorifying impression. This manga by Ai Yazawa describes how the journey of a young woman who finds what she wants after a dozen years is only dictated by those around her.

2. The Full Time Wife Escapist (2012)

What happens if household assistants (ART) are paid like other professions in the non-domestic sector? This is what is experienced by Mikuri Moriyama, a woman who has just graduated from college, but it is very difficult to get a permanent job in her field. In his dismay, his father offered Mikuri to become a domestic worker.

Mikuri also works for a male office worker named Tsuzaki. Day by day, Mikuri finds this ART work interesting and suitable for her. However, a new problem arises, her parents have to move to the village, and Mikuri doesn’t have enough money to rent an apartment. When telling Tsuzaki, Mikuri half-jokingly said, it would be better if she worked as a “professional wife” for Tsuzaki, so that she could still work without worrying about where she lived. To his surprise, Tsuzaki thought it was a good idea.

This manga by Tsumino Minami may seem ordinary, but for me, Tsumino managed to capture how worried people aged 25 years and over are worried about a secure life such as getting a steady job and having a family.

For some people, getting married is no longer a matter of love but business, because with married status there are several “privileges” that they get. Women are seen as “successful” and “normal” especially if they have a husband who is and has children, whereas when women are women choose to be single and focus on careers, they are considered too ambitious.

3. Josei Manga with Unique Plot: Suppli (2007)

For you women who are 27 years old and are confused between wanting to continue your career or getting married, Suppli is the right choice for you to read.

Minami Fuji, a 27-year-old career woman who works for the advertising company of her dreams. He is a hard worker and devotes all his energy to developing a career. As a result, he sometimes neglects romantic relationships and ends up breaking up with his girlfriend who has been together for seven years. This made Minami very depressed and decided to immerse herself deeper into her work.

This manga by Mari Okazaki depicts realistically how society treats women who are focused on their careers and are hostile to women who choose to be single and happy.

4. Princess Jellyfish (2008)

As a fujoshi or a girl who likes boys’ love-themed manga and anime, I like this comic. The manga by Akiko Higashimura tells the story of Tsukimi Kurashita, a woman who is obsessed with jellyfish and dreams of becoming an illustrator. However, Tsukimi has many obstacles, one of which she is very afraid of interacting with other people, especially men and attractive people.

Tsukimi lives in an old apartment complex called Amamizukan, where all the tenants are otaku and fujoshi women, just like Tsukimi. One of the regulations in the apartment, men are prohibited from entering the apartment. Not because it’s haram or not a but these women hate the presence of men in their apartments.

Tsukimi’s life, which was taking it easy, suddenly had to change drastically when she was saved by a stylish named Kuranosuke Koibuchi, a man who likes to crossdress. Who would have thought, that man would be a part of Tsukimi’s daily life in Amamizukan, and also one who helped the women to defend the apartment complex from eviction.

Relaxed, full of humor, and sharp on women’s issues, this comic should be on your reading list, especially for those of you aged 25 and over.

5. My Broken Mariko (2019)

This manga, which consists of 5 chapters, clearly describes the conditions when someone you care about dies due to suicide. This is what happened to Shii-chan when he found out that his best friend Mariko, who always smiled at him and seemed fine, had committed suicide.

In each chapter, we are invited to see Shii-chan go through 5 stages of grieving along with a box containing Mariko’s cremated ashes. Short, but very touching, this comic is an illustration of how people who always smile and think that everything is fine do not mean that they can’t experience mental health.

6. Kakuku Shikajika

When I read this manga I couldn’t help but laugh because the protagonist reminded me of when I was a teenager who was so naive and optimistic about the future. This manga tells the story of Akiko Hayashi, a young girl who dreams of becoming a successful shojo mangaka. Akiko has even written down her life goals in detail, which if you read it, you’d be amused because she’s so naive.

One day, a friend introduces Akiko to an art teacher named Kenzou Hidaka who is often called sensei by his students. Akiko decided to take the sensei’s class, and she was in shock when sensei taught her harshly and harshly. However, despite the rigors of the sensei’s upbringing, Akiko realized, the teacher cared about the students in her way.

In my opinion, this manga comes as a slap to us that success is not just a matter of hard work that will bear sweet fruit. There are times when you feel, you are constantly at the bottom and it is very difficult to reach the top and think why people’s paths are easier to walk than ours.

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