Anime Review: Sound Of The Sky. One thing that is interesting here is that this anime is an original project, in the sense that it has never been developed in any form, be it games, light novels, even the manga will only start in January 2010. Anime no Chikara !!!

Synopsis Sound Of The Sky

The story itself tells of a long war that occurred which caused a decline in human civilization. In that lonely world, 5 girls guard the castle and play with brass. Kanata Kumika, a girl who has realized her dream, enlists in the army and joins the army of 5 girls who will protect the fortress. The girls also played music that echoed to the sky and to the sea where there were no fish.


English: Sound of the Sky
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2010, to Mar 23, 2010
Premiered: Winter 2010
Source: Original
Genres: Military, Sci-Fi, Music, Slice of Life
Duration: 24 min. per ep.

Sound Of The Sky

Character Sound Of The Sky

Kanata Sorami
The girl who likes trumpet, new member and just learning to play music. Likes trivia stuff (curiosity maybe), and is easy to switch targets. It’s a bit difficult to read the situation because it’s super positive. The pitch of the music is perfect (so remember La Corda D’Oro). 15 years.

Rio Kazumiya
senior, strong-minded, mentor for Kanata. 17 years

Noel Kanagi
A mechanic as well as a driver, rather silent. Most of his time was spent fixing Takemikazuchi. 15 years

Felicia Heideman
Captain Platon 1211, command of the tank. A good mother or maybe you can be a sister. 18 years

Kureha Suminoya
Gunner, someone who is also mentored by Rio, Kanata’s rival. Strict person. 13 years old

Review Sound Of The Sky

In general, the themes taken have the potential to be developed. In a world of war, a world of silence, hopelessness, plus there is music. The military world has idol musicians and the soul of music.

Judging from the PV, this anime has a pretty impressive visualization side, not exaggerating. Even though the city is in the middle of nowhere (not real) but this anime provides pretty good detail, the color selection is also interesting not too flashy according to the theme raised. At first glance, the sound of this anime is quite interesting.

Finally, this anime will only air in January 2010. I hope that the theme raised will not be in vain. And even though the design is similar to K-On, I don’t expect this anime to be like K-On.

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