Recommended Best Shonen Manga 2022. Talking about shonen manga, many people are still not brave enough to explore themselves for new titles. Especially now that the fun types of shonen manga are more diverse and don’t continue to dwell on Shonen Jump, which One Piece had published.

Shonen manga usually has the characteristics of a dream that must be achieved by boys because the demographic of its readers is aimed at teenage boys as shown by One Piece. But over time, female characters can also make the shonen genre popular and no less exciting.

Through the list below, we want to provide recommendations for the best shonen manga that you may have never read or missed even though they are really fun. Even though you can’t beat One Piece, at least the story is no less exciting than the manga by Eiichiro Oda.

Recommended Best Shonen Manga 2022

1. Rokudou no Onna-tachi

Rokudou no Onna-Tachi (Photo: Shonen Champion)
Rukudou no Onna-Tachi tells the story of a boy named Rokudou who is unpopular and often the victim of bullying. But one day, he gets a magic scroll from his late grandfather that he used to fight against Ayakashi.

After touching it, there is a seal on Rokudou’s forehead which instead of giving him superpowers, can attract bad girl thugs who fall in love with him. The girls help Rokudou to chase away anyone who disturbs him, including the bullies.

Rokudou then meets the strongest girl named Ranma Himawari who cannot be controlled by anyone. Her meeting with Ranma made the girl immediately fall in love and change her attitude in front of Rokudou. Could their relationship be eternal?

2. Witch Watch

Witch Watch tells the story of a girl named Nico Wakatsuki who has just finished six years of magic training and returns home. As a new mage, he had to choose followers just like any other mage.

But unlike other magicians, he chooses followers not from among animals, but his childhood friend who is an Ogre, Morihito Otogi or commonly called Moi. At first, Moi didn’t want to be Nico’s slave, but because of the threat of a curse, he finally wanted to do it.

Morihito’s father and Nico’s mother were not home, so the two lovebirds had to live together. Knowing a prophecy that Nico will be in trouble for the next year, Morihito finally fights hard to protect him.

3. The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

Red Hood is a manga about revenge. It tells the story of a character named Red Hood whose real name is Oka Shirou who is accused of being a murderer when he tries to be a good person. Shirou was eventually thrown into prison for five years as his punishment.

When Shirou is free, he vows to take revenge on those who betrayed him. Not only that, but Shirou will also try to restore his reputation as a true hero. Can he do it?

4. Makeup

Tells the story of a girl named Momo Ayase who continues to be rejected by her love. In his sadness, Ayase saw a boy who was in trouble and saved him. The cult-obsessed boy named Ken Takakura finally tells that they have the same passion, namely curiosity about supernatural things.

Refusing this, Ayase said that he believed in ghosts more. Not to be outdone, Takakura agrees to prove the existence of ghosts and cults by separating and going to a place he believes can prove it. Ayase proves cult, Takakura proves supernatural.

At some point, they came to believe after it was proven that ghosts and cults existed. The two then embark on an adventure to ‘fix’ supernatural and sci-fi elements so that they can return to normal life.

6. Fire Force

Tell about the boy who is called the ‘demon child’ named Shinra Kusakabe because of his scary smile. He lost everything including his family to a fire. Shinra is endowed with the power of the third generation of fire which allows him to control fire.

Having a dream to become a hero and continue to save others so that what happened to his parents happened to them, Shinra then joins the fire brigade and is included in the 8th division.

From here, Shinra struggles to save the citizens from a mysterious disease that burns and turns every human into a creature called the Infernal. Amid his work, Shinra finds a cult organization that uncovers the mysteries of his past with various conspiracies.

The manga is being worked on by the creators of Soul Eater and has been adapted into an anime.

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