Anime Summer Ghost Announces Latest Information. Anime Summer Ghost announced some new information. This anime has several new casts, a Manga adaptation, and a new novel adaptation. This notice also displayed their latest Visual and airing on November 12, 2021, in Japan.

Synopsis Summer Ghost

Tomoya, ryo and aoi, are high school students who meet. An urban legend speaks of Tomoya couldn’t live the life he imagined for himself. Aoi couldn’t find her place in the world. Ryō’s once shining future suddenly drifted away. Each has their reasons for needing to meet the summer ghost. On a summer’s night when life and death cross paths, where will each of their emotions take them?


Synonyms: Project Common
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Nov 12, 2021
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Flat Studio
Source: Original
Duration: Unknown


Summer Ghost is an original anime film that tells the story of three friends.

They are Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryou who are high school students who met through social media.

“Have you ever heard of Summer Ghost?”

There is a legend that says that there is a ghost in the form of a young woman known as the Summer Ghost who appears when there are fireworks.

The three of them have their reasons for meeting the Summer Ghost.

Tomoya could not step into the life he wanted.

Aoi couldn’t find her place in this world.

Meanwhile, Ryou saw his bright future is closed suddenly.

On a summer night when life and death intersect, where will their thoughts go?

Info Summer Ghost

Project Common’s theme is “expressing the real loundraw”. The illustrator said last June, “Unchanged in any time, I want to find a steadfast self. This project is a challenge to find a real ‘loundraw’ with myself and everyone else.”

Flat Studio loundraw illustrators and creators, including novelist Tetsuya Sano, contributed to this project. Reoen, Merrill Macnaut, Tomotaka Wakumoto, asano66, and the banishment of the story production team KotsuKotsu also participated.

loundraw founded the anime studio Flat Studio in January 2019. He and the studio collaborated on the production of two animated commercials for the LINE Novel service that debuted in April 2019.

The trailer footage shows the main characters of Summer Ghost, namely Harukawa Aoi, Kobayashi Ryou, and Sugisaki Tomoya.

The trailer shows their daily life such as at school and playing fireworks.

Typical mild conflicts that often occur between friends are also shown by the characters of Summer Ghost.

Do not forget the mysterious sights such as being in the forest, in the water, and even flying further emphasize the supernatural spice of Summer Ghost.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Shimabukuro Miyuri as Harukawa Aoi
-Nobunaga Shimazaki as Kobayashi Ryou
-Kobayashi Chiaki as Sugisaki Tomoya
-Kawaei Rina as Satou Ayane

Otsuichi (Stare movie, Goth, Calling You, Zoo) will take care of the screenplay.
Akira Kisemura, Itoko, Toma, Guiano, and Hideya Kojima will be handling the music.

Anime Summer Ghost will be adapted by Manga by Yoshi Inomi and adapted into a Novel by Otsuichi (as Scriptwriter and Novelist) with additional stories. Furthermore, this Anime will be adapted into a Spin-off Novel with the title Ichinose Yūna ga Uiteiru (Yuuna Ichinose Is Floating), with fireworks and ghost themes.

Anime Summer Ghost is a short-film project with undraw, as the main director in making it. This anime became the first debut of loundraw as a director with his studio, Flat Studio.

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