The Best Overpower Isekai Manga There Are 8 More To Read. Do you know why people like manga where the mc is overpowered? The reason is quite simple, we as humans are always bored that doesn’t exist in the original world, but just an overpowered isekai manga isn’t enough.

Most people add it like manga overpower but mc is not naive, anti-hero, even about revenge.

The reason why manga is better is the variety of different storylines, so for those of you who prefer story quality over visual graphics, manga is the right choice to entertain yourself.

1.Overlord (Best Isekai Overpower Manga Think Choice)

manga isekai overpower where mc becomes king
Why do I place my overlord in the first place? quite simple. Because I like the anime

Even though the manga isn’t complete, it’s not like the light novel Overlord. But it’s still worth reading, to get a better sense of the excitement of manga overlord.

2. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

the isekai manga Overpower is similar to overlord
Tensei slime is an overpowered isekai manga similar to Overlord.

Rimuru as mc has loyal subordinates, becomes king, has power, and overpower.

3. Joo Heika no Isekai

the isekai overpower manga has its warrior
Just like the two previous manga, you Heika is a type of comic who has his warriors and plans to build a spider monster empire.

So it’s suitable for those of you who don’t like the main character who is naive in making decisions.

5. Tensei Kenja Silk

manga overpower build territory or empire
The weak baby had been dumped by his parents for reasoning he had no talent into the forest.

Goblins, known as monsters, actually save the main character.

This manga focuses on building areas that are very easy to attack by humans. Because mc will do anything as long as his family is safe from outside attacks.

6. Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (Overpowered Magic Isekai Manga)

Overpower isekai manga about magic
When the manga is overpowered where the main character gets power, luck, and even wealth.

Unlike in this manga, all of that is lost because the appearance of mc is considered a failed product (ugly face) by the goddess of beauty.

That’s where the story begins, the main character becomes the OP because he was thrown to the end of the world so as not to meet humans in that world. Instead of being unlucky, he got followers like dragons, the leader of the Spider monster, and others.

7. Isekai De Saikyo

demon king isekai comics
Even though the main character is female and doesn’t have any powers, I put it on the recommendation list because her son is so oppressive. Where his son has dangerous superduper powers.

So this manga tells where a girl from planet earth is summoned by a demon king magician, yes it’s not a king to be a hero but summoned by a demon.

8. Realist Maou Niyoru (Demon King Isekai Overpower Manga)

manga mc overpower no naive
This manga tells of a human being brought back to life by a loli goddess who assigned him as a demon lord.

The storyline focuses more on building an empire and where the mc always thinks rationally for the advancement of the kingdom he has.

9. Reincarnated As An Aristocrat With An Appraisal Skill

Just like before, the story of reincarnated focuses on the development of the territory and where he uses his power through his skills, namely appraisal or seeing someone’s talent from his eyes.

So where’s the special? The special location of this comic is that the main character can recruit people who have extraordinary abilities called OPs to become his subordinates.

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