[REVIEW] Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Titan History Revealed. Attack on Titan is a shounen series by Hajime Isayama which has been adapted into anime since 2014. This series tells about the struggle of Eren Yeager who tries to eradicate the Titans to reclaim the freedom of mankind.

Unconsciously, Attack on Titan has now reached its final season. To welcome the release of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2, first read the review of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 1, come on!

1. The history of mankind and Titan is finally revealed

Attack on Titan is an anime that focuses on the battle between humanity and the giants known as Titans. Although Titan acts as the main antagonist in this series, Titan’s origin remains the biggest mystery the series has ever kept.

Slowly but surely, Attack on Titan: The Final Season began to reveal the mystery behind the battle that is still raging to this day. In this final season, the series begins to reveal everything, from the history of Titan, the conflict between Eldian and Marley, to the destiny of Eren Yeager.

Unlike the previous seasons, Attack on Titan: The Final Season focuses more on the politics contained in this series. While the series still features some thrilling combat scenes, there aren’t as many scenes of the Reconnaissance Squad in action using their 3D Maneuver, as in previous seasons.

Although it focuses more on politics, that doesn’t make the final season of Attack on Titan boring. Attack on Titan: The Final Season is still worth watching because there will be many mysteries that will begin to be revealed this season.

2. Conflict between Eren Yeager and the Reconnaissance Army

Attack on Titan: The Final Season takes place in a world where the series has been time-skipped for 4 years. With that time-skip, of course, there will be many changes to the main characters, especially Eren Yeager.

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan: The Final Season is completely different from Eren Yeager in previous seasons. Eren who was previously known as an enthusiastic, passionate individual, and will do anything to eradicate the Titans, is now shown to be much more gloomy and filled with despair.

There was a dispute between Eren and the Reconnaissance Squad. If previously the Scout Army believed Eren as humanity’s greatest hope, now, the Scout Squad seems to doubt Eren’s loyalty to humanity.

Those disagreements are what make this series all the tenser. Even though the Reconnaissance Squad now has more power, their strength is still nothing compared to the strength of Eren’s Founding Titan.

3. Animation changes, but does not reduce the quality

Many things are different between the fourth season of the Attack on Titan series and the previous seasons. One of the differences is in the animation. This is because the fourth season of this series is no longer handled by Wit Studio, but MAPPA.

Because they are handled by different studios, the animation differs in every aspect, from the colors to the character designs. If previously Attack on Titan animation was drawn with thick lines and thicker colors, now Attack on Titan animation is drawn with thinner lines and duller colors.

In addition, there are also differences in character design. The character designs made by MAPPA look bleaker to the point of being very close to the anime concept. Even though it has a different style from Wit Studio, the quality of the graphics presented by MAPPA still doesn’t disappoint.

4. The war-themed song fits perfectly with the concept of Attack on Titan

According to the author, the soundtrack owned by Attack on Titan: The Final Season fits perfectly with the concept of Attack on Titan. The anime opens with a war-themed song titled “Boku no Sensou” by Shinsei Kamattechan.

Starting from the lyrics of the song, the music, to the snippet presented by the song “Boku no Sensou”, it describes Attack on Titan. This song is presented with animated footage showing the situation of war and the scene of a statue of a soldier being destroyed as if depicting that human life has no value on the battlefield. In addition, this song also tells about how terrible war is.

Meanwhile, the anime was closed by Yuko Ando’s melodious voice with her calm song “Shougeki”. Although this song still tells about struggles and wars, its soul-reconciling character seems to give a sign that there will always be peace after a terrible war.

5. Yuichiro Hayashi’s hard struggle in working on Attack on Titan: The Final Season was not in vain

After the first episode was released, some fans said they were disappointed with the animation presented by MAPPA. Even so, according to the author, the animation presented by MAPPA is quite good and does not disappoint. Some fans who claim to be disappointed may just be unfamiliar with the new animation style presented by MAPPA.

Overall, it can be said that Yuichiro Hayashi did not fail in working on the last season of Hajime Isayama’s series on this one. Although the series does not focus on tense action, the conflicts that occur in it are still interesting to follow.

There are indeed some small differences in the anime Attack on Titan: The Final Season with the manga version. Even so, in general, the anime still follows what happened to the manga. After all, minor differences between manga and anime are common in the shounen world.

For this anime, the author gives a score of 4/5. Curious about the continuation of the story from Eren Yeager, right? For that, let’s watch the anime!

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