A Whisker Away: Anime Full Of Meaning. A WHISKER AWAY – Some time ago, it was announced that the latest animated film made by Colorado studio, Nakitai Watashi wa, Neko wo Kaburu or A Whisker Away, will soon be released on Netflix and can be enjoyed by anime fans around the world. I’m one of them, and I can’t wait until it finally hits Netflix on June 18th.

A little story, on the day of its release, I couldn’t watch it live because the internet connection at my house was a little disturbed and, considering that many were enthusiastic about the release of this film too, of course, many watched this film at the same time. However, I was determined to watch it as soon as possible after that day.
Are you curious about the film? Here’s my review of this one film.

Synopsis of A Whisker Away

Miyo Sasaki, who is usually called Muge by her classmates, is just an ordinary middle school girl whom her crush wants, Kento Hinode, a young man who happens to be in the same class as her. Due to his eccentric and exciting personality, as well as his unusual ways of approaching Hinode, the young man always thought of Muge as a nuisance that often embarrassed him.

Deep inside Muge, he wanted to confess his feelings to Hinode. Unfortunately, he was too scared to do that. Finally, with the mask given to him by a cat named The Mask Seller (Men-ya in the film), he can transform into a small white cat who can approach Hinode as much as he wants.

If he kept wearing that cat mask, there was a chance that Muge could turn into a real cat. In other words, Muge couldn’t keep hiding behind his cat form and he had to immediately confess his true feelings to Hinode. Can he do that?

a whisker away

A Whisker Away has a deep story

When I first read the premise, I thought, maybe Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko Wo Kaburu will only focus on Muge and Hinode’s teenage life, as well as how Muge faces the challenge from the Mask Seller and becomes a complete human.

The story in this film is more than that. This film also raises several themes that seem trivial but often occur in people’s lives, such as the impact of divorce on children and not being sure of our final goals in the future.

In my opinion, these themes are added not only to subplots or side plots in the film but also to shape the characteristics of the characters in the film Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko Wo Kaburu.

For example, behind Muge’s eccentric and exaggerated attitude, his heart was hurt because according to him, his biological father and mother, and stepmother always acted selfishly and seemed to want to have Muge all to themselves. Behind Hinode’s coldness, there seems to be a person who always wants to dare to express his opinion and wants to be heard by his parents, in this case, his mother.

Not only the main character, but the roles of other characters, such as the cunning Mask Seller and Kinako, the cat owned by Muge’s stepmother, are also able to steal the attention of the audience and their behavior always makes you curious, this story will be brought to you. where.

One thing I want to highlight from this aspect is good character development. We can see how Muge feels and his thoughts so that he thinks of becoming a cat and Kinako thinks of being human because he wants to be appreciated by his owner.

The two then realized that they had their respective roles in this story, and in the end, they chose to live it naturally. This made me feel touched and thought, part of maturing myself is realizing each other’s roles in life. In addition, there are many more messages about this that can be found in this film.

Capable Storytelling Techniques

When reviewing, I think the story in this film is more interesting than I imagined because this film made me realize that A Whisker Away is not just an animated film with a light story that is only made to entertain the audience, but also rich in moral messages and values. other good. I think, with the characteristics of the strong characters and also because of the good storytelling technique, this film can be called an interesting and inspiring semi-fable.

The storyline in the film Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko Wo Kaburu is quite dynamic and does not seem rushed or wordy. The story is conveyed as it is and flows in such a way that the audience will not be bored while watching it and the message in this film can be conveyed even better.

One thing that strengthens my impression of the storytelling technique in the film Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko Wo Kaburu is the background music used in each scene. Background music or background songs that appear in this film are not only used to strengthen the atmosphere in a scene but also to distinguish one character’s character from another.

For example, when the Mask Seller appears, there will be background music that sounds mysterious, depicting his manipulative and cunning nature. If Muge appeared, then the background music would change to light notes and at the same time sound excited, reflecting Muge’s passionate character.

Good Quality Animation

When I did a review, the animation quality in the film A Whisker Away was good and seemed natural. The colors used in this film are also very diverse, but that is also what makes this film pleasing to the eye and strengthens every atmosphere in the film as well.

Even though the story in this film is light, I highly recommend this film for fans of Japanese anime films who want to find a fresh and interesting story, or for film fans who are looking for the right film to watch with their family.

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