Urasekai Picnic: Horror That Ended in Comedy. Urasekai Picnic is one of the interesting anime in winter 2021. This anime which has a mystery, sci-fi, and a little Shoujo-ai genre tells about Sorao. He is a nerdy student and also often lonely. The second character is Toriko, who is an “other world” explorer whose personality is cheerful but impulsive.

The two of them together with Satsuki (Toriko’s former partner) defeat the threat from another world. Plus they will reveal little by little the various mysteries of The Otherside.

At first, Urasekai Picnic had more potential. However, as time goes by, the audience’s interest is decreasing. That’s because there are many criticisms in terms of animation quality and the use of CG for the monsters. That’s not even added to the feud between anime viewers and light novel readers.

Synopsis Urasekai Picnic

Urasekai Picnic tells the story when on the verge of death, Sorao is saved by Toriko in the world of “Other Side”. Fascinated by the beauty of the world, he discovers the fact that the world is inhabited by imaginary monsters that he never imagined existed before. Together with Toriko who aims to find her missing friend, they set out to explore the nightmare world together. Did they get enlightened? Or drive them crazy?

Review Ep. 1

Urasekai Picnic, an anime that in its first episode made me confused, and honestly it’s hard to determine whether this is good or not, the story presented in my personal opinion is quite new and indeed interesting to present, it’s just that I have a little in my mind if this anime is in the first episode I still can’t understand what the story is like. There are still a lot of things that might be hidden and indeed difficult to provide in the first episode, so that in this first episode, the purpose of the characters, the background of the story, and the topic of the story that this anime wants to provide is presented.

Discussing a little about the topic of the story itself can be considered unique, where this anime tells us that there is another world filled with monsters that we think are just fantasies and the way to enter the world itself is based on rumors that we know, so when watching it makes us understand a little and can feel the tension of the story.

When watching the first episode myself, there are things that I might like about the story in this anime, namely the story that does feel realistic for me to watch. This anime does not provide anything that is beyond my mind and it does provide one based on known rumors so that it allows me to feel something real about this series.

But when watching this series, there are things that I think are lacking from this anime, namely what kind of story do you want, is it a sad story? scary? or scary? Because as an audience I prefer a story that has a clear direction of story, so I can respond very well. Besides that, this is also related to the target audience later, because I think the audience also only likes stories that have a clear direction of the story. However, I think the direction of the story that this anime brings will start to become clear in episodes 3-5 later because we can understand the story and should have explained a lot in that episode.

Urasekai Picnic

Character Urasekai Picnic

There are two main characters in this series, namely, Sorao Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina. These two characters have different traits, but can complement each other, and also have interesting enough problems for us to know how to solve them. When it comes to uniqueness, I don’t think there is any uniqueness that is felt by the main character, and maybe this series wants to provide characters as human as possible, to make the story more realistic.

When watching this series there are various genres and many interesting things to discuss, but I want to discuss two things from the many interesting things, namely the Mystery and Science Fiction provided by this anime.

Mystery, this series provides topics about rumors on the internet about monsters that may be true, and it feels like these monsters bring up something that might be a clue. In the first episode itself, it’s more about showing the power that will appear in the main character, and maybe in subsequent episodes, it will bring up other things, or even be a puzzle to solve problems that this series might provide.

Than Science Fiction, even though this series seems absurd and we understand this is just a fantasy, but they still provide something realistic, and science fiction will be one of the things that makes it more realistic. I realize this, maybe because what’s in this series can be explained even though it’s based on internet rumors, but even so, we can still consider this true because it can’t be said to be wrong, and it looks like in the next episodes of science fiction in this series will further be emphasized by providing something that might make more sense.

Review Urasekai Picnic

The comedy aspect of this anime is quite good, such as the romance between Toriko and Sorao which continues to grow. The intimacy of the two of them is shown in enough detail. Starting from body language to various temptations that are carried out. In addition, Sorao’s eyes and Toriko’s hands created a literal bond between them and Otherside.

However, for the anime version, the audience cannot see Sorao’s monologue. That way, we seem to lose the love that is developing. Some shojou ai elements that look more like blushing. Unlike the light novel version, it is more expressive and clear.

As the story progressed, no resolution was given about Satsuki. Satsuki’s presence often overshadows them and affects Sorao.

Strengths and weaknesses

Ok, let’s start with the advantages of this anime, namely the elements of comedy and horror which are quite balanced. Urasekai Picnic managed to scare off the Otherside. In the opening scene, Sorao contemplates death and is finally saved by Toriko. This shows how strong the relationship between the two is.

It didn’t take long for them to get into trouble because they had to face mysterious, formless creatures called Wiggle Waggles. To be able to create a shocking horror impression is one of the challenges of animators. In this part, they managed to make the audience quite frightened. The addition of the OST also adds to the creepy impression.

However, the scary impression is not evenly distributed. Throughout the story, we are introduced to various creatures from urban legends and even from the internet. If the first episode is a set of expectations, we’re not ready for the comedy part yet. However, we do not reject it.

For example, we like to see Kozakura always disappear when he is transferred to Otherside. However, the plot is not consistent. Maybe this is intentional so that we can know what the daily lives of the protagonists are like as well as when moving to Otherside.

The use of CGI in the animation doesn’t help either. We do not reject the use of CGI, but it must be admitted that CGI cannot always guarantee success. When the horror element in Urasekai Picnic is simpler, it’s even more terrifying.

We can see in episode 4 when Toriko almost becomes part of an alternate dimension. The scenery presented is so real even though it only uses a few elements. This also applies to the fifth episode of the phone call scene. That element is a very nice touch.

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