6 Best Romantic Anime Of All Time. Even if you are not a true anime fan, you should watch lots of interesting anime right away. If you have talked about the best anime romance films, there are many titles that you must. Some people are so cute, and some make you sad because you shed tears without realizing it. 

  1. Romantic Anime Me in Love / After the Rain (2018)

If you have talked about the best anime romance films, there are many titles that you must. Some people are so cute,Me in Love / After the Rain (2018)

Before an anime that makes you bored and crying, you should choose an anime called Koi wa Ameagari no You ni. Indeed, the cheering dose is not too high, but for those who like romantic anime, this is an anime that deserves attention. A high school student named Akira Tachibana works part-time at a restaurant. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with her 45-year-old manager. A strange love story, moving in one direction. 

  1. Shigatsuwa Kimi no Uso / Your Lies in April (2014-2015) 

A talented pianist named Kosei Arima lost his interest in music after his mother died. He didn’t want to play the piano at his house. One day, he met a woman named Kaori Miyazono who was also good at playing music. Kaori also asked Xiaoqing to accompany her in the competition. 

Except for the Kaori side of the story, so that Qing can play music again, it turns out that he still has some secrets that he hasn’t revealed. For those who are curious about the continuation of the story. Just take a look at one of these must-see animations. Guaranteed there will be tears that fall without realizing it. 

  1. KiminiTodoke / From me to you (2011) 

Kimi ni Todoke is a romantic anime film, and your free time with you is very peaceful. Even though this is your first anime, this story is easy to accept. Anime Kimi ni Todoke tells the story of a high school student named Sawako Kuronuma who finds it difficult to make friends, but there is a man who wants to be close to her. This romantic anime has two seasons and must be started quickly. You must be curious about Sawako Kuronuma’s love story because it annoys you and can get bored. 

  1. Ao Haru Ride / Blue Springs Ride (2014)

Romantic Anime Films

There is another love story at school that might make you bored. The animation tells the story of Yoshioka Futaba, Yoshida Futaba who is exiled by female friends at school because of her beauty and love of many men. Because of that, changing her personality and being shunned by men. However, there was still a man who fell in love with her, and this man was in high school. 

This film will take you to a funny and funny romantic comedy. You could say this film is one of the best romantic anime recommendations that you must watch. 

  1. Romantic Anime KaichouKai Tide! (the year 2010) 

Another unique story is set as the best romantic animation recommendation that you can follow. The school, which was made up entirely of boys, ended up taking in girls, and Sazaki Maki became one of the first girls in the school. 

In her spare time, Ayuzawa also works part-time as a waitress at a cafe to help her family improve their financial situation. A boy from his school ended up frequently visiting the coffee shop and approaching him. Want to know? 

  1. Kimi noSuizouwo Tabetai / I want to eat your pancreas (2018)

Now, let’s start with the best romantic animation ever, which can entertain you. By following the stories of these two high school students, your emotions will be tested. Shiga Haruki accidentally found out about Yamauchi Sakura’s condition. Sakura wasn’t asked to leave but wanted to spend the rest of her life with Haruki. 

For those who want to watch this animation, prepare some kitchen paper. A sad story and an unexpected ending will leave heartache and tears flowing. Want to try watching? 

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