The xxxHOLiC Manga Gets Its Live-Action Adaptation!. Film production and distribution company Asmik Ace announced a live-action film for the xxxHOLiC CLAMP manga on Tuesday. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on April 29, 2022.

Ryunosuke Kamiki (Kimi no Na wa., Summer Wars) and Kou Shibasaki (Battle Royale, Nobunaga Concerto) star as Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuuko Ichihara, respectively.

Mika Ninagawa (live-action Ningen Shikkaku film, live-action Helter Skelter film) is directing the film, with Erika Yoshida (live-action film Koi to Uso, live-action film Heroine Shikkaku) writing the script. Shochiku and Asmik Ace are in charge of distribution.

About Manga xxxHOLiC


xxxHOLiCs tells the story of a high school boy named Watanuki Kimihiro. Watanuki when written in kanji reads like ‘April 1’, this is because Watanuki was born on April 1st. Watanuki is said to be an orphan, he doesn’t even remember who his parents are. Since childhood, he lived alone. Watanuki has a special ability that can see and feel the existence of supernatural beings such as demons, ghosts, and spirits. And he realized, these creatures are attracted to Watanuki so likes to annoy him too. One day, Watanuki ‘stray’ into a house that stands between high-rise buildings.

When he entered, he met the owner of the house, named Yuko. Turns out, the house is a shop that sells ‘wishes’. The logo is just ‘the shop that grants your wish’ so anyone who has a wish or request and wants it to come true, can buy it at the shop. The price is to ‘exchange’ something commensurate with the desire.


Manga and Anime

The manga consists of 213 chapters in 19 volumes. The anime itself consists of 2 seasons and 3 OVAs and is produced by I.G Production Studio. There’s not much difference between the anime and the manga, both are good if I say. This means that between the manga and the anime the story is not too far apart, not like Tsubasa in Season 2 who made it up.

Anime is still the same way as Manga even though the ending seems to be clearer in anime hahaha. Even so, not all the stories in the manga are told in the anime. My advice is, just watching the anime or the manga won’t be a problem because they are both similar and essentially the same. Even if you like it and happen to have a lot of time like me, watching anime while reading is also okay (self-justification)


That’s where the story begins. Watanuki works part-time at the shop for Yuko, as payment for Watanuki’s wish, which is to ‘remove the ability to see supernatural beings and make them not interested in Watanuki’s. Watanuki has a heart idol, namely his high school friend Himawari, a sweet and kind girl who Watanuki likes.

But this Himawari has the power of ‘bad luck’ so whoever is close to her, must be unlucky. Apart from Himawari and the people at the Yuko Shop, Watanuki’s days are also inseparable from Shizuka Doumeki. He is Watanuki’s high school friend whom Watanuki hates the most.

Wakaka, but they are a love-hate relationship, meaning that Watanuki and Doumeki are resentful and as impressed as Doumeki and Watanuki don’t care, but they are inseparable. Anyway, both of them are comedic when it comes to xxxholics wahahahaha. And this Doumeki can make supernatural beings stay away. So if Watanuki gets close to Doumeki, supernatural beings don’t dare to approach Watanuki.

The supernatural mystery manga ran periodically in Weekly Young Magazine from February 2003 to March 2010 before being transferred to Bessatsu Shounen Magazine in June 2010 under the title xxxHolic: Rou and ending in February 2011. Kodansha published the manga in 19 volumes between July 2003 and March 2011.

The xxxHOLiC: Rei (xxxHOLiC Rei) manga launched in Weekly Young Magazine in March 2013 and has been on hiatus since March 2017. The fourth and most recent volume was released in October 2016.

Anime Moriarty the Patriot: The Playground of Geniuses. Dissolving into the puzzle of a film or mystery novel is a sensation in itself. Some people feel challenged and want to participate in solving the mystery that is offered, others allow themselves to be carried away into the confusion that is created.

An interesting mystery story can give birth to several iconic detective characters, such as Hercule Poirot created by writer Agatha Christie, or the famous Sherlock Holmes, created by writer Arthur Conan Doyle. The novel series of these two characters are in great demand by many people so that several TV series and films have been created which have increased their popularity.

Then, what if we suppose there is a story that tells the same character, but with a different story and perspective? Will the story be able to provide the same viewing experience? Unexpectedly, this question can be answered with a manga series that has now been adapted into an anime, Moriarty the Patriot.

Story Premise

Present in two seasons, Moriarty the Patriot is a parody of the Sherlock Holmes series itself. Uniquely, the protagonist in this anime is the main antagonist of the original series, namely William James Moriarty. Playing the role of a criminal consultant who moves in the shadows, William aspires to abolish the chaotic social system in England, where the nobles arbitrarily oppress the small people.

At the beginning of the anime, William often offered his services to underprivileged people. He arranged for the oppressed people to take revenge on the aristocrats who did not know manners. In this way, William began his agenda in changing the social order in England. In the process, William was not alone, he was assisted by his younger brother, Louis James Moriarty, and his adoptive brother, Albert James Moriarty.

Moriarty the Patriot

In addition, William also received help from several other parody characters, such as Jack the Ripper, and James Bonde. However, because of William’s way of working in the shadows, he needs someone to uncover the cases he is planning so that the message he wants to convey to the British people is conveyed properly.

This is where the role of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson. Sherlock was almost always present in cases that William had planned. Over time, Sherlock began to realize William’s presence as a crime lord in England.

Intelligence and Sacrifice

Like a mystery anime in general, enigmatic murder scenes are shown several times. The audience will be shown the intelligence possessed by both William James Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes. From William’s side, we will see how he designs a revenge murder case for his client, and from Sherlock’s side, the audience will be amazed by his deductive abilities in uncovering William’s cases.

The interesting thing is when the two are brought together in the same case. In their first meeting on the Noahtic ship, William and Sherlock read each other’s characters with their powers of deduction. Later in the episode “Two Detectives”, the two race to solve a murder mystery on a moving train. At that time, Sherlock was able to find the perpetrator, unfortunately, he could not find sufficient evidence.

William, who also knows the culprit, ends up doing a dirty trick to create false evidence so that the culprit can be caught. The interesting thing is, this anime only shows how the characters of William and Sherlock solve a problem with their respective ways and thoughts, while things like which side is smarter, who is right, are not shown, which means the audience has the freedom to decide. that matter.

Apart from the mystery cases that arouse curiosity, the main focus in this anime is William’s journey in trying to reach his idealism. Besides requiring high intelligence, this anime also shows the various sacrifices made by the characters. At the beginning of the episode, the audience was shown how Albert burned his house and killed his brother, to help William achieve his goals.

Even the side characters also make sacrifices that can affect the emotions of the audience, as did the character Whiteley in the episode “The Knights of London”. Approaching the final episode, the sacrifices made by William are increasingly visible and can create a tense climax scene.

Characters Moriarty the Patriot

The main thing that makes this anime interesting is the characters. Not only from the appearances made by ikemen (which of course can attract a lot of female viewers) but also from the character and nature of the character itself.

Each character is made intelligent and genius, but with other personalities, makes each character unique and no one is the same. Each character has their role and field in showing off their intelligence. For example, Albert’s character is a political genius, he always helps William take care of the bureaucracy that he can’t get through on his own, and James Bonde’s character, who is a genius in battle tactics and espionage, makes him reliable in-field assignments.

The characteristics of this character are also inherent in the antagonist character. In the second cour, the audience is introduced to the character of Charles Augustus Milverton, another parody of Arthur Conan Doyle’s character. Charles is introduced as a genius when it comes to blackmailing or threatening people in a dirty way so that he can control the situation the way he wants. The characteristics of these characters are the most memorable when watching the Moriarty the Patriot series.

Unfortunately, with the number of characters introduced, the interaction between the characters themselves is less than optimal. This started to happen especially in the second season after many new characters were present. For example, the interaction between William and Louis has become less and less, and the side characters that help William are shown less and less.

The relationship between William and Sherlock itself is also still lacking, thus making the scene of the last meeting between the two less strong. However, because the nature of each character is very interesting, these shortcomings are covered and have little effect on the overall viewing experience.

5 Anime Recommendations for Squid Game Fans, No Less Exciting!. Japanese cinema has decades of presenting quality anime with diverse storylines and captivating visuals. The anime that can be produced is unlimited and there are many aspects to explore. Some anime also have concepts and storylines that are no less exciting than the super popular Netflix series, Squid Game (2021).

The fact is that there are certain anime that are broadly similar to the Squid Game where a group of people is told to play dangerous games or their lives are at stake. Sounds no less exciting, right?

Here are five anime for you Squid Game fans. Guaranteed no less fun!

1. Alice in Borderland

Japanese cinema has decades of presenting quality anime with diverse storylines and captivating visuals. The anime that can be produced is unlimited and there are many aspects to explore. Some anime also have concepts and storylines that are no less exciting than the super popular Netflix series, Squid Game (2021).

The fact is that there are certain anime that are broadly similar to the Squid Game where a group of people is told to play dangerous games or their lives are at stake. Sounds no less exciting, right?

Here are five anime for you Squid Game fans. Guaranteed no less fun!

2. Death Parade

Death Parade is a pretty unique anime. Told in the world after death, the spirits must play a game to determine their fate. If they are considered good enough they can be reincarnated but if not they will be annihilated forever.

The games played by each spirit are also different, from billiards to hockey. The game that must be played depends on their actions while in the world. Through this game, it can be seen how fully human nature is: are they really good, or have they kept darkness in their hearts.

3. Kakegurui

 Anime Recommendations for Squid Game Fans

The Kakegurui anime, which was released in 2017, tells the story of a school that turns into a place to play cards and at night. The students who go to school there are not random children because they come from rich families.

One day, a new student named Yumeko arrives. This innocent-looking figure is very adept and likes to play. However, Yumeko turns out to be very manipulative and a danger to the other students. This made people start to suspect him. What is Yumeko after?

4. The Future Diary

The Future Diary is an anime that focuses on Amano Yukiteru, a boy who likes to write diaries. One day, someone fiddles with Yuki’s diary which magically brings up the future on his cell phone.

At first, Yukiteru thought that everything that happened was just his imagination, but when he met several other people who had the same fate he realized that this was real. He and eleven other people had to play games with diaries that appeared on their phones.

At first, Yuki felt happy and excited to play the game. But when he realizes that a serial killer among the players is after him, he must find a way to save himself.

5. Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game is an anime adapted from a manga by FLIPFLOPs. This anime tells the story of Sudou Kaname, a high school boy who is mysteriously dragged into a deadly game called Darwin’s Game. To keep his life alive, Sudou is forced to use “sigil”, a mysterious power that allows the user to do extraordinary things.

In addition, Sudou was also forced to complete various deadly quests. Things got even more chaotic when the players appeared who deliberately wants to kill other players for the game’s prizes that reach millions of yen.

The Squid Game series is indeed an exciting spectacle that is very captivating. If you are still curious about watching the same genre as the Netflix series, maybe the five anime above can be added to your watch list. Have a good time watching!

These 5 Anime Confirmed to Air 2022. will be the year that fans of the Japanese animated series have been waiting for. Because many manga series will be adapted into anime and have been confirmed to air next year.
Here are some anime series that are ready to entertain us in 2022:

1. Spy x Family

The manga with a fairly high level of sales will finally be released as an animated series in 2022.

Tells the story of “Twilight” who is a great spy agency. Every day he runs a mission and ends up having a family to become a father.

This action-comedy series will be produced by WIT studio and CloverWorks.


Japanese: SPY×FAMILY
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: 2022 to?
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TOHO animation
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Wit Studio, CloverWorks
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Comedy
Demographic: Shounen

2. Futsal Boys

Having been canceled this year, Futsal Boys was confirmed to be airing in January 2022.

This sports genre series tells the story of a group of futsal teams in high school.


Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Jan 2022 to?
Premiered: Winter 2022
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Diomedea
Source: Other
Genre: Sports

Anime 2022

3. My Dress-Up Darling

An animated series of manga by Shinichi Fukuda will premiere in January 2022 and be produced by CloverWorks.

The story about the shy Wakana Gojo meeting the popular girl Marin is packaged in the genre of romantic comedy and a slice of life.


Synonyms: My Dress-Up Darling, Sono Kisekae Ningyou wa Koi Wo Suru
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Jan 2022 to?
Premiered: Winter 2022
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: CloverWorks
Source: Manga
Genres: Romance, Slice of Life
Theme: School
Demographic: Seinen

4. The Eminence in Shadow

One of the manga series directed by Anri Sakano with the isekai genre is confirmed to be aired as an animated series in 2022.

Adapted by Studio Nexus, originally The Eminence in Shadow is a novel by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrations by Tōzai.


English: The Eminence in Shadow
Synonyms: Shadow Garden
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: 2022 to?
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Kadokawa
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Nexus
Source: light novels
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

5. Tokyo 24th Ward

Tokyo 24th Ward will be released as an animated series in January 2022, produced by CloverWorks.
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This series tells the story of three close childhood friends, Shuuta, Ran, and Yuuki, who are from the Titular 24th Ward.

Those are some of the new animated series that are confirmed to be airing in 2022.


English: Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward
Synonyms: Tokyo 24th Ward
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Jan 2022 to?
Premiered: Winter 2022
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Aniplex
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: CloverWorks
Source: Original
Duration: Unknown

Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre) Season 2 Confirmed to Air 2022. Good news for GameZeRO friends who like anime, one of the anime series will get a 2nd season, namely Kyokou Suiri. It has been confirmed that Kyoukou Suiri will get a 2nd season anime adaptation. The release date has not been notified by the party concerned.

The official released a PV featuring several scenes from the first season along with the announcement that the second season PV will be released. With Kotoko Iwanaga in a wedding dress, she’s wearing a cheerful expression and Kurou Sakuragawa in a tuxedo who’s also full of joy?


As a child, Kotoko was kidnapped by yokai. These spirits made him a powerful intermediary between the spirits and the human world, but this power had a price: eyes and feet. Now, years later, he watches over dangerous yokai while developing feelings for a young man named Kuro, who is also special: an incident with a yokai has given him healing powers. He is surprised when Kotoko asks him to cooperate with the rebellious yokai, maintaining a fine line between reality and the supernatural.


Synonyms: In/Spectre 2nd Season
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Not available
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: None found, add some
Source: Manga
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Theme: Demons
Demographic: Shounen
Duration: Unknown

Kyokou Suiri anime


Tells the story of Iwanaga Kotoko a girl who when she was 11 years old was kidnapped by a group of mysterious creatures called yokai, she was asked to become the “God of Wisdom”. The god of wisdom must be a mediator in the two worlds, the world of yokai and humans. To avoid conflict and help the yokai who are in trouble, Kotoko agrees to the request even though she has to lose her right eye and left leg in return.

6 years later he meets 22-year-old Kurou Sakuragawa in a hospital, he recently broke up with his girlfriend. Kotoko tries to get close to Kuruo and gets to know him more and more. Even Kotoko even confessed her love to Kurou to ask to be her lover. But there is something strange about Kurou, the nearby yokai are scared when they see Kurou, who is Kurou’s real figure?


The first season of Kyokou Suiri was first aired in January 2020 with a total of 12 episodes. Brain’s Base is in charge of the animation section under the direction of director Keiji Gotoh. While the original story in the manga was first published by Chasiba Katase in 2015 and then based on a novel by Kyo Shirodaira in Kodansha Monthly Shonen Magazine.

Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre) itself is a novel written by Kyo Shirodaira with illustrations by Hiro Kyohara starting in 2011 at Kodansha’s Kodansha Novels printery. A manga adaptation drawn by Chasiba Katase has debuted serialization in April 2015 in Kodansha’s shounen manga magazine Shōnen Magazine R. And since October 2019, the manga is serialized in Monthly Shōnen Magazine.

An adaptation of the manga series was announced on January 14, 2019. The anime series will be produced by studio Brain’s Base and directed by Keiji Gotoh, with Noboru Takagi as scriptwriter and Takatoshi Honda as character designer.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Akari Kitou as Kotoko Iwanaga
-Mamoru Miyano as Kurou Sakuragawa
-Misato Fukuen as Saki Yumihara
-Sumire Uesaka as Karin Nanase
-? as Kojin Nanase
-Kenji Hamada as Keiji Terada
-Mayumi Sako as Rikka Sakuragawa

Keiji Gotoh (Endride) is directing the anime that will be produced by Brain’s Base studio. Noboru Takagi (Baccano!) is composing the series. NAS produced the series, and the character designs were created by Takatoshi Honda. Mamoru Miyano will perform the ending theme.

Anime Review The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window 2021.

With more anime on the list for fall 2021, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window anime will follow other recent anime.

Lately, there has been one announcement after another, with new anime adaptations making headlines.

Synopsis Tricornered Window

Shy librarian Kosuke Mikado can see dreams and dreams, and he has an ability he doesn’t want because what he sees scares him. Rihito Hyakawa, who expels a demon whose supernatural powers are as powerful as his social weakness, is not afraid of death or anything else. When this odd couple band together to solve a strange case, working out their tactics may not be entirely safe!


English: The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2021, too?
Premiered: Fall 2021
Broadcast: Sundays at 22:00 (JST)
Producers: Avex Pictures
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Zero-G
Source: Manga
Genres: Boys Love, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Duration: 23 min. per ep.

Tricornered Window anime


The story follows the life of Kosuke Mikado, a shy bookstore clerk.
He could see ghosts, but he wished he didn’t have that ability because he was always afraid of what he saw.

The anime manga is currently being serialized on SuBlime, and the story follows the life of Kosuke Mikado, a shy bookstore clerk.

He could see ghosts, but he wished he didn’t have that ability because he was always afraid of what he saw.

He meets Rihito Hiyawaka, an exorcist, and his magical powers are as strong as his weak social grace. He didn’t seem afraid of anything, whether it was mortals or immortals.

These strange pairs come together to try and solve the strange cases they come across using strange methods.

Info Tricornered Window

Yamashita launched the manga in Libre Publishing’s BExBOY Magazine in March 2013. Libre Publishing released the manga’s ninth volume on September 10, 2020. SuBLime released the seventh volume digitally in October 2020. The manga ended in the January issue of BExBOY Magazine in October 2020. December 2020.

The manga received a live-action film adaptation which opened on January 22, 2021. The film was previously scheduled to premiere on October 30, 2020, but was pushed back to 2021 due to the effects of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

JManga previously licensed and released Yamashita’s Don’t Cry Girl and Mo’some Sting manga in North America. BL futekiya service from Fantasista, Inc. released Yamashita’s Shinsouban Illumination manga. Yamashita ran the White Note Pad series in Shodensha’s Feel Young magazine from February 2015 to October 2016. Yamashita then launched the Ikoku Nikki (Diary of a Different Country) manga in Feel Young in June 2017.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Sma Saitō as Keita Mukae, a fortune teller
-Chika Anzai as Erika Hiura, the high school girl who is the key to the story
-Satoshi Mikami as Hiroki Hanzawa, a detective who -pursues a case
-Junichi Suwabe as Sakaki, Hiura’s bodyguard

The anime is being directed by Yoshitaka Yasuda (who is also working on the Tsugumomo OVA as director), working with studio Zero-G, and will also be working on character designs.

Daijii Iwananga will serve as chief director, while Ayumi Sekine (who has also worked on projects such as Makura no Danshi) will oversee the anime’s scripts.

Anime Summer Ghost Announces Latest Information. Anime Summer Ghost announced some new information. This anime has several new casts, a Manga adaptation, and a new novel adaptation. This notice also displayed their latest Visual and airing on November 12, 2021, in Japan.

Synopsis Summer Ghost

Tomoya, ryo and aoi, are high school students who meet. An urban legend speaks of Tomoya couldn’t live the life he imagined for himself. Aoi couldn’t find her place in the world. Ryō’s once shining future suddenly drifted away. Each has their reasons for needing to meet the summer ghost. On a summer’s night when life and death cross paths, where will each of their emotions take them?


Synonyms: Project Common
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Nov 12, 2021
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Flat Studio
Source: Original
Duration: Unknown


Summer Ghost is an original anime film that tells the story of three friends.

They are Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryou who are high school students who met through social media.

“Have you ever heard of Summer Ghost?”

There is a legend that says that there is a ghost in the form of a young woman known as the Summer Ghost who appears when there are fireworks.

The three of them have their reasons for meeting the Summer Ghost.

Tomoya could not step into the life he wanted.

Aoi couldn’t find her place in this world.

Meanwhile, Ryou saw his bright future is closed suddenly.

On a summer night when life and death intersect, where will their thoughts go?

Info Summer Ghost

Project Common’s theme is “expressing the real loundraw”. The illustrator said last June, “Unchanged in any time, I want to find a steadfast self. This project is a challenge to find a real ‘loundraw’ with myself and everyone else.”

Flat Studio loundraw illustrators and creators, including novelist Tetsuya Sano, contributed to this project. Reoen, Merrill Macnaut, Tomotaka Wakumoto, asano66, and the banishment of the story production team KotsuKotsu also participated.

loundraw founded the anime studio Flat Studio in January 2019. He and the studio collaborated on the production of two animated commercials for the LINE Novel service that debuted in April 2019.

The trailer footage shows the main characters of Summer Ghost, namely Harukawa Aoi, Kobayashi Ryou, and Sugisaki Tomoya.

The trailer shows their daily life such as at school and playing fireworks.

Typical mild conflicts that often occur between friends are also shown by the characters of Summer Ghost.

Do not forget the mysterious sights such as being in the forest, in the water, and even flying further emphasize the supernatural spice of Summer Ghost.

Seiyuu and Staff

-Shimabukuro Miyuri as Harukawa Aoi
-Nobunaga Shimazaki as Kobayashi Ryou
-Kobayashi Chiaki as Sugisaki Tomoya
-Kawaei Rina as Satou Ayane

Otsuichi (Stare movie, Goth, Calling You, Zoo) will take care of the screenplay.
Akira Kisemura, Itoko, Toma, Guiano, and Hideya Kojima will be handling the music.

Anime Summer Ghost will be adapted by Manga by Yoshi Inomi and adapted into a Novel by Otsuichi (as Scriptwriter and Novelist) with additional stories. Furthermore, this Anime will be adapted into a Spin-off Novel with the title Ichinose Yūna ga Uiteiru (Yuuna Ichinose Is Floating), with fireworks and ghost themes.

Anime Summer Ghost is a short-film project with undraw, as the main director in making it. This anime became the first debut of loundraw as a director with his studio, Flat Studio.

Anime Kamiarizuki no Kodomo 2021 Showtimes. The official website for the “Kamiari no Kodomo”/”Child of Kamiari Month” anime film adaptation revealed the latest details for its main voice actor on Tuesday morning. After previously being informed of the screening this year, the staff confirmed that the anime film is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan in 2021. The project is also still opening its third crowdfunding which will close on June 1, 2020.

On Friday, through the official website, Anime Movie Child of Kamiari Month has shown the latest PV. Now in this PV, we will listen to the theme song and the staff has also announced the broadcast schedule.

Kamiari no Kodomo is an Anime Movie and the producer is Tetsuro Satomi. In addition, Cretica Universal has announced that this project together with its first crowdfunding campaign in March 2019.

Well, according to the information we got, this Mystery Anime will premiere on October 8, 2021. In addition, as we previously informed, Miwa will sing the theme song with the title Kanna.

Synopsis Kamiarizuki

Tells the story of a girl named Kanna, who lost her interest in running after the death of her mother. Then he decided to go to the city of Izumo located in Shimane Prefecture.

Long story short Kanna went to Izumo Shrine. However, when he got there he became involved with the Kamiari myth. Well, according to the old Japanese calendar, October is called Kannazuki, which means Godless Month.

However, it is quite different from Izumo who uses the name Kamiarizuki which means Moon of the Gods. Now, this film will focus on the legend about the Gods gathering during October.



English: Child of Kamiari Month
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2021
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: None found, add some
Source: Original
Genre: Mystery
Theme: Demons

Seiyuu and Staff

-Kou Shibasaki as Yayoi Hayama
-Arata Iura as Norimasa Hayama

As we have previously informed, the staff for this film is Tetsuro Satomi as Producer, then Kazuya Sakamoto as Director, then Toshinari Shinohe in charge. Takana Shirai is the animation director, Haruka Sagawa is designing the characters, Tetsurō Takita and Ryūta Miyake are writing the story.

Info Kamiarizuki

The film’s first crowdfunding took place in March 2019 and ended in May 2019 and the funds were used for pre-production such as script preparation, staff recruitment, and others. The second crowdfunding was then carried out from July 2019 to August 2019. Funds from this second term were used for the production process. Meanwhile, the third crowdfunding, which opened in early April and ends in early June, will be used for additional production, which is currently hampered by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The anime film Kamiari no Kodomo tells the story of a girl named Kanna who lost her love for running after her mother died. He then went to Izumo City located in Shimane Prefecture. There he heads to Izumo Shrine and gets involved in the Kamiari myth of the prefecture. In the old Japanese calendar, October was called “Kannazuki” which means “Moon Without God”. This is different from Izumo, which uses the name “Kamiarizuki” which means “Month of the Gods” based on the legend where Gods gather in Izumo during October.

The animation producer for this anime film is Tetsuro Satomi, representative director of studio LIDEN FILMS. Kazuya Sakamoto (Monster Strike) is directing the creation. The main planner and creator of this film are Toshinari Shinohe. Takana Shirai (Chronos) is serving as the author of the original concept as well as the animation director. Haruka Sagawa (Monster Strike) is serving as the character designer, while the duo Tetsurou Takita and Ryuuta Miyake are writing the screenplay.

Airing This Month! Anime Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (2021). Publisher Gagaga Bunko’s Twitter account announced that one of their light novel series, Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (The Moon, Laika, and Nosferatu), will be adapted into an anime series. An official Twitter account for the anime’s director and staff has also been launched.

The director and production staff of the Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime series through their official Twitter account have released a new visual poster and preview video for the anime project. Here is a short 55-second preview video.

Synopsis Tsuki to Laika

In 1960, Gergiev of Zirnitra announced a program called Mechtat, a manned mission project that launched humans into space. For this project to be realized, the Zirnitra government created an isolated city area called Laika 44. There, prospective astronauts train so that they can be selected to carry out the mission.

Lev Lepes, an aspiring cosmonaut who resides in the city of Laika 44, is the main character in this series along with a vampire named Irina Ruminescu. Irina, as part of the Operation Nosferatu project, is also used by the Mechtat Program as a subject under investigation to see her reaction to any conditions that can occur in outer space. Lev becomes the supervisor for Irina’s activities in this project. The two of them, with their reasons, wanted to immediately go exploring outer space.

Tsuki to Laika

Seiyuu and Staff

Through the latest preview, several voice actors for the main characters in the Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu series have been announced. The main character in the series, Irina Ruminescu, will be voiced by Megumi Hayashibara.

The character Lev Lepes will be voiced by Kouki Uchiyama.

The Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime series will be directed by Akitoshi Yokoyama and produced at animation studio Arvo Animation. The rest of the production staff includes Keisuke Makino, who is also the author of the light novel series Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu, as a scriptwriter, Hiromi Kato as character designer, and Yuuji Kaneko as art director.

Info Tsuki to Laika

According to Kendalku from the official website, the Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime will start airing on October 3, 2021.

It is reported that the Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime will be produced by Arvo Animation.

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu or The Moon, Laika, and Nosferatu is a light novel series or light novels produced by Keisuke Makino as writer and Karei as illustrator. The series was first published in November 2016 by Shogakukan’s publisher Gagaga Bunko.

The Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu series is set in a fictional world, 10 years after the long war that divided humanity into two great nations, the Union of the Zirnitra Republic in the east and the Kingdom of Anak in the west. These two great nations are now testing their ambitions for each other in a race in outer space.

Tesla Note Anime Series Announces New Information. through their official website, the production of the Tesla Note anime series announced some of the latest information. The latest information they have announced is information regarding the voice cast and schedule for the release of this anime.

A new visual poster for the Tesla Note has also been released. The latest Tesla Note poster features six main characters.

The production side of Tesla Note has announced four new voice actors who will join the production of the anime along with other previously announced voice actors. These four voice actors will each voice supporting characters.

Tesla Note is a spy action manga series written by Masafumi Nishida and Tadayoshi Kubo and illustrated by Kouta Sannomiya.

The series was published by Kodansha through the manga magazine Weekly Shounen Magazine before moving to Magazine Pocket this August 2021. Tesla Note already has 2 tankobon volumes.

Tesla Note

Synopsis Tesla Note

Mission T is an intelligence organization whose job is to save the world from destruction. The main character, Negoro, is a teenager who has been trained as a Ninja since childhood and raised as the best Intelligence Agent.

One day Negoro and other intelligence agents get a task that can change the destiny of the world. Now the task is to restore the legacy of the genius creator Nikola Tesla.

So can Negoro and his friends manage to get the Shards of Tesla by passing intelligence agents from other countries to save the world?


The story in this series is set in an underground war conflict between spies and secret intelligence around the world. The war is known as “Mission T” and is carried out to prevent the destruction of the world.

A young girl named Botan Negoro has been training from an early age to become a ninja and has now grown into a great spy. To carry out his mission to obtain the Tesla Crystal, something that is said to be a legacy from Nikola Tesla, he pairs up with Kuruma, another spy. They have to face other spies out there to achieve Botan’s goals.

Seiyuu and Staff

The voice of Kazuya Nakai will voice the character Kyohei Himi, the head of Japan’s intelligence bureau. Also present was Mugihito as Jingo Negoro, the grandfather of the main character, Botan, and also the retired head of the bureau. Hidenobu Kiuchi will voice Kensuke Toriumi, the section chief, and Shizuka Itou will voice Lily Steiner, Miller’s senior at the CIA.

-Konomi Kohara as Botan Negoro
-Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kuruma
-Tomoaki Maeno as Ryuunosuke Takamatsu
-Junichi Suwabe as Mickey Miller
-Hiroshi Kamiya as Oliver Thornton

There are five previously announced voice actors who will voice the five main characters. Here are the names of the voice actors who voice the main characters in the Tesla Note.

The Tesla Note anime series adaptation is directed by Michio Fukuda and produced by animation studio Gambit. One of the creators of Tesla Note, Masafumi Nishida, is the supervisor and scriptwriter.

Some of the other core staff involved in the production of the Tesla Note anime are POKImari as character designer and Kaoru Wada as a composer who handled the music for this anime.

The Tesla Note anime series is scheduled to premiere in October 2021. Until this news was revealed, there is no more detailed information regarding the release date on various televisions in Japan later.

Anime Lupin III: Part 6 Releases Fall 2021. TMS Entertainment opened the official website for a new anime series based on Monkey Punch’s Lupin III manga on Wednesday. The site revealed the main staff, teaser visuals (photos), and promotional videos.

The series will premiere on the NTV channel in Japan on October 9 at 24:55 (effectively, October 10 at 12:55), and will also air on NTV affiliates as well as on Hulu and other streaming services in Japan.

Synopsis Lupin

His name is Lupine III. He is a thief whose grandfather was the famous thief Arsène Lupine.

In terms of the art of stealing, there was nothing that Lupine III couldn’t steal; whether it’s a gem, a work of art, a treasure, the secret of immortality, or the heart of a beautiful girl.

Lupine’s partners are Daisuke Jigen, a great shooter; Goemon Ishikawa, a swordsman; Mine Fujiko, a very smart femme fatale. There is Inspector Zenigata, a tireless ICPO officer, filled with an obsessive desire to catch the master thief.

The anime itself is quite fun to enjoy. You can watch the previous season if you’re interested, before moving on to part 6 later. And for those who have watched, what do you think?


English: LUPIN THE 3rd PART 6
Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Oct 10, 2021, too?
Premiered: Fall 2021
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: TMS Entertainment
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Demographic: Seinen
Duration: Unknown



The male thief Lupine III is back and ready for his next attack—unless the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, has something to say about it! When Holmes’ old partner, Dr. Watson, was murdered, was none other than Lupine who was at the top of the list of suspects? With Holmes rapidly approaching, Lupine must prove his innocence and bring a shadowy organization called The Raven to heel if he is to live to steal another day.

The new series will center around two keywords, with “mystery” being the keyword for “first journey” (quarter year). Lupine thieves chase treasure hidden by The Raven, a mysterious organization that manipulates the British government in the shadows. However, detective Sherlock Holmes appears before Lupine.

Seiyuu and Staff

Director: Eiji Suganuma
Series Composition: Takahiro Ookura
Character Design: Hirotaka Marufuji
Music: Yuji Oono

Eiji Suganuma (from Lupine III: Prison of the Past) is directing the series at TMS Entertainment. Takahiro Kura (from Lupin the Third: Part 5) is in charge of series composition. Hiroki Marufuji (from Lupin III: Goodbye Partner) is designing the characters. Yuji Ohno (from Lupine III) composed the music. The late Monkey Punch is credited for the original work.

Info Lupin

Monkey Punch’s Lupin III manga about the daring adventures of a thief named Lupine has inspired five previous major TV anime series, the Lupine III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine TV anime series, several theatrical anime films, and a series of near-yearly TV anime specials.

Lupine III Franchise Gets 6th Anime Series for 50th Anniversary 2

Lupin the Third: Part 5 is the most recent TV anime in the Lupine III franchise. The anime premiered on NTV’s AnichU programming block in Japan in April 2018. Crunchyroll is streaming the series with Japanese subtitles and English subtitles as it airs in Japan.

Lupine III: Part IV is Lupine III’s first TV anime series in three decades starring the main character Lupine, and premiered in Japan in October 2015, after premiering as Lupine III – L’avventura Italiana on TV. Italy in August 2015. The story is set in Italy and San Marino and features Lupine in a blue jacket in his 20s. Crunchyroll began streaming Lupine III: Part IV in January 2016.

On October 24, 1971, YTV began airing the first Lupin III TV anime series. The series has 23 episodes, with the last airing on March 26, 1972. The series was originally directed by Masaaki sumi, who was later replaced by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

The TV anime series Lupin the Third: Part II began airing on NTV on October 3, 1977. The series has 155 episodes, with the last airing on October 6, 1980.

The TV anime series Lupin III: Part III began airing on YTV on March 3, 1984. The series has 50 episodes and ended on November 6, 1985.

Anime Review: Godzilla Singular Point (2021). besides Dynazenon, spring 2021 has an anime with a kaiju theme, namely Godzilla. Singular Point’s version of Godzilla airs on Netflix. For some people, you may already be familiar with the story of the giant monster that emerged from the sea. Is the story of Godzilla Singular Point so interesting? We see the review below.

Synopsis Godzilla

Synopsis Godzilla Singular Point (Godzilla: S.P): This anime tells the story of a talented Young Genius in the fields of Programming and Technology named Arikawa Yun. He and his team try to uncover very mysterious events and strange relics that are nearby.

Yun and a young researcher named Mei try to uncover all these strange events. There are only a few clues that can be used such as giant skulls, strange songs, electric currents, monsters, and a few connected objects. All these clues are a mystery because there is no clear information about all of them.

They all faced an unprecedented threat. This enormous threat can only be faced by Yun, Mei, and all of his team.


English: Godzilla Singular Point
Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2021, to Jun 24, 2021
Premiered: Spring 2021
Broadcast: Thursdays at 22:30 (JST)
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Theme: Mecha
Duration: 23 min. per ep.

Celebration for kaiju history

Whether you are a Godzilla serial otaku or not, you will appreciate this film. This can be seen by the totality of the staff in making this anime. The concept of the Godzilla Singular Point was the appearance of mysterious red dust that summoned all kinds of primordial monsters from the sea.

Please note that the monsters that appear here are new versions of the classic kaiju. Examples such as Rodan, Manda, and Anguirus were then added with new creatures whose inspiration was from their innovative predecessors such as Kamanga, Salunga, Godzilla Aquatilis, and Amphibia. The two studios, Bones and Orange, managed to bring the world of anime to life in the future with high-quality animation. The use of 2D and 3D techniques is also made so well that the audience may not notice the difference.


Pretty random plot

You could say this anime has a weakness in terms of story plots that don’t make sense. Even so, there are interesting characters like Mei. He is a clumsy but courageous graduate student. Plus, he wanted to prove to Yun that they were experts and played an important role in the kaiju invasion.

In addition, there are side characters like Jet Jaguar who continue to develop alongside a suspicious journalist. Despite that, the great scientific mystery they were all trying to solve to defeat Godzilla was simply beyond comprehension. Lots of complicated terms like what is an Orthogonal Diagonalizer with timelines or other confusing things.


The Godzilla Singular Point anime is one of the anime that I know from a joke during the announcement of this anime, where the joke says that Gintoki from Gintama has now moved to the Godzilla world after the Gintama series “finished”. I still remember that joke, but of course, there are other reasons why I was interested in watching this anime because I was looking forward to the anime version of Godzilla after enjoying the Godzilla trilogy in 2017. Especially the 2D visuals displayed by the announcement poster made me even more interested. this project is produced by studio BONES and also studio Orange.

The first time I watched this anime, I had only one impression, “irreplaceable dizziness”. I don’t know maybe because I watched it. After all, I was tired or maybe there was a lot of information received at that time, not to mention the many fast-paced conversations. This dizzy feeling of information takes place right at the beginning of the premiere episode. I don’t know if I was immediately confused about what was going on, not to mention that the transition felt right away without any further ado, the story immediately started with a mystery. Even so, I liked it quite a bit, and made me want to come back to watch the same episode again so I don’t miss important information for the next episode.

Maybe I can say that this Godzilla Singular Point anime shines very well in terms of its scientific storyline and also its animation. It’s very rare for me to see an anime that dedicates its topic in terms of science, even though in this first episode there are still more questions than answers. However, these questions have fostered curiosity either by talking with friends or looking for similar information on the internet. In terms of animation, I like the visual direction brought by this anime, the minimalist and cute style here is the main attraction for me, this visual also blends well with 3D animation. Moreover, this anime is also performed by the opening and closing theme songs which are very memorable.

Closing this short comment, I personally highly recommend the Godzilla Singular Point anime, especially to those of you who like kaijuu and science-based anime. There are so many scientific discussions that are presented in this anime and this anime places a lot of emphasis on the mystery as well, so that each episode feels unique and special, especially to be discussed with friends who are sci-fi fans as well.


Although Godzilla Singular Point uses scientific terms that seem far-fetched, this anime is still entertaining. Moreover, the design of Godzilla and various other monsters is good, especially for those of you who are kaiju fans.

Anime Review: Bishounen Tanteidan by Nisio Isin (2021). Nisio Isin and Kinakou launched the novel “Bishounen Tanteidan” in October 2015. The first volume was published by Kodansha’s label, Kodansha Taiga on October 20, 2015. The final or 11th volume was published on December 20, 2019. The novel is also licensed by Vertical for publication in other languages. English.

A manga adaptation of “Bishounen Tanteidan” was launched in ARIA magazine in June 2016 by Oda Suzuka (Shinrei Tantei Yakumo). Serialization then moved to Shounen Magazine Edge in November 2018 and ended in August 2019. The first volume began publishing on September 7, 2016, and the fourth volume was published on June 7, 2018.

Synopsis Bishounen Tanteidan

Mayumi Doujima, a second-year student at Yubiwa Private Academy, is a girl who desires to become a star that can only be seen once in 10 years. However, it turns out that the “Pretty Boy Detectives Club”—a mysterious non-profit organization rumored to be secretly solving problems on campus—decides to help Mayumi become a star. These five attractive men irritate Mayumi, and they prepare the stage for a daily risky adventure!


English: Pretty Boy Detective Club
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 11, 2021, to Jun 27, 2021
Premiered: Spring 2021
Broadcast: Sundays at 02:00 (JST)
Producers: Aniplex, Kodansha
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Shaft
Source: Novel
Genres: Mystery, School
Duration: 23 min. per ep.


Bishounen Tanteidan: Mayumi Doujima has a problem with promising his parents to give up pursuing his dream of becoming an astronaut on his 14th birthday if he can’t find the beautiful star he saw as a child. Hearing his troubles, Manabu Soutouin offers to help him find the star with the mysterious Bishounen Tanteidan at Yubiwa Academy. However, as the star search mission progresses, a unique fact is discovered, and Bishounen Tanteidan and Mayumi become entangled in something far beyond their imagination.

Bishounen Tanteidan is an interesting anime series and contains a lot of beauty that seems to be able to make many female viewers like it, while I might feel quite strange about it. When watching this series, many things may not be to my taste, but in general terms, it is a very good series to watch, and honestly has a very good storyline.

In the beginning, this series presents an introduction to a character who is eccentric and brave enough to be shown, because it can have a good or bad impact on this series, then a topic that sounds simple, but turns out to be discussed in a very unexpected way, makes me who watch it unconsciously get carried away with it. the storyline presented, then for the middle of the story to the latest episode currently still presents topics that seem simple, but can be discussed very unexpectedly.

Bishounen Tanteidan

The simplicity of the topic in this series is actually what I like, because it allows me to easily understand the problem that I want to present, and think about what solutions will be provided because this is one of the things that I find interesting for a detective series. . Then, the discussion of various hypotheses made the topics presented more complicated to watch, and for me, that was surprising, because who would have thought that such a simple problem in the youth environment could be like that.

However, this series also needs to get a little criticism, namely about the story which I feel is starting to have no direction, because this series has entered the end of the episode, but there is no ending conflict that will be provided. For me, a series with 12 episodes needs to start entering the main conflict or maybe the toughest conflict that will be provided in that season around episodes 7-8, because there the discussion of the conflict can be discussed properly and closed perfectly. However, for this series, it is not presented, but maybe it is not provided because there will be a continuation season, so maybe this first season wants to increase its popularity with a story topic that can be interesting to many viewers, but even so, I hope this series is still can provide the perfect ending because if it’s just popular and interesting it’s still not enough to get a sequel season.

Character Bishounen Tanteidan

This series provides 6 main characters, namely, Mayumi Doujima, an ordinary girl with special eyes, Manabu Saoutouin, a leader of Bishounen Tanteidan and a lover of beauty, Michiru Fukuroi, a delinquent who is an expert in cooking, Nagahiro Sekiguchi, an expert in speaking and caring, Hyouta Ashikaga. an athletic person who loves beautiful legs, and Sousaku Yubiwa is a genius and talented artist.

The characters are discussed eccentrically and boldly because these characters are given appearances, effects, and intonations that can be interesting for female audiences, but for male audiences, I’m quite doubtful whether they can be considered interesting or not because for me it is it feels weird and annoying for me to watch. However, I think this is unique and the taste can’t be considered bad, because it is an eccentric and bold thing to provide, so it can’t be seen as bad by me.

For this part, if we discuss purely from the characters, this series provides characteristics and appearances that I think are good and varied, so the conversations provided are interesting to watch, especially if you have entered the comedy section and provide hypotheses for each character when discussing a topic. problems provided in one episode.

Seiyuu and Staff

The main voice actor is

Ayumu Murase as Manabu Soutouin
Toshiki Masuda as Michiru Fukuroi
Gen Satou as Sousaku Yubiwa
Taito Ban as Nagahiro Sakiguchi
Shougo Yano as Hyouta Ashikaga
? as Mayumi Doujima

the production staff is

Original Creator : Nisio Isin (Monogatari Series, Medaka Box)
Character Draft : Kinakou
Chief Director: Akiyuki Shinbou (Negima, Monogatari Series)
Animation character design: Hiroki Yamamura (Fate/Extra Last Encore)
Studio: Shaft (Assault Lily Bouquet)


Bishounen Tanteidan is a series that is interesting, luminous, and full of beauty that can make anyone who watches it will be amazed whether surprised, amazed or maybe feeling strange with what they see. For me, if you enjoy this series from the story, it is very interesting to watch, but for others, it is difficult for me to enjoy because maybe I think it is more reserved for female audiences, so with that though I can’t accept it well.

This series itself doesn’t seem to need to be discussed in full later, because I think this discussion is enough, and besides that, there is still much new anime that I need to discuss, so it feels difficult to discuss this series in full later. However, because I always believe that my discussion must be wrong or lacking, then as usual we can make this a light discussion to complete or maybe improve this discussion hehe.


Wonder Egg Priority: Fight Death With Love. In the winter of 2021 yesterday, there was one psychological genre anime that was quite interesting. The anime is called Wonder Egg Priority. This anime is considered one of the dark horses of the season.

It can be said, Wonder Egg Priority is one of the mysterious anime for winter 2020. When it first appeared as an ordinary slice of life, but towards the end of the first episode, terrible things began to appear. The writer and his production team direct the story in a complex way that covers a wide range of social issues.

The story of Wonder Egg Priority itself follows a character named Ai Ooto. He was following a beetle that could talk in a pretty garden. The beetle asked Ai to break a magic egg. It turns out that in the egg there is a girl and Ai is told to save her from a group of monsters called The Seenoevils.

Synopsis Wonder Egg

Wonder Egg Priority tells about the teenage years. A story about a great curiosity that grows into an adult. Every character wants to try to save someone who committed suicide. Throughout the story, we see the characters struggle to save the Egg Girls.

They are described as having trauma similar to the main character. To be able to save her only by accepting herself as well as her main weakness. Some of the traumas received by these Egg girls include bullying, sexual harassment, to physical contact from the hands of adults. The traumatic experience takes the form of Wonder Killers. It can kill the girl’s curiosity and survive.

Character Wonder Egg

In this series, we are introduced to the four main characters, namely Ooto Ai, Aonuma Neiru, Kawai Rika, and Sawaki Momoe. The four girls have diverse backgrounds, with different traits, but have the same serious problems, so they can understand each other’s feelings, and this is also what makes them very good friends.

When it comes to characters, actually the interesting thing about this provision is the reason why the main character is a woman, and this is explained briefly in the fourth episode as well as introducing the last main character so that it makes things clearer for me to watch. In the provision of this character, there are also many scientific elements, so that it makes sense for me to watch, and with this, I can’t comment on anything else, hehe.

In episode 11, we have a new character named Frill. She is an AI girl trapped in a teenager’s body forever. He is also described as neither growing nor coming out of his teenage years. Therefore, Frill is often jealous and irritated very easily.

For me, everything about the character has been provided very interesting and has been very good, the development itself is made by providing topics that are felt to be following the main problem of the character, so this makes everything feel very well thought out, and in my opinion, this can be considered perfect for now.

Unfortunately, the introduction of Frill’s character is quite late. Moreover, the main theme of the Wonder Egg Priority anime is the traumatic feeling of the Egg Girls. However, this Frill suddenly became the Last boss for an anime that only had 12 episodes.

Wonder Egg


Wonder Egg Priority at first glance is almost similar to Puella Magica Madoka. However, Madoka has supernatural elements, while this anime prioritizes normal human elements in general. For example, the scene of girls hanging out, then public life, as usual, is a good thing. The characters Ai and Rika are also the most developed in this anime.

However, there are still some unanswered questions such as why only women become Warriors of Eros to matters of femininity. The storyline also has contradictory information between the backstory and the inner conflict in each episode. Moreover, there is a character named Momoe who can steal the hearts of women and men. It was quite a debate for fans.

Review Wonder Egg

This series provides a topic that comes from a magic egg, which is symbolized as a dispute, obsession, or trauma from the girl who came out of the egg. However, this is also related to the problem that is being questioned by the main character, so that it makes the character feel the inner pressure of the topic provided, but after the topic is finished it will have an impact on the development of the character which feels more interesting. Also, the topics in the series emerge from the personal lives of the characters, and this makes the issues introduced in the series more complex than we previously knew.

In my opinion, the provision of topics like this is interesting because it feels in line with what I think about the problems of today’s youth which are indeed increasingly more complex, and it feels increasingly difficult for today’s youth to face, so with this series, I hope there will be a message. simple that can be accepted by the audience, especially for viewers who are still in school and feel that the problem may be following one of the topics raised.

What I’ve always liked about an original series is that it provides topics that can fit the current problem, so they’re always interesting and can give me lots of good messages to watch. I hope this series can maintain its quality until the end of the episode and can give a lasting impression on the audience.


It should be emphasized that Wonder Egg Priority is an original anime. With these conditions coupled with the development of an interesting story, this anime is indeed worth watching and taking into account. For those of you who are looking for original anime with good story quality, Wonder Egg Priority can be an option.

Urasekai Picnic: Horror That Ended in Comedy. Urasekai Picnic is one of the interesting anime in winter 2021. This anime which has a mystery, sci-fi, and a little Shoujo-ai genre tells about Sorao. He is a nerdy student and also often lonely. The second character is Toriko, who is an “other world” explorer whose personality is cheerful but impulsive.

The two of them together with Satsuki (Toriko’s former partner) defeat the threat from another world. Plus they will reveal little by little the various mysteries of The Otherside.

At first, Urasekai Picnic had more potential. However, as time goes by, the audience’s interest is decreasing. That’s because there are many criticisms in terms of animation quality and the use of CG for the monsters. That’s not even added to the feud between anime viewers and light novel readers.

Synopsis Urasekai Picnic

Urasekai Picnic tells the story when on the verge of death, Sorao is saved by Toriko in the world of “Other Side”. Fascinated by the beauty of the world, he discovers the fact that the world is inhabited by imaginary monsters that he never imagined existed before. Together with Toriko who aims to find her missing friend, they set out to explore the nightmare world together. Did they get enlightened? Or drive them crazy?

Review Ep. 1

Urasekai Picnic, an anime that in its first episode made me confused, and honestly it’s hard to determine whether this is good or not, the story presented in my personal opinion is quite new and indeed interesting to present, it’s just that I have a little in my mind if this anime is in the first episode I still can’t understand what the story is like. There are still a lot of things that might be hidden and indeed difficult to provide in the first episode, so that in this first episode, the purpose of the characters, the background of the story, and the topic of the story that this anime wants to provide is presented.

Discussing a little about the topic of the story itself can be considered unique, where this anime tells us that there is another world filled with monsters that we think are just fantasies and the way to enter the world itself is based on rumors that we know, so when watching it makes us understand a little and can feel the tension of the story.

When watching the first episode myself, there are things that I might like about the story in this anime, namely the story that does feel realistic for me to watch. This anime does not provide anything that is beyond my mind and it does provide one based on known rumors so that it allows me to feel something real about this series.

But when watching this series, there are things that I think are lacking from this anime, namely what kind of story do you want, is it a sad story? scary? or scary? Because as an audience I prefer a story that has a clear direction of story, so I can respond very well. Besides that, this is also related to the target audience later, because I think the audience also only likes stories that have a clear direction of the story. However, I think the direction of the story that this anime brings will start to become clear in episodes 3-5 later because we can understand the story and should have explained a lot in that episode.

Urasekai Picnic

Character Urasekai Picnic

There are two main characters in this series, namely, Sorao Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina. These two characters have different traits, but can complement each other, and also have interesting enough problems for us to know how to solve them. When it comes to uniqueness, I don’t think there is any uniqueness that is felt by the main character, and maybe this series wants to provide characters as human as possible, to make the story more realistic.

When watching this series there are various genres and many interesting things to discuss, but I want to discuss two things from the many interesting things, namely the Mystery and Science Fiction provided by this anime.

Mystery, this series provides topics about rumors on the internet about monsters that may be true, and it feels like these monsters bring up something that might be a clue. In the first episode itself, it’s more about showing the power that will appear in the main character, and maybe in subsequent episodes, it will bring up other things, or even be a puzzle to solve problems that this series might provide.

Than Science Fiction, even though this series seems absurd and we understand this is just a fantasy, but they still provide something realistic, and science fiction will be one of the things that makes it more realistic. I realize this, maybe because what’s in this series can be explained even though it’s based on internet rumors, but even so, we can still consider this true because it can’t be said to be wrong, and it looks like in the next episodes of science fiction in this series will further be emphasized by providing something that might make more sense.

Review Urasekai Picnic

The comedy aspect of this anime is quite good, such as the romance between Toriko and Sorao which continues to grow. The intimacy of the two of them is shown in enough detail. Starting from body language to various temptations that are carried out. In addition, Sorao’s eyes and Toriko’s hands created a literal bond between them and Otherside.

However, for the anime version, the audience cannot see Sorao’s monologue. That way, we seem to lose the love that is developing. Some shojou ai elements that look more like blushing. Unlike the light novel version, it is more expressive and clear.

As the story progressed, no resolution was given about Satsuki. Satsuki’s presence often overshadows them and affects Sorao.

Strengths and weaknesses

Ok, let’s start with the advantages of this anime, namely the elements of comedy and horror which are quite balanced. Urasekai Picnic managed to scare off the Otherside. In the opening scene, Sorao contemplates death and is finally saved by Toriko. This shows how strong the relationship between the two is.

It didn’t take long for them to get into trouble because they had to face mysterious, formless creatures called Wiggle Waggles. To be able to create a shocking horror impression is one of the challenges of animators. In this part, they managed to make the audience quite frightened. The addition of the OST also adds to the creepy impression.

However, the scary impression is not evenly distributed. Throughout the story, we are introduced to various creatures from urban legends and even from the internet. If the first episode is a set of expectations, we’re not ready for the comedy part yet. However, we do not reject it.

For example, we like to see Kozakura always disappear when he is transferred to Otherside. However, the plot is not consistent. Maybe this is intentional so that we can know what the daily lives of the protagonists are like as well as when moving to Otherside.

The use of CGI in the animation doesn’t help either. We do not reject the use of CGI, but it must be admitted that CGI cannot always guarantee success. When the horror element in Urasekai Picnic is simpler, it’s even more terrifying.

We can see in episode 4 when Toriko almost becomes part of an alternate dimension. The scenery presented is so real even though it only uses a few elements. This also applies to the fifth episode of the phone call scene. That element is a very nice touch.