Anime Fall 2021: Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Niban Gama. The official website for the anime series with the full title Yakunara Mug Cup Mo or Let’s Make a Mug Too on August 30, 2021, uploaded the latest information regarding the broadcast of the anime’s second season. The information includes new promotional videos, broadcast dates, and also the lineup of seiyuu who will play in the second season later. The plan, season 2, full title Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Niban Gama (Let’s Make a Mug Too: Second Kiln) will air on October 1, 2021, or the beginning of the Fall 2021 season.

Synopsis Yakunara Mug

Tajime is located in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and is famous for making Mino pottery. The city is filled with historic pottery producers and museums of ceramic art. It has facilities where visitors can experience pottery making, and many restaurants serve food on Minoware dishes.

The story begins when a high school girl moves to a shopping district in Tajimi. Many encounters await him, friends, urban folklore, ceramic art, etc. What will he find in this city known for its fine ceramics?


English: Let’s Make a Mug Too
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2021, too?
Premiered: Fall 2021
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:55 (JST)
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Nippon Animation
Source: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life
Theme: School
Duration: 14 min. per ep.

Yakunara Mug


Yakunara Mug Cup mo Niban Gama – High school student Himeno Toyokawa’s father quits his office job and the two of them decide to move to their late mother’s hometown, Takami City, in Gifu Prefecture. Himeno eventually enrolls in her mother’s alma mater and befriends her classmate Mika Kukuri. Mika invites him to go somewhere. And this place is nothing but the school’s pottery club! It was there that he learned that his mother was a legendary potter and was drawn to the world of pottery.

Mika is the heart of the Pottery Club and another girl, Naoko Narus, is an eccentric character who can always be found hanging out in the club room despite she’s not a member. The president of the club is Toko Aoki whose grandfather was a famous potter. Fascinated by the joy of pottery, a cheerful and joyful life unfolds for these girls full of individuality!

Character Yakunara Mug

Himeno Toyokawa: Minami Tanaka

A first-year student at Oribe Academy. His mother died when he was little. Himeno and her father moved to her mother’s hometown in Gifu Prefecture, Tajimi City. There he discovered that his mother was a potter. He enjoys his laid-back lifestyle and sometimes comes up with outrageous ideas.

Mika Kukuri: Yuu Serizawa

A freshman at Oribe Academy and Himeno’s classmate. He cares for his friends and is the life of the pottery club. He loves small and cute things and loves gohei mochi, the famous skewered grilled rice cake in Gifu Prefecture.

Naoko Naruse: Yuuki Wakai

An eccentric first-year student at Oribe Academy who spends all his free time in the pottery club room, even though he is not a member. He likes manga and video games and is a coffee fan of Himeno’s father.

Aoki’s shop: Rina Koizumi

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A second-year student at Oribe Academy. His grandfather was a famous potter. He is the president of the pottery club and Mika’s childhood friend. He is a hard worker who pays full attention to his pottery so that he can become a potter like his grandfather one day.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Minami Tanaka as Toyokawa Himeno
-Yuu Serizawa as as Mika Kukuri
-Yuki Wakai as Naoko Naruse
-Rina Honnizumo as Shop Aoki

This anime adaptation series is the result of a collaboration between several authors and is available for free as a form of promoting tourism in the city of Tajimi, in Gifu Prefecture. In addition, a live-action that will have the title Yakunara Mug Cup Mo~Yakumono After School was also broadcast.

Nippon Animation Studio will work on the animation under the direction of director Jun Kamiya. In addition, the series which has the short title YAKUMO has also received a manga adaptation of which has been released since February 2012 and is updated four times a year, and has now reached chapter 32.

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