Wave!!: Surf Yappe!! : Shocking Anime. Wave!!: Surf Yappe!! An anime series produced by Delfi Sound studio premiered on January 12, 2020, and is released every Tuesday at 02:00 (JST). The series is a multimedia project entitled “Wave!!”, which was first announced on WAVE!! Wonderful Party 1 st Event on August 17, 2019, at Ichikawa City Cultural Hall. Since then, the series has been produced in a variety of media, such as radio shows, drama CDs, music, comics, and films. Wave!!: Surf Yappe!! Has a genre; Slice of Life, Sports.

Synopsis Surf Yappe

Wave!!: Surf Yappe!! Tells the story of Hinaoka Masaki, a teenager who grew up near the Ooarai beach in Ibaraki Prefecture, before his summer vacation he met a transfer student named Akitsuki Shou, where Masaki was introduced by Shou about the beautiful world of surfing. Through Surfing, Masaki begins to meet irreplaceable friends, and this is the beginning of the story of a boy who never ceases to be fascinated by the world of surfing.

Review Surf Yappe

Wave!!: Surf Yappe!! It is an anime series that turns out to be very interesting and quite surprising to watch, because at the beginning of watching this series I just thought that this is an anime that shows more about the sport of surfing, and maybe also the interesting thing and the beauty behind the sport. However, who would have thought that this anime provided a trigger that was quite surprising for me to watch, and made the story in this series very interesting for me to watch.
At the beginning of this anime, we are shown an introduction to surfing and some information we need to know to watch this series, then an introduction to the main characters in a competition topic that shows the uniqueness of the main characters, then a closing which shows an incident that was quite surprising for me to watch. . This series presents 5 episodes to start the story, and it is very well made so that when entering the next episode makes me who watch very interested in this storyline, and it is caused by one incident that surprised me the most watch, or it could be called the trigger.

Surf Yappe

When discussing the story, it seems that what I think is interesting about this series is about providing conflict, which this anime present is interesting for me to watch, there are even some conflicts that I think are very interesting, and can be discussed well so that it makes me who watch it feel so some dramas and stories that are interesting from this series.

However, the series also has flaws in the story, such as the animation is not explained with good narration, and is only told that it’s a good move. Actually what makes this feel less, in my opinion, is because the animation itself doesn’t really impress me, so when it’s not explained through the narration well it just makes me who watch it think, “well maybe that’s good”.


In this series, we are introduced to 8 main characters, namely, Hinaoka Masaki, Akitsuki Shou, Tanaka Nalu, Iwana Kosuke, Matsukaze Yuuta, Kido Naoya, Fuke Rindou, and Mori Souichirou William. These eight characters have their uniqueness, and I think this can be considered interesting, because this uniqueness brings out the different personalities and abilities of each character, so that we who watch can see various things that emerge from these characters.

When discussing characters, it seems that what needs to be discussed is about how this series shows interesting things from this character, where it feels like this series can be liked by many female audiences, because the visuals given to the characters feel very perfect, and from its nature, it feels a lot can attract female audiences. In addition, the provision of relationships between these characters is well-crafted and I think this is an interesting thing for female audiences to watch. (I think this is normal, because well, I’m still normal hehe)


From the amount of information that this anime provides, there are two things that I find interesting about this sport, namely the fact that this anime explains that this is a sport that is close to death, so the reason for practicing is to avoid the dangers of this sport, and an explanation of the assessment of the waves. which surfers should choose. These two things seem simple, but make a difference to other sports, and can produce an impression that I think is cool, even making me think whether I need to learn to surf. (well even if it’s impossible because I live in the mountains, besides that it feels like an expensive sport)

This anime also provides goals that I think are clear, so the characters have the determination and effort to try to achieve those goals. It feels like the death of one important character from this series became a pretty big trigger for this genre, and it also produced enough drama that I felt like watching, so that makes me think that it managed to make this series very interesting for me to watch, and makes the character more serious in pursuing his goals.


Wave!!: Surf Yappe!! It is an interesting series to watch, in the first three episodes I felt that the story was boring and felt like it was presented to a female audience, but in the later episodes I really enjoyed the story, and until the latest episode itself it is still very interesting for me to watch. What I’ve always liked about discussing new anime is that things may seem mundane at first, but are slowly getting more and more interesting for me to watch, or even the availability of something that can surprise me when I watch it. This anime manages to provide something that surprises me, and it feels really fun for me to watch, although there are some things that I feel I can’t enjoy. (fanservice for female viewers is scary enough for me to watch)

I don’t think I need to discuss this anime in full, because I feel there are not many things that I can discuss from this series, besides that this series is better for casual viewing, and if there are things that might be interesting from this series they can we will continue to discuss in the comments column. Besides that, because I always believe that my discussion can be wrong or even lacking, we can correct or complete it in the comments column hehe.

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