Haikyuu Manga: Best Manga 2020. For those of you who like sports, this Manga is perfect for you. Haikyuu Manga is a type of Manga that tells about the world of sports. There are lots of sports available, some of which are football, basketball, volleyball and so on. The Haikyuu manga contains the world of volleyball.

This manga originally tells the story of school students who take part in the national championships between high schools in Japan. One of the most important things in this Manga is the unyielding spirit that makes the reader excited. There will be many positive things that make you better when you see this Manga.

Haikyuu Manga Review

The manga titled Haikyuu has successfully won many readers, since its release in 2014, Manga Haikyuu has become an attraction for everyone who reads it. The manga is comedy, school, shounen, and sport. You will feel a lot of sensations be it a sense of humor, seriousness, exercising, and so on. You will be carried away when you see this Manga.

At first, this manga was entitled “The End and The Beginning”. Shoyo Hinata started the story from the Haikyuu Manga who was eager to participate in the National Championship. His desire was inspired by another volleyball player who is very well known, this player was nicknamed “Little Giant” who had defended his school following the National volleyball championship in Japan.

The beginning of his career was quite concerning, Shoyu was still unfamiliar with the existing volleyball game. Even Shoyo hasn’t found a volleyball club with male members, he has become one of the male participants himself in his club. He continued to practice training, sometimes Shoyo often asked his friends to help him do smashes or other movements in volleyball.

During junior high school, Shoyu had participated in the championship, but he failed after being humiliated by his opposing team. Feeling that he was a failure, did not make him despair. During high school, Shoyo found a new club at his school. That’s where an adventure begins, which makes Shoyo excited about volleyball practice.

Haikyuu Manga

Why People Love Haikyuu Manga

1. Very Interesting Story
One of the interesting things in a Manga is one of the important things that must be in every Manga. This was used so that many people were interested in seeing the Manga he made. That is why many people put something interesting in Manga. Whether it is applied at the beginning of the story, the middle, or the end of the Manga story that is made.

2. Unpredictable plot of stories
When you see a Manga, usually you will know how the story goes. This is because the Manga does not have its uniqueness or characteristics. So that many people easily guess the Manga that he has made. If you come across a Manga like this, the reader will easily get bored. Usually, it will not be continued to read until the deadline.

3. The defeat occurred in the main character
One thing that makes many people like this manga is that it is different from other Manga. You must have read a lot of Manga out there and most of the main characters in the Manga will always win at anything. As well as wars, matches, and many other things that are fierce competitors in a Manga.


When it is concluded about the Haikyuu Manga, it is made in detail and detail. Starting from the storyline, story plot, characters, and stories in the Haikyuu Manga, this is very good. A value of 9 is very appropriate for Manga Haikyuu, one of the Manga that attracts many people to read it. Anyone who reads it will be carried away by the atmosphere in this Manga. Don’t miss reading this Manga, especially for sports lovers.

Attack on Titan manga 139 End. Manga Attack on Titan (139) has finally been published!. This latest chapter also presents the ending of the whole story of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan, which has been published since 2009.

But the story of Attack on Titan 139 caused haters among fans. The reason is, many readers think that Hajime Isayama presents a bad ending.

Fans consider Attack on Titan Chapter 139 to spoil the overall story of this manga which has been built very well. Until someone juxtaposed it with the Game of Thrones ending in season 8 which was considered too forced to end.

Happy Ending (Spoiler Alert)

Taking from various sources, Attack on Titan Chapter 139 is said to have a happy ending. It is depicted that all the remaining characters live their lives happily. Even all the conflicts that had been built up so far were resolved in a flash.

Starting with chaos

Yet if we follow the story of Attack on Titan from the start, this manga opens with chaos in the area where the main characters live.

There are lots of brutal and complex scenes that are presented. As a result, this drastically depicted happy ending was mistaken for publication.

Flood Overflow of Disappointment

This final chapter has readers spilling their disappointment on social media. Many fans argue that all Attack on Titan characters shouldn’t lead a happy life at the end of the story.

Thus, the storyline conveyed by Hajime Isayama in this chapter is labeled inconsistent and bland. The reason is, there are no major consequences for all the events throughout the story that have been built in Attack on Titan.

manga attack on titan

It has been felt since the previous chapter

Before the publication of the last chapter, fans felt the decline in the quality of the Attack on Titan story in several chapters before the end.

Many have suggested that the storyline of Attack on Titan towards the ending was taken in the wrong direction. The nuance is no longer made as dark as the beginning and middle of the story.

What is the Attack on Titan movie about?

The story is set in a world where mankind lives in a region surrounded by three layers of huge walls, which protect them from the giant man-eating creatures known as Titans.

Details of the Attack on Titan Manga

Written by: Hajime Isayama
Published by: Kodansha
Imprint: Shōnen Magazine Comics
Magazine: Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine
Demographic: Shōnen
Original run: September 9, 2009 – April 9, 2021

Teasing Master Takagi: Manga winner of the 66th Shogakukan Award. The comic Teasing Master Takagi itself is a comic series released in Japan in 2013 through the monthly magazine Shounen Sunday Mini published by Shogakukan, then moving to the monthly magazine Monthly Shounen Sunday in 2016 until now. This comic was created by Soichiro YAMAMOTO and has been adapted into an anime in 2018 and 2019. What will the comic version published in Indonesia look like? Let’s look at the full review.

Synopsis Comic Teasing Master Takagi

“Takagi, who is sitting next to you, always teases me. But, I won’t let this continue! Just watch, Takagi !! I will make you feel uncomfortable !! ”

Teasing Master Takagi Storyline

This comic immediately started the daily life between Takagi and Nishikata at school. Without any detailed explanation, the reader will immediately be given Nishikata’s plan to bring back a look at Takagi. Even without any explanation at first, readers will be invited to slowly understand why Nishikata and Takagi want to tease each other one by one over time. Needless to say, this simple story is enough to satisfy wholesome desires when Takagi and Nishikata comment on one another’s deeds. Personally, sometimes I’m not too strong to read some parts of the first volume of Teasing Master Takagi, because I feel both laughing and annoyed why Nishikata is not sensitive to Takagi’s actions which lead to his feelings of joy.

Since the point of the story is Takagi and Nishikata’s pranks, there are indeed many parts of the story that will not be connected. Readers can leisurely follow the direction of the exciting and wholesome story between Takagi and Nishikata.

Anime teasing takagi san

Comic Teasing Master Takagi visuals

With a simple but wholesome story, of course, it would be better if the depiction of each scene here could be executed properly. In the first volume of the comic Teasing Master Takagi, it is shown well. Whether it’s the expressions between Nishikata and Takagi when teasing and talking to each other to moments of silence when one of them wants to do something. If you’ve watched the anime adaptation, re-reading this comic will be even more exciting because of its good and expressive depiction. Just seeing each panel of interactions between Nishikata and Takagi made me smile, whether it was because of his expression or the cuteness of Takagi’s forehead.

Besides Nishikata and Takagi who are well depicted, don’t forget that the setting here is well depicted, and seeing it is like seeing them interacting directly with the surrounding environment. Friends and side characters are also well portrayed in sufficient detail even though they are just additional characters. These are the elements that make reading this comic come alive.


In the genre the Teasing Master Takagi comic series is a comedy comic, so you can be sure you will enjoy the various pranks that Takagi makes to Nishikata every day. In the first volume itself, I quite enjoyed the jokes made by Takagi. Even though I already know some of the storylines, I can still laugh because reading the comics will immediately feel the difference, especially in the aspect of depiction which is often the best spotlight in this comic. In addition to the intake of jokes or new ideas to tease friends, you will also get an excessive dose of cuteness and wholesomeness from their pranks.

Finally, for those of you who have watched the anime adaptation of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san or Teasing Master Takagi, maybe rereading this comic will look like something is missing. Indeed, you will feel some aspects, but what you will not miss when reading this comic is a closer depiction of the facial expressions of each character. There are funny characters such as Takagi’s smile and laugh to Nishikata’s expression of remorse which is always teased. Little things like that that you will miss in the anime adaptation. With a price that is also more expensive than usual, I don’t think it’s a problem but a good thing because the quality in terms of print and paper materials is better than comics in general. What will Takagi’s plan look like in teasing Nishikata in the future? Keep up with the story in Teasing Master Takagi!

Platinum End: The Son of Man and the Angel Manga.

Synopsis of Platinum End Manga

Tells the story of Mirai Kakehashi, a teenager who tries to commit suicide after graduating from junior high school. The reason he wanted to end his life was that his family’s condition made him uncomfortable.

Duet Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba released a prologue for Platinum End long before Chapter 1 slid yesterday. The prologue section shows a glimpse of the life of the main character Kakehashi Mirai, who is the starting point for the main story of this new series. Mirai is described as an ordinary student and even tends to be quiet who just passed the graduation ceremony. There he seemed to feel depressed and not excited about life so he tried to jump from the building to commit suicide.

Then what happens? Is he dead? This mangaka duo seems like they like tucking in surprises. Moreover, the insertion material is often related to special powers that are not far from mystics such as death and blood. Predictably for the manga even this time they also added a similar insertion material. In chapter 1, it is explained indirectly that the reason the main character intends to end his life is that he lives alone. When she fell, Mirai, who saw the light and thought she was dead with a sound, was surprised by the figure of “Angel” who casually carried her body upwards. Yes, he flies. Angel with a cute girl on her face made her even lazier because she annoyed him and couldn’t die. In despair, the angel who called his name “Nasse” explained that all human beings are destined to be happy. In some ways, Nasse finally managed to convince Mirai and teach him to control a “superpower” that can make someone look like an “angel”. Up to this point, the story that is being served is still mediocre, for those who don’t read the works of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba very often may also experience boredom attacks because as usual, the explanations and conversations on the panels are so packed.

platinum end anime

Chapter 1

Still, in chapter 1, Mirai, who managed to fly, felt discouraged again, but suddenly Nasse deliberately revealed a fact that Mirai had never known, Mirai’s parents died because they were murdered, not because of an accident, and the worst was done by the uncle and her aunt. Knowing the suffocating truth Mirai could not control herself and went home to reveal the truth. He realized that his uncle and aunt had been treating him very badly. When he got home, he held his aunty with an “invisible arrow”, the effect was … the aunt spoke honestly about everything that happened. Shocked by her own words, the aunt then dragged her husband, the husband who was furious because the truth had been revealed tried to kill Mirai’s aunt. At that moment, Mirai suddenly said that they both should die. A surprise is inserted again in this scene. The aunt suddenly grabbed a knife and slit her own throat. Mirai is scared and surprised, then Nasse with a cheerful face again emphasizes that Mirai must be happy! Yes, he must be happy, with the superpowers he has.

Well! This could be a plot twist, “happiness” ordered by God through the angels is actually to make humans live peacefully, or make humans feel happy even in any way? This question arises because when viewed from the last surprise where Mirai’s aunt killed herself because she had heard the order to “die” from Mirai, who was using superpowers. It could be, this is a manga filled with traps like Death Note before. In terms of the story, the theme of superpowers surprise is still preserved as the hallmark of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba like most of their works. For readers who like analysis and thoroughness, this manga can be an option. In the middle of chapter 1, Nasse’s statement shows that the possessor of Angel and superpowers is not only Mirai. But there are selected humans from all corners of the earth. Prisoners can guess the continuation of the story with various expectations, for example, will they become a group of defenders of the truth? Or kill each other to test strength? It takes a serious intention to read this manga. ahaha. If you talk about the artwork, it’s sure, cool and sharp. Just a little comment on the main character, at first glance people, will immediately find the figure of Light Yagami with red hair. Less characteristic and too ordinary for the main character. But overall this manga deserves to be included in your reading list.

The advantages of Manga Platinum End

(+) The story is simpler than their other series, Death Note, for example, does not have much analysis but is still challenging with various surprises that are presented.

Lack of Platinum End Manga

(-) For readers who often visit their works, all characters will look the same as the old series and a little boring.