Anime Review: WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE. Through the official website, the staff of the WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE anime adaptation has revealed that the series will have a new character. In addition, they have also announced the broadcast schedule of this anime.

WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE is a franchise of WIXOSS. The series first aired in August 2014, while the second season aired in October 2014.

The plan for this anime game will air in January 2021. Then, Yuka Iguchi will sing the opening song with the title song Unlock. Meanwhile, Cyua will sing the ending song.

Synopsis WIXOSS Diva

This series will tell three years before the WIXOSS series. Tells the story of a card game that can take players to a virtual world called Wixossland.

Every day the game is getting more popular, and many people who come from among teenagers, start playing the game. In addition to providing a game, the game also provides LRIG avatars for its players.

And one of the features of the game is Diva Battle, where three players will work together to defeat other groups. Some teams have the theme of Idol, DJ, and Band.

This anime story is about the card game “Wixoss” to the online virtual space “Wixossland” as the game continues to grow more popular. The game allows players to become LRIG avatars themselves.

WIXOSS Diva anime

Characters and Staff

The anime’s new characters are:

-Nozomi Nishida as Nana Nekozawa
-Rena Hasegawa as Rara Inumiya
-Ayumi Mano as Tamago Hakase
– Asami Mizukami as Big Bang
-Lamalfa Michelle Tateyama as Yodoki Mujika
-Rui Tanabe as Maka Madoka
-Sayumi Watabe as Shinonome Sanga

The staff involved in this anime project are Masato Matsune who will direct, Shigureui who designed the characters, Tsuyoshi Tamai who composed the script, and Studio J.C Staff.

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DJ-Themed Divas “Card Jockey”

YŪKI HIROSE as Mimi Usakawa (DJ. Lovit)
NOZOMI NISHIDA as Nana Nekozawa (MC.Lion)
RENA HASEGAWA as Rara Inumiya (VJ.Wolf)

Band-Themed Divas “Uchū no Hajimari”

KOTONE WATANABE as Koeru Nobagoshi (Nova)
AYUMI MANO as Tamago Hakase (Dr. Tamago)
Asami Mizukami as Big Bang (Bang)

Dance-Themed Divas “Diagram”

RUI TANABE as Sanga Shinonome (Sanga)
Lamalfa Michelle Tateyama as Mujika Yadoki (Mujika)
SAYUMI WATABE as Madoka Maka (Madoka)

The first-year high school students have admired the legendary diva “Mugen SHOJO” since childhood as if dreaming of becoming a top diva.

Shizuku Hoshinoya as Akino Onko, a member of “No Limit.” He knew more about Wixoss than most and followed Hirana to the Diva Battle after some persuasion.

STORAGE COMBINED WIXOSS, the newest television anime series in FRANCHISE, premiered in April 2018.

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