Anime Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Jadwal Showtimes. On Friday, Square Enix has shown the latest Promotional Video for the Anime Project entitled Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. In addition, in this Promotional Video, we will hear the opening song.

Deep Insanity is a Japanese mixed media project and the producer is Square Enix, which of course consists of a Manga titled Deep Insanity: Nirvana published in Monthly Big Gangan magazine in January 2020.

Then for a mobile and computer game entitled Deep Insanity: Asylum which will be released on October 14, 2021, in Japan.

Well, according to the information we got, it is planned that the Sci-Fi Anime will premiere on October 12, 2021. Meanwhile, Konomi Suzuki will sing the opening song with the title Inochi no Tomoshibi and the ending song, Kashitarō Itō, with the title Shinjuiro no Kakumei.

Synopsis Deep Insanity

Randolph syndrome causes insanity and a long sleep that won’t wake up. This new disease is fairly harmless, but slowly approaching humanity due to the huge underworld sanctuary in Antarctica.

There are strange creatures and unknown natural resources. People began to risk their lives to enter into this dangerous place, to gain wealth, organizational power, or fulfill their ambitions.


Japanese: Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Oct 13, 2021, too?
Premiered: Fall 2021
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 00:30 (JST)
Source: Original
Genre: Sci-Fi
Duration: Unknown

Deep Insanity


It is reported that the Deep Insanity anime will take a story that is between the manga and the game.

Deep Insanity The Lost Child takes the story in the future where the world experiences a mysterious epidemic called Randolph Syndrome which puts a person in a sudden coma.

Later, it is known that the syndrome originates from a world that is a land called Asylum which is at the south pole.

Various strange creatures that are very different from on the surface live there, there are also many unknown natural resources.

To cure Randolph’s Syndrome, people began to head to the Asylum, but some people wanted personal gain by extracting the mysterious creature’s genetic data as well as its natural resources.

Deep Insanity The Lost Child is an anime based on a game and a manga.

Visual Character

Hiro Shimono will play Shigure Daniel Kai, a young man who longs for a “hero” and offers himself as an experiment on the Antarctic Front.

The anime will be directed by Shin Oonuma with animation production at Silver Link studio, then Kento Shimoyama is working on series composition or screenplay, character designs by Kazuyuki Yamayoshi, concept designs by Makoto Fukami, Norimitsu Kaihou, Etorouji Shiono, sound director by Fumiyuki Gou, music done by Mirai Kodai Gakudan, a joint production of KADOKAWA, the original production of Square Enix.

Kadokawa, Square Enix’s multimedia project includes anime, manga, and video games. The video game, titled Deep Insanity: Asylum, will ship and be available in September 2021 on iOS, Android, and PC on the Steam platform.

Makoto Fukami, Norimitsu Kaihou, and Etorouji Shiono are compiling concept art and Shiono drawing the manga, respectively, they began serializing the manga, Deep Insanity: Nirvana, in Big Gangan magazine on January 24, 2020. Square Enix will ship two volumes, the first on 25 September.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Hiro Shimoto as Shigure Daniel Kai
-Kaeda Hondo as Sumire Mochinoki
-Takako Tanaka as Elsie
-Ruriko Noguchi as Reika Kobato
-Yuuya Hirose as Lawrence Larry Jackson
-Kousuke Toriumi as Leslie Blanc
-Ami Koshimizu as Vera Rustamova

Meanwhile, the production staff for this series are Shin Oonuma as Director, Kento Shimoyama is in charge of series composition, then Kazuyuki Yamayoshi is designing the characters, Mirai Kodai Gakudan is in charge of music and Studio SILVER LINK.

It was previously announced that Kashitarou Itou will be singing the ending song for Deep Insanity, titled Shinjuiro no Kakumei.

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